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You will find only a few instances where you could find the vehicle owners with their vehicle registrations for free. The state of California has prohibited the practice of allowing access to find the vehicle owner along with his address after the stalking death of the actress Rebecca Schaeffer in 1989. You could find a free way of searching plate number, if you report a doubtful or dangerous act of a vehicle to the police.
You will be able to determine the vehicle owner and his home address without any fee if there is legal intervention of the vehicle.
This is another way of obtaining the address of the car owner free of cost with the help of the license plate. These instances will surely help you to search for the vehicle owner free of cost with the help of the licensed number plate. Bhopal: In order to put a check on car theft in the state, the Madhya Pradesh government will soon introduce high security number plates. According to the sources in the Transport Department, preparation are still going on launch these high security number plates in the state by the end of this year. Considering delay in the launch of these special number plates, the Madhya Pradesh government has plans to open market for 18 companies manufacturing these plates. Few years back, the Supreme Court ordered all state government to use high security number plates. Copyright © 2012 Autos Weblog, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners.
Searching a person is necessary if someone has fled after hitting your car and you want to find him with the plate number you have written down.

If the vehicle owner or its occupants are charged with an offence or the vehicle caused an accident, the police will file a report from which you could get the details of the vehicle owner and his home address.
If you think you are being stalked or followed by a vehicle constantly, report the case to the police. However, before reporting any case to the police, you could contact with the motor vehicle department of your state for finding the vehicle owner. It will become mandatory for all car owners to replace their old plates with the new security plates. Flaunting numbers in different colours, shape and size, the registration plates have virtually turned into canvas of artists. Tracking such information will be easy if you know the state where the number plate has originated. In 1990, California puts an end to the public access to registration information by passing an anti-stalking law. While filing the report, the police notes down the registration number of the car involved in the doubtful act along with the name of the car owner, his address and a description of the investigation.
It is an essential part of filing a criminal charge report to include the details of the vehicle owner. Kent Charlie is associated with a vehicle registration agency that also deals with the designs of personalised number plates. To prepare the tender documents, CRISIL Infrastructure Advisory India Limited, Mumbai has been appointed as the advisory body for this project. You should gather all information about the number plate as it will not be possible for you to find the person with incomplete information or only with the description of the car.

In some states a simple request made to the Department of Motor Vehicle could provide you the details of a person you are looking for, if his plate number is registered. So here you do not have to pay any fee as the police report is a public record regardless of the fact whether any criminal charge is filed or not. This information becomes a part of the public record and so you do not have to pay any fee for getting the contact details of the vehicle owner.
The police will help you to find the person without taking any fees from you as this constitutes a part of the criminal investigation process. Hard to spot the numbers scribbled on stylish registration plates, witnesses to accidents cannot jot them down and report to the cops. But most often the information provided by the websites is either incomplete or inaccurate.
He could not take down the number of the bike due to the jumbled up letters and the triangular shape of the number plate. I wonder how a policeman will jot down a registration number if a criminal with a similar number plate tries to run away,” said Nair. Traffic constable, Baburao Shinde, posted at Mulund chowki, says, “Such fancy number plates give advantage to criminals on the run.
The peculiar design of some plates makes it extremely difficult to read the registration number.

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