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2 STATES THE STORY OF MY MARRIAGE - CHETAN BHAGAT Review, Summary, Story, Price, Online, Fiction, Nonfiction, The Story of Most Love Marriages in India..!!! I Too Had A Love Story is a romantic saga of two people belonging to the modern day world of the Internet and gadgets. The author beautifully portrays the emotions and feelings of these two people in love, waiting for each other’s messages and phone calls. The author puts in words the apprehensions, curiosity, and excitement that Ravin feels before his first real meeting with Khushi.

I Too Had A Love Story is a romantic novel that has found mass appeal amongst the young readers of today. Friends, in this post we are posting the List of Books and Authors which will be useful for your upcoming IBPS Clerks Online Exam.
The author is of the opinion that not all love stories are fortunate enough to have a happy ending. The reader can relate to their everyday life as they indulge in late night conversations, and each other’s grief, joy, and sorrow.

Written with a touch of light hearted humor, the story is loaded with all sorts of emotions and feelings that have the power to touch the heart of the reader. As their discussion becomes casual and moves to their plans for their partners, Ravin, the protagonist, gets inclined to create an account on a matrimonial website.

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