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Fictional reading is comprised of stories, and once your child learns to love stories, it’ll be easier to enjoy novels and other books as well. Read books in front of them, preferably ones with interesting covers, and encourage them to ask questions.
It might be difficult for you to pick out the just-right book for your child, but librarians are trained to do so. Go there regularly, as soon as your child finishes a book or two, and make the visit enjoyable. Second Graders at Orange Elementary are participating in a project called, “You’ll Read to Me, and I’ll Read to You!” The project is made possible by the McElroy Excellence in Education Enrichment Grant that provides funding for classroom teachers to develop innovative, educational experiences to increase student achievement.
Child Reading Clip Art Image - child sitting and reading a book propped up against her knees.
If you need help saving or using images please visit the Help Section for frequently asked questions and tutorials. Reading is fundamental to our basic understanding of life; it is the foundation for which allows children to advance and contribute to life.

It increases vocabularies, improves academic performances, and is an excellent way to wind down after a long day.
This can be done in numerous ways: let her watch a movie and enthuse about the story behind it.
Answer with detailed answers about why you like this book and how the plot makes it interesting. Let your child speak to the librarian himself the next time you go to the library, and get him to bring home at least one book to start. If your shelf is disorganized, straighten it out and make sure your books are situated perfectly. When all of these things are combined, it’s easy to see how important reading can be to any child—especially one who doesn’t enjoy it. Make it a staple of your life, and your child will understand the importance of going to the library and checking out and enjoying books.
Let your child see these activities take place and let her participate in them too—in fact, encourage her to treat books with the respect they deserve.

More importantly, even before your child is born, research has suggested that your children tend to have a higher degree of understanding and learning.
Go to the library or book store and buy several books; and begin reading to your child every night.
Don’t you think everything that happened was so cool?” Another way to do so is by telling her a bedtime story.
Don’t bombard him questions, but do pepper his reading time with a few inquiries about how he likes it so far.
But remember to keep these rewards small—extravagant gifts at first can seem harmless, but these can escalate into a spoiled child soon! One book can be the beginning of a lifelong desire to explore all books of different genres.

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