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It is the dream of every married couple to have a lovely baby, a toddler to crawl on their house floors or an infant to reciting rhymes. It is also believed that a higher heart rate for the mother is a sign of girl baby inside and lower heart rate is a sign of boy baby inside.
But there is one baby gender prediction method based on the Chinese Pregnancy Calendar, that always turns out to be true. All you need to know is the Chinese age of the mother and the month is which she has conceived. For example, if you have conceived at the age of 22 and the month of conception is April, then there are high chances of the baby to be born as Girl. In case you don’t know the Chinese age of the mother, you can predict the sex of your baby using our Chinese gender prediction calculator. One of the first steps to begin Feng Shui is to know our Kua number (also called Gua number) so that we know our four most favorable directions.
By organizing our personal energy areas in a particular way, and by just spending time there, or even facing these directions when we sit down or sleep, we can reduce the stress in our life and create more joy. To calculate for your Kua number, first you need to know the year of your birth (based on Chinese New Year) and the gender. Before finding your number from the table below, you must check the date of your birth based on the Chinese New Year. If you know how to calculate for your Kua number, then look up this table below to determine your auspicious and inauspicious direction.
According to Feng Shui, different colors bring different kinds of luck to you based on your Kua number. February 19, 2014 by Shirley Whitfield 21 Comments It is believed that bring a newborn into this Earth is an extremely life-changing and exciting decision, yet it may also be filled with uncertainty and anxiety.
February 16, 2014 by Shirley Whitfield Leave a Comment Will your strongest genetic features be passed on to your soon-to-be newborn? February 5, 2014 by Shirley Whitfield Leave a Comment Are you very eager to discover the growth of your kid? Can a Chinese birth gender chart really help you predict whether your baby will be a boy or girl?
It’s human nature to be curious and to want certain things, including the gender of our children. Ancient Chinese astrologers decided to take on this issue and spent a great deal of time studying the phases of the moon and correlating what they learned to a woman’s age and the resulting gender of her children.
As the legend goes, the chart was first conceived by a scholar during the Song Dynasty and finally ended up buried in the tomb of monk near Beijing for over 700 years. Just look down the chart to find how old you’ll be when you give birth and along the top for the month your baby was conceived. So, according to the data the Chinese birth chart states that your best chances for a boy occur when the mother conceives in July when she is 18, 20, 30, and 42. Just for the record, it’s worth pointing out that the Chinese lunar calendar is different from the calendar used in the West.
Chinese lunar calandar - determine gender child, To find the gender prediction, find the mother's age at conception (across the top of the table) and then the month in which conception occurred..
Chinese birth chart - gender prediction calendar - parents., Pregnancy calendar - ancient chinese birth chart ancient chinese calendar predict gender baby? Among various methods to predict baby‘s gender, Chinese Gender Chart stands out thanks to its ancient history and popular practice in the worldwide contexts.

By giving prediction about the creature in the pregnant woman’s womb, the Chinese diagram is said to be accurate up to 93%. Since the ancient time, people have utilized the Chart to predict if the infant is BOY or GIRL. In reference to gender prediction after getting pregnant, simply keep your eyes on the two issues: your lunar age at the time of conception and the month in which the baby was conceived.
Once knowing how the Chinese Gender Chart works, it is probable to say if it is TRUE in some cases.
Along with that, the glorious and mysterious history of the Chart somehow helps it to catch the seekers’ belief and interest from the first time of consulting.
As the effective prediction and preconception tool, the Chinese Birth Chart is open to the public via the variety of designs and layouts. Q&A: How u every tried an online due date Calculator and was it the same date your doctor gave u? Google provides free Google Map and Google Earth for companies to solve the budget of GIS application development. The Chinese Baby Gender Pregnancy Calendar Chart of Ching Dynasty was published in Taiwanese newspapers in 1972.
Yin Yang Mania World is the extended pages for the article of Where does the Yin Yang Symbol come from? It contains all related information about Yin Yang from decoration, art works, movies, medicine, food, martial arts and astrology. Also, if the pregnant mom is carrying high, then it is a chance that it can be a girl child.
It was a method that was developed by the ancient Chinese and had been hidden in a tomb for many years. In the Chinese gender chart shown on the right, the columns represent the month of conception and rows represent the Chinese age of the mother. Your baby could be a Boy, if your month of conception was November and your Chinese age of conception is 27. These Chinese astrology predictions are absolutely accurate but should be used for only entertainment purpose.
By knowing which 4 directions are our personal good directions, we can maximize our luck by facing our good directions in almost any situation.
People who belong to an East group should sleep and choose a house or working desk and chair facing an East group direction while those belong to a West group then follow the West group direction. For male, they replace it with Kua number 2 and for female they replace it with Kua number 8.
Different colors bring out different qualities in us and this is determined by our Kua number. Some parents really want a boy to carry on the family name and others would love the company and affection of a daughter.
When archaeologists uncovered and examined the parchment, they found that the chart predicts the sex of your baby with a spooky amount of accuracy.
And the best chances for a girl occur when the mother conceives in April when she is 21, 22, and 29. Thus, if you want to know ahead the baby’s sex before the virtual birth, the ancient Chart is highly recommended for entertainment purposes. Anyway, let’s self-explore its magic for the real experience and reliable evaluation!

Primarily, the Chinese Birth Chart is also used to specify the best fertilizable time to have baby-making sex. As there are only 2 options for guessing, the Chart will tap the nail right on the head at least 50%.
Up to now, more and more colorful versions about the 700-years-old Chart are available on the Internet for all to consult easily.
Normally, trace the Mothers’ Age at Conception from the left side of the chart and the Month of Conception from the top down. You may also encounter some other versions using color to decipher the result: Pink for GIRL and Blue for BOY.
California Department of Conservation publishes the Earthquake Fault Zone Maps in the Internet.
They said the Gender Prediction Chart has very astounding accurate rate for Chinese women at that time.
For example, if the pregnant lady is feeling too sick in the morning, then it is said to be a girl baby.
Try it out for yourself and you shall be amazed at how accurate this gender predictor can be.
For example, if your kua number is 3, then you can choose a house facing North, East or South.
Kua number 5 males do not use a trigram (these people have the same characteristics as as kua number 2 people).
Some people go to great measure to try and affect the gender of their unborn child, but can we really make a difference? All you need is the month the child was conceived, and the age of the mother at the time of conception. For instance, if you desire to have a BOY at the age of 24, it is advised to have sex during the months of January, March, April, June, and July. For example, the 23-year-old woman who conceives during the times of March, June, August, or December is most likely to give birth to a baby GIRL.
Once the Mother’s Age and Conception Month are located correspondingly in the certain box, read the letter or color for prediction. There are many baby gender charts or calculators but the most popular is the Chinese baby calendar. It is also said jokingly that if the pregnant mom wants ice-cream almost every day, then chances are she will give birth to a girl.
If this is not possible, then you can sleep or working at your desk facing these directions.
What Is The Best Chinese Gender Predictor Chart?As the oldest method in baby gender prediction field, Chinese Gender Predictor Chart has been calculated for hundreds of years. Try it again for as many children as you have information for, and you can decide for yourself just how reliable a Chinese gender chart really is.
Chinese Gender Prediction For 2014Is it a baby boy or a baby girl this time or for your second pregnancy?

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