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When this pairing consists of a Monkey man and a Sheep woman, he may be attentive at first, but will take her for granted as time passes. When this pairing consists of a Sheep man and a Monkey woman, she finds him elusive and mysterious.
Non-Facebook Users You need to create an account at Facebook before you can register your "Like." Facebook is a fun and effective way to socialize and network online. Occupying the 9th position on the Chinese Zodiac, the Monkey possesses such character traits as curiosity, mischievousness, and cleverness.
Although they are inherently intellectual and creative, Monkeys at times have trouble exhibiting these qualities. Metal Monkeys are determined and ambitious individuals and as a result, they??re often successful. Water Monkeys are extremely sensitive and often feel hurt by the things that are said to them.
The Wood Monkey's exceptional communication skills enable them to interact well with others. Full of strength and determination, Fire Monkeys are excellent at not only setting goals, but in meeting them as well. Always the community activists, Earth Monkeys have an inherent desire to live life the "right" way.
The following are general characteristics of the Chinese Horoscope 2016 for a Monkey person, a more detailed investigation of a Monkey persona€™s personalised horoscope would obviously reveal more.
Monkey years bring enthusiasm, high times, warm laughter and an array of endless possibilities. However, according to 2016 Chinese astrology the Monkeye still will need to exercise caution. While this is your time, do remember that you can get carried away with the year, overextending yourself.A Have a blast!
The Monkey will also make progress in his career or further his education, receiving recognition and finding happiness in his achievements. A new period of eleven long years is coming up and if the Monkey sets goals and clarifies objectives he’ll have it all planned well ahead of time. Your friendship circle grows quickly this year, and your family relationships become more tightly knit. The Chinese Zodiac 2016 illustrate that as the year of the Fire Monkey slithers along peacefully within your world, your limitless energy is sparklingly attractive to many, but only one will win your heart and devotion.

As a zodiac sign that expresses talent in almost any career field, your financial forecast for 2016 is extremely victorious. Snakes, Dragons, Oxen, Tigers and Roosters, all capture your attention and can become positive business partners to help you succeed.
Some famous Monkeys include the creative Leonardo da Vinci, talented Elizabeth Taylor, comedian Tom Hanks, and the famous Julius Caesar.
In fact, they generally are promiscuous; a tendency that probably has to do with the fact that Monkeys are easily bored. Although they??re considered warm-hearted and very likeable, their preference in life is to be alone. Others enjoy being in the company of Fire Monkeys, even though these Monkeys want the upper hand in every situation. This year is the first in a long time where he will be able to free himself from responsibility and make drastic progress in whichever direction his nimble mind takes him. Meant to instill buoyancy and self-belief, this is a year to dream, project and fantasize about how things might be better, zanier! If the Monkey advances carefully, enterprise is favored and he should have luck with any business or plan he begins now. As an intensely jovial partner, most of the zodiac signs can enjoy a favorable love match with you. This year of the Monkey delivers smooth sailing socially for you, as you swing your way up the ladder. As one who is viewed as a friendly, mischievous little player, you are loved by family, a network playing a large part in your self-confidence level.
Your passion and lovemaking energy practically bubbles with effervescence within your favorable hours.
At the cusp of seasonal change, as preparations are made for winter, you, too, enjoy the amazing transformations taking place within your own life. As a natural problem-solver, you tackle anything, anywhere, at any time, and fiddle with it until you achieve success.
As you swing through your successful year, Monkey, remember that your troop includes extremely good company.
Extra income and fast money will be easy to come by but the Monkey will squander all newfound profits in gambling and speculation. With its many years experience, Hellokids is one of the most popular kids websites worldwide.

Sheep is innovative and creative but isn't very good with the everyday mundane responsibilities. He may eventually feel she doesn't care enough for him and she may feel he is too dependent. The Monkey, however, must guard against being an opportunist and distrustful of other people. Even though their intentions are always good, this desire to be a prankster has a tendency to create ill will and hurt feelings. If they can stay focused, they can succeed, but more often than not, they're easily distracted from their goals. Some followers of astrology also believe it is bad luck to be in the year of your animal sign because you’ll be distracted by all the attention. Within the Fire Monkey Year, which begins on February 8, 2016, Monkeys should go visit a temple and say a prayer- and buy underwear that is red, which is a sign of luck and fortune. As long as a relationship remains positive, adventurous, and fun, you will hang in there until the cows come home.
Even though you are a schemer, and are often self-indulgent, you are one of the most loved of all the zodiac signs. You prefer a stable, comfortable home life, and since you enjoy the finer, more luxurious designs, you stop at nothing to attain all that glitters and glistens to decorate your home with. Although Monkeys can be scheming and are good at manipulating people, they use their skills wisely. Headaches could come mainly from subordinates, debtors, or people who finance his bold undertakings and are impatient with his performance. You have the most flexible nature of all of the zodiac signs, making you a positive lover and treasured companion.
You not only come across socially as one who is able to leap tall buildings with a single bound, but your curiosity and immaturity makes you charming, cute, and desirable.
Other good careers for Monkeys include: scientist, engineer, stock market trader, air traffic controller, dealer, film director, jeweler and sales representative. To succeed, they need to place each other first and give and take in the relationship on all levels.

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