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Choose the month that you concieved in the left hand column and the age you were at conception. Based on these and many other Old Wives Tales, you can complete the Old Wives Tale Quiz inside the My Pregnancy Digi Time Capsule and watch it predict baby's gender based on your answers! Hailed as the number one Baby Shower Gift and Pregnancy Journal, we welcome you to Digi Time Capsule®, llc.
Our 11X Award Winning Pregnancy Journal Suite truly captures your journey to motherhood and our New Arrival, The My Baby Book Digi Time Capsule® Baby Memory Book Suite brings a unique new life to the way you keep a baby book! From then onwards it was this collection of twelve animals that took the form of Chinese birth symbols. Of course there has to be some sort of a story behind the symbols, after all it’s the Chinese culture and what would the Chinese culture be without its legendary tales. The origins of the Chinese birth symbols were laid down during the Han Dynasty that lasted from 206-220. The Chinese people observed the traits of these animals and drew out character sketches of each of the 12 zodiac signs. Over time the birth symbols gained popularity and people would seriously associate themselves with the animal sign of the year in which they were born. Take our fun quiz and we’ll tell you what gender the ancient Chinese legend says you'll be expecting! Jennifer- Standard Chinese calendar-Boy, Lunar calendar-Boy, Intelligender-Getting one today will update, Actual Gender-Still Unknown. Rachel- pirategrl- standard- boy, lunar chinese calendar says girl- intelligender-not done- US on June 15! Marnie - marnie22 - Standard Chinese calendar - boy, lunar Chinese calendar - boy, intelligender - girl, US not yet scheduled, should be mid-June.
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It is quite accurate – people say that the accuracy of Chinese pregnancy calendar is about 96%. It is must faster and more easy to use already made Chinese Birth Chart calculator like this Chinese Birth Gender Chart. First Click on the area near a phrase Enter your Birthday - a drop down calendar will appear. If you are pregnant you can predict baby gender with Chinese Birth Chart for this select the conception month (usual Gregorian not lunar).
Another great use of Chinese Pregnancy calendar 2015 is that it lets to plan baby gender before the conception and conceive baby boy or girl depending of your wishes. However you must realize that Chinese birth chart 2015 could not give you 100% guarantee but it can really increase your chances to determine and plan baby gender correctly. Chinese astrology - zodiac signs & yearly calendar, Which signs are compatible in the chinese zodiac? Chinese zodiac compatibility chart - buzzle, In the chinese astrology, zodiac signs are represented by twelve animals.
Chinese zodiac signs - chinese zodiac animals, There 12 signs chinese zodiac animal.. Chinese zodiac marriage match chart - lovetoknow, Chinese zodiac marriage combinations similar western astrological combinations. Ancient chinese birth chart calculator - mistupid., Ancient chinese birth chart calculator.
Home to the Award Winning My Pregnancy Digi Time Capsule® Pregnancy Journal Suite and My Baby Book Digi Time Capsule® Baby Memory Book Suite! Find out how the animals took the place of birth symbols in the Chinese culture.Ancient Chinese civilizations used to count their years with ten celestial stems along with twelve terrestrial branches. The twelve animals that make up the collection of Chinese birth symbols in order of their appearance are: the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. This one however is one of the more popular ones that many people have come to learn about in recent years. Well the twisting tale tells us that the rat rode on the ox’s back who was leading the race.

It was during this time that the day was divided into twelve periods with each animal performing some sort of activity in its assigned time slot. Then they drew similarities between human nature and the natural instincts of the 12 animals that were being taken as Chinese birth symbols. They would try and incorporate the use of their particular birth symbol in their lives in some way or the other. From paper cut works to pottery and pictures to bronze etchings Chinese birth symbols can be found in many different mediums. Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser.
There was a solid scientific grounding behind this system but the illiterate masses was unable to memorize it or calculate it. The selection of these twelve animals was done by the gods who chose these animals and set up a race for them.
For example it was believed that the dragons brought rain from seven to nine in the morning and monkeys became lively from three to five in the afternoon.
All you need to determine baby gender is mother’s age at the conception and conception month.
As an easy alternative the Chinese people came up with the animal system in order to symbolize the terrestrial branches. Apparently the cat had a deal with the mouse which he betrayed which is why cats eat mice today.
The only thing that is very important is that all the dates must be based on Chinese lunar calendar.
You must calculate your Chinese age (remember that according to Chinese calendar new 2015 year will start only on January 23d) and conception month must be also a lunar month. Of course there are lots of nuances in baby gender prediction if you try to calculate all the things by yourself.

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