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May cherry blossoms sprout near your home, pussy willows liven up your living space, and may you have a blessed new year. The Chinese Lunar calendar follows a 12 year cycle and each of the 12 years is represented by 12 Animals which form the Chinese Zodiac. Given below is a list of all the years starting from the year 1900 to 2100 sorted according to the Chinese Animal they represent.
Chinese New year date in English calendar format and English new year date in Chinese Year Format.
Chinese Birth Chart - Ancient Chinese Gender Calendar to determine the gender of an unborn child. On one hand they love independence and on the other they like to dominate in relationships especially. Taking the third position in the Chinese Zodiac as per the Chinese Astrological Sign, the Tiger signifies personality traits such as competitiveness, bravery and unpredictability. Having the tendency and need to be always faced with challenges, people under the Tiger, frequently change jobs. Even though a Tiger and a Rat enjoys a strong friendship, yet chances are there that the good times ate blurred down owing to temper tantrums. Tiger and Tiger are very creative and dominant and hence ignite the curiosity and interest of each other. Though initially drawn to each other, yet a Tiger and an Ox should never think of a relationship. Individuals born under the Tiger when pair up with Horse is headed towards an exciting and interesting life together.
Tiger and a Dragon make up a brave combination with immense fire to keep them interested and attracted to each other. Tiger and Sheep when in a relationship would never open up completely or even try to make it work. Little communication often results in serious issues in a relationship between those born under the Tiger and Rooster . I am not a historian, but what I have discovered is a system that works within a reasonable margin of error when one considers the various calendar conversions and often long periods of time involved.
When I started my research, I soon learned that the historians do not agree among themselves on almost any date dealing with the Bible and history.
In my study of the biblical Apocalypse, I discovered two calculations for predicting the beginning date, which serve as witnesses.
This first observation locates the notch on the World Cuckoo Clock that will activate the cuckoo bird to announce the beginning of the Apocalypse. The 483 year gear is significant in several calculations used in both the seven-based and the five-based systems.
In other words, we take a Bible verse that was prophetic when written but has since been fulfilled in history. Bible prophecy often speaks in terms of units that may have more than one absolute chronological value. Secular history confirms that Jesus’ ministry began at this time, so this approach establishes a proven chronological gear of 483 years. This time we will use the five-base system and the 1 + 4 = 5 rule to get to the end of Daniel’s 70th Week (the foreshadowed time that includes Jesus Christ's ministry, death and resurrection).
Counting backwards to verify and test prophetic dates has never been done before because Christian scholars only know one system of calculation – what I call the seven-based system. We could try to find the date of the Apocalypse by using either the five-based system or the familiar seven-based system. So to determine the approximate time for the second appearance of the Messiah, which occurs after the Apocalypse has ended, I counted backwards from AD 3017, the end of the Teth age using two 483 year gears associated with the Messiah’s (second) appearance.
Counting backwards always makes any projection more difficult because if you have the wrong date in the future, anything else would be wrong too. To find the missing ten (10) days buried between the 3,500 year cycles, the secular solar calendar is corrected by adding one additional day for every 400 years. This narrows the accuracy of my prediction down to within a day and a few hours over the course of 3,500 years!
So here we have yet one more reason that the Apocalypse and the 7,000-Year Table of Human History scale align perfectly. Two periods of 1,715 years each appear at the beginning of man's seven thousand years of history: 4018-2303 BC and 2303-588 BC.
Specifically, we are going to overlay the seven 490-year cycles of human history with the seven years of the Apocalypse: one year to a cycle. The Bible confirms the idea of calibrating time along different consistent scales when it says that a thousand years are like a day before the Lord. When we count these 3,480 days backward from 30 June 2018 (17 Tammuz 5778), we arrive at a beginning date for the Apocalypse of 21 December 2008, which is also the eve of Hanukah, 24 Kislev 5769.
The 17th of Tammuz was picked to count backward from through the application of several overlays that take the twelve major Jewish festival and fast days into account.
According to my methodology, there should be some similarity of spiritual significance, or other meaningful correlation, between the major events of these parallel periods with the Hebrew Alphabet Number System’s symbolic value. To test the validity of dividing the Great Apocalypse into 12 periods, I overlaid them with the twelve cycles of humanity’s 7,000-year history. In the big egg (the Bible) we note that the birth of Jesus Christ (1 BC) occurred after the beginning of the 9th Cycle of the 7,000-Year Table of Human History. On this last day of the Sukkoth festival season Jesus stood in the Temple and taught that he was the true bread come down from heaven. Our purpose is to prove that these different sets of events in overlaying time segments share a specific harmonizing relationship. Although the year of Jesus’ birth is not firmly established, the Hebrew Alphabet Number System would favor a date of 1 BC. From 28 BC, the beginning of the 9th Cycle, to 1 BC is a total of twenty-seven years, which is 5.5 percent of 490. Restated, the 1,715 day gear intersects on 26 September 2013 when counted from 21 December 2008 confirming the 213 day length for one seven year Apocalypse time period because the 9th Period of the Great Apocalypse precisely coincides in position and meaning with the 9th Cycle of the 7,000-Year Table of Human History. Thus, the Apocalypse is framed within solstice and equinox dates because it belongs to the age of Cheth - (enclosed, surrounded) indicating a cycle of judgments.
We can only look at prophetic events through the prophetic telescope of the biblical prophets’ recorded visions. The relatively far vision perspective of the Apocalypse is placed in the 13th railroad station of the 7,000-Year Table of Human History.
These thirteen prophecies from Daniel and John focus on what will happen to the Jewish people and Israel during the Great Apocalypse.
To recapture the list of apocalyptic prophecies, Daniel has seven (7) plus two (2) for a total of nine (9) references. The Mini-Apocalypse has eleven (11) events bunched together, starting at 4 January 2012, which is Wednesday, 9 Tevet 5772.
Daniel 12:11 gives one special period of 1,290 days, which is #12 on the 7-Year Table of the Apocalypse. God knew from before human realization that our present Hebrew calendar would require the insertion of the leap month, Adar II, during the 6th Period (2011) of the 7-year Great Apocalypse. John's five references to the period of 1,260 days, plus Daniel's 3, make a total of eight (8) prophecies that start at the same time and end at the same time. On 4 September 2015, God's anger will be aroused, and he will intervene by releasing the greatest earthquake ever to rock the earth in order to save Israel. Previously, by Friday, 4 September 2015 (19 Elul 5775) the four death angels will have killed one third of the world’s remaining population. Friday, 18 September 2015 (5 Tishri 5776) is two days after the Fast of Gedaliah on Wednesday, 16 September 2015 (3 Tishri 5776). These two aligned and overlying prophetic events from one verse again demonstrate an important principle of prophetic interpretation. On 21 December 2012 Satan will be cast out from heaven and his dominion on earth will probably end on the third fast, the Fast of Gedaliah - 16 September 2015, which coincides with the purging of the earth by the four death angels.
The official end of the world’s evil Babylonian economic, religious and governmental system will be observed on 21 December 2015.
At the second coming of the Lord, God’s eternal city, the heavenly Jerusalem, will be placed in orbit around the earth like a second moon suspended over her earthly counterpart.
Israel will be elevated to the place of prominence among the nations in order to honor God on earth.
The Apocalypse will end Islamic hatred and confusion about the true God of Abraham, Isaac and Ishmael. By the Sunday morning after the crucifixion, Jesus had already risen from the dead because Scripture states that he would be in the underworld of Hades only three days and nights. Sent to Jerusalem by Jesus’ last words, the disciples had to wait ten days because God is a master of timing. On that day God made a down payment on his promise to establish his kingdom on earth: the out-pouring of his Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is a perfect force only capable of activity in conformance with the will of the Father and the Son.
It is not for you to know the times or periods that the Father has set by his own authority. Second is the expectation of the arrival on earth of the Kingdom of God representing the Heh dimension. Sure enough, I recognized two dates tightly bound together like the two rails of a railroad track. After the fact of the resurrection the disciples had no doubt that Jesus was the promised Messiah and Son of God. Religious life in Israel cannot be separated from God’s chosen place of worship for them. First-century Christians could not understand the plan of God for the ages because the Bible was not yet complete. These two events of recent history provide important new facts unavailable to the early disciples that make it possible for us to now estimate when the Apocalypse will begin and end, as well as some other future dates .
Interestingly, 1 Tishri 5823 (Rosh Hashanah, the Feast of Trumpets, the first day of the Hebrew civil year) falls on 5 October 2062. The Fourth Temple complex in the millennial Jerusalem will be far bigger in size than the Vatican is today.
If you look at the 12th Period Table you will notice that Daniel’s prophesied 2,300 days begins on 4 January 2012 during the 6th Period of the seven-year Great Apocalypse.
From 5 October 2062, the completion date of the Fourth Temple, we must now count back a 50 year Jubilee or restoration gear. Following my analogy of the placenta, Satan’s presence in the Second Heaven is removed and cast down to earth. The Bible prophesies a time when there will be war in Heaven and Satan will be cast out with all the fallen angels who followed him. The war in heaven aligns with the 7th Cycle of the 7,000-Year Table of Human History (588 BC), where it parallels the time when the Jewish Temple was destroyed by Babylon in 588 BC. The Aztec Calendar has existed for approximately 5,125 years – since before Noah's flood.
In the 7th Period of the Apocalypse (22 June 2012 to 21 January 2013), the 1 st day of the 7th month is 21 December 2012. Notice the numbers here: 7th month of the 7th Period (7x7=49) plus the 1st day equals 50, which is Heh raised to a higher level (5x10).
These 12 animal signs are repeated 5 times within each 60-year cycle of the Chinese calendar. According to the 7-Year Table of the Apocalypse, Satan will be cast out of heaven and appear on earth in 2012.
These descriptions of Chinese attributes correlate perfectly with the information the Bible has given us about Satan and Antichrist. The snake is gifted with strong charisma; he is shrewd, business-minded, and materialistic.
The ancient Chinese believed that the way back to Heaven required the sacrifice of an unblemished sheep to make atonement for their sins. The center of this magnificent Temple to Heaven stood a three-tiered, white marble Altar of Heaven.
The Technical Journal where I found this information also documents where the Lamb of God is hidden in the ancient Chinese characters. Near the end of 2015 Jesus Christ will appear in power, and many will experience a resurrection. The Chinese perceive the sheep as a blessing from God because it resolved conflicts as the bearer of the people’s sin. Then another portent appeared in heaven: a great red dragon, with seven heads and ten horns, and seven diadems on his heads.
As explained above, the Jewish calendar helped me to choose 21 December 2008 as the date for the beginning of the Apocalypse. The 1st day of 7th month of the 7th Period can be expressed as (7x7=49) + 1 = 50, which possesses numeric significance as the Jubilee gear. Thus, 21 December 2012 begins a new cycle of apocalyptic intensity with Satan’s ouster from the heavenlies of the Heh dimension. According to my interpretation of Daniel's prophecies, the Mini-Apocalypse will occur from 4 December 2011 to 17 September 2015.
The tables align to predict that the biggest global earthquake ever to take place in history will begin toward the end of the Mini-Apocalypse on 4 September 2015.
This earthquake strikes all around the globe and will cause horrendous geological disturbances everywhere. An age of great blessing begins on 18 September 2015 when there will be no more wars or conflicts around the globe. We have determined that the Apocalypse will start on 21 December 2008, which in the Jewish calendar is 24 Kislev 5769, the eve of Hanukah. The number 9 (Teth) is mentioned twice (the month and the first digit in the equation representing the year).
This tenth observation (10 = Jod) on the World Cuckoo Clockindicates something beyond the Apocalypse that connects with a higher level. The Aztec culture tells of a serpent coming from heaven, which coincides with the book of Revelation’s report of Satan being cast out of the same place.
My World Cuckoo Clock shows the number ten (10) right under the space designated as the Kingdom of the Light. A few days before the first publication of this book, I went through a period of unexplained restlessness. I realized that the month of Tammuz was the key to my timing predictions, so this became a strong candidate for reconsideration. The first eleven observations provide proof, through simple mathematics, of dates in the future that are sometimes corroborated in the Aztec, Chinese and Hebrew calendars. Then just before publication of this book, God revealed this same date in another context, which raised the accuracy of the dating one notch higher to the highest level, because its verification is now also established in the five-based system. When I used the fast of 17 Tammuz as my main reference stake, many of the other important dates found throughout the various tables shifted to fall on solstice or equinox days.
For example, most scholars improperly convert their historical and prophetic timelines from prophetic, biblical or Babylonian days to our present, secular solar year. I was formally educated in that system, and earlier manuscripts that I gave to friends reflected some of these same wrong assumptions.
Projecting a prophetic date by using time measured according to our modern methods could present some uncertainty, because ancient time cycles were often modified to conform to our solar system.

For the skeptic, rest assured, I am not smart enough to invent a complicated system like what is presented in my two books. When I first made the diagram of the World Cuckoo Clock, I put a diamond over the clock dial. In the middle of the Apocalypse we identified 21 December 2012 as the date when the Aztec calendar ends after 5,125 years.
The 12 observations described above establish with certainty that the Apocalypse dating presented in this book is not just religious speculation or the opinion of a simple clock maker. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Many of the chinese festivals and Government Holidays are determined based on the Chinese Calendar. The Chinese Horoscope Tiger holds a prominent position and stands third in the Chinese zodiac that follows the Chinese calendar. They are very competitive, more so when it comes to saving ones respect or honor or protecting a loved one. The other traits of the people of the Chinese Horoscope include honesty, generosity towards friends and passionate towards lovers. Flourishing career for the tigers include office manager, travel agent, advertising agent, actor, artist, writer, pilot, musician, comedian, flight attendant and chauffeur.
Together I believe that they provide strong proof for my proposed scenario of events that compose the biblical Apocalypse.
I am just a fallible human being who has received insight into these marvelous biblical truths by God’s grace. I hope that we will spend eternity together in the presence of our Creator who purposes to bless each of us with nothing but goodness and love, as long as we are willing to humbly accept his ways in faith and deed through Jesus as Savior. In fact, the discovery of the gears and cycles at work actually helped me to select from among the experts’ different proposed dates. If these calculations are correct, we can assume that all the others will conform in accordance with the same mathematical laws. To verify its assumptions, we can try it out on some historical dates that we already know.
If it worked for fulfilled prophecy, then that gear probably works for other prophecies yet to take place in our Daleth dimension of this earth and time.
In our calculations (as shown in the 7,000-Year Table of Human History) I add a sixty-four (64) year gear to the end of the Jewish captivity in Babylon at 518 BC to come to the same date of 454 BC.
Using other combinations of the 483 year gear in other known historical settings will further prove that the 483 gear is valid so we can trust its utility in predicting the future dates of other prophesied events mentioned in the Bible. Since the five-based system also works while counting backward from end dates, we will compute backward from the liberation of Old Jerusalem and the Temple Mount in AD 1968. There are seven years (1 week of years) between AD 29 and AD 36 which would be Daniel’s 70th Week - if it were to immediately follow the 69th week!
To me, it seems more reasonable to use the five-based system because the Apocalypse will take place during the five-based 50-year Jubilee Gear (Daniel’s 70th Week in the five-based system) that falls between 1968 and 2018.
This is the super-leap year to make up for the fact that the earth does not revolve around the sun in exactly 365 and one quarter days.
This is why we must seek out additional, self-verifying evidence in the Bible that witness to the accuracy of our possibly flawed ideas about the Apocalypse. These two 1,715 year gears overlay the first seven of twelve 490-year cycles of the Rosetta Stone 7:5 ratio for the 7,000 years of human history. We should find events of related significance when we align the 9th Cycle of the 7,000-Year Table of Human History (28 BC to 498 AD) with the 9th Period of the 7-Year Table of the Apocalypse (22 August 2013 to 21 March 2014), we discover that they match exactly like a small Russian Egg fitting within the big one.
He opened himself as the only (8 = 2 x 4 Daleth, door) way to receive the waters of eternal life (the New Creation in the Holy Spirit). The beginning and end points of the Apocalypse align with those of the twelve 490-year cycles of human history’s 7,000 years. At first it looked like there was a small discrepancy because Jesus’ birth year falls too early. Remember, the number 490 is the total number of years found in a standard cycle of the 7,000-Year Table of Human History.
It exists like a smaller Russian Egg within the Twelve Periods of the Great Apocalypse table. This appearance of the Bible’s Rosetta Stone ratio indicates how important these twelve prophesies are, and that is why I gave the period of time they dominate its own name, the Mini-Apocalypse.
The Great Apocalypsehas thirteen (13) biblical references to dated events within its seven years duration. Also, they all overlay with the 7,000-Year Table of Human History as indicated by the period numbers in the left column next to the dates. The Jewish Fast of Tevet, the the Tenth Month recalls terrible historical events that took place on the 8th, 9th and 10th days of Tevet.
I believe that it will begin thirty (30) days before the 1,260 day periods begin, intersecting at 4 December 2011, which is in the first month of the 6th Period and begins the Mini-Apocalypse.
To correct for this thirty (30) day difference, Daniel was told of a 1,290-day prophecy - #1 in the table, Daniel 12:11. Because this promise is mentioned in both the near vision and the far vision, God wants us to understand and make no mistake in the certainty of survival for His covenant people. This prophecy ends with the Antichrist’s dominion being taken away from him and given to the saints of the God of Israel who will rule over the nations forever. The word shattering means that Israel's citizens must escape into the mountains and desert regions to join with the surviving Israeli armed forces. Officially the Apocalypse will be over on 21 December 2015, 9 Tevet 5776 – the Fast of the Tenth Month. Passing over Israel at the same time, millions of annually migrating birds will arrive to eat the dead bodies lying around Jerusalem. Five days later on 23 September (10 Tishri) Yom Kippur is celebrated perhaps for the first time as a feast instead of a fast. This day starts the Mini-Apocalypse as Antichrist terminates the daily sacrifice offered at the Temple.
After three days He will regain life because Satan will indwell and resuscitate Antichrist’s dead body by his presence after being cast out from Heaven on 21 December 2012. Like mountain peaks with hidden valleys, here we can see a near fulfillment and a far-off in the future fulfillment in God’s plan with an unseen period of time between them.
Centered in the Temple at Jerusalem, the Israelites will teach God’s laws around the globe and become the timekeeper again (2018-3018).
When it is over, God will instigate a final re-gathering of any remaining children of Jacob from the four corners of the earth.
This will be a direct result of Satan’s imprisonment in a special abyss until after the millennium.
After 40 days of appearances to his friends and over 500 witnesses, Jesus visibly ascended through the clouds into heaven.
Jesus did not just give them the power by breathing on them in the Upper Room, nor did he bless them with it at his ascent. Israel’s hope for thousands of years has been that they would again be a kingdom with their own king like David.
In the disciples’ question about the future restoration of the kingdom of Israel, I saw through the far and near prophetic lenses that their question and the answer must connect (Waw) with the Temple.
For this reason dates surrounding events at the Temple have always been important chronological markers in God’s plan for humanity. Today, not only do we have the book of Revelation, but we also have the perspective of being able to look back at history.
The cuckoo clock gears are fixed and embedded in Scripture, and only through this methodology of gears, cycles and overlaid alignment, can we determine the future dates of events prophesied to take place during the Apocalypse with some degree of certainty. It will be a city within a city for the world travelers who come to see the Temple and worship Yahweh, the God of the universe.
Both will take place during the 7th Period of the Apocalypse, which spans the seven months between 23 June 2012 and 21 January 2013. On the Daleth clock, this event (or cuckoo) will take place on the 1st day of the 7th month of the 7th Period of the Apocalypse, which is 21 December 2012. Chinese chronological records date back to approximately 2637 BC, which is before the date of Noah's Flood. The Chinese calendar indicates that 2012 (the 7th Period of the Apocalypse) will be a Year of the Water Dragon. As we have seen, the Scriptures state that Satan will be cast out of heaven following a war, and he will be followed by the second persona of a resurrected Antichrist. Their offering was made to ShangDi, the righteous Creator, on the Mount Tai in Shandong Province. The altar was built in concentric circles using dimensions based on ever-increasing multiples of nine. They understood the concept of sin and the need to resolve the resulting separation between God and themselves that automatically comes about because of sin. The dragon and his angels fought back, but they were defeated, and there was no longer any place for them in heaven. The Aztec and Chinese calendars confirm these precise dates and they do not merge at any other future time. The Bible clearly states that Satan's domain will end in heaven, and I place it during the 7th Period of the Apocalypse. Fifty is a strong expression of the Heh which gives us a viewpoint from the heavenly perspective.
This earthquake will last 13 days and destroy the city of Jerusalem including the Third Temple and the nearby Islamic mosques.
Its effects are so extensive that it will raise one third of the Jerusalem's area to form a high mountain. When the door of the ark was opened in Noah’s day, the survivors enjoyed their newfound freedom, and Noah planted a vineyard as an indication that normal times had returned. Daniel 8:14 states that the new temple sanctuary countdown of 2,300 days prophesied will start on 4 January 2012, which is near the midpoint of the seven-year Apocalypse and near the beginning of the Mini-Apocalypse.
This period of 2,300 days - six (6) years, four (4) months, and twenty (20) days—will end on 10 Sivan 5778 (24 May 2018), which falls within the week the celebration of the early harvest feast of First Fruits. By examining different chromosomes, scientists can determine which cells are healthy and which ones may have damaged genes buried deep within the nucleus that could develop into cancer.
In Hebrew we start from the right side and move to the left so we will look at the last group first. And as I watched, the beast was put to death, and its body destroyed and given over to be burned with fire. When I started out aligning these observations, I did not give any particular attention to their sequence. A two-week difference might not seem like much in the scheme of 7,000 years, but for me, the gears of the clock had to fit perfectly.
As described in the Twelve Jewish Festivals & Fasts table, the 17th of Tammuz is a fast day. These observations are all found in the seven-based system as explained previously in this chapter.
These cosmic events cannot be manipulated and changed to fit a particular theory or scholarly opinion.
Some of those failures can be ascribed to what I call rubber band calendars – calendars that can be manipulated by scholarly analysis.
They convert calendar years to biblical years in equations that work in the opposite direction to what is presented here.
It takes modern computers to precisely calculate and align our various calendars from around the world. When we study the twelve periods of the seven year Apocalypse, we notice that a number of the dates are cosmic-solar dates – a solstice or an equinox. The Daleth dimension falls within one day of the 4th Period and coincides with the equinox on 23 September 2010.
These different observations pinpoint the exact dates of the Apocalypse with amazing accuracy. The animals in the Chinese Zodiac or the animals which constitute the Chinese calendar are Rat, Ox, Tiger, Hare, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. Tigers are required to follow a balanced approach in life and efficiently utilize their energy.
I had thought that this book was ready to print, but this twelfth embedded discovery had to be inserted even if it caused delays. Besides being a cuckoo clock hobbyist, I am an inventor and a long-time maker of precision instruments. Perhaps my tables could help resolve some of the debates between historians just as they helped me to confirm proposed prophetic dates.
These two witnesses support the research methods I have used for determining the other observations.
That way we will have reasonable assurance that the method can be used to predict future events that have not happened yet. We should not forget that the gears must mesh to justify their utility in the measurement of prophetic time.
Other dates may be more popular with today’s students of Bible prophecy, but this date works perfectly within the chronological system of gears, and that fact confirms 454 BC as the best historical option.
Both of these tests, like two witnesses, give evidence that the gears and methods utilized are valid.
Since the conversion factor of 35 years can be added anywhere within the 3,500 years between 518 BC and 3018 AD, we add it here even though we are using only two (2) gears of 483 years. If we subtract seven (7) years from 2016, we come to an estimated starting year for the Apocalypse of 2009. Counting nine (8.75 rounded = 9) days back from January 1, 2016 brings us to 22 December 2015, which is the winter solstice as well as being correct to within one day over the course of 3,500 years! I have found many Christian’s books full of uncertain speculation presented as evidence. The 1,715 years must be converted in order to forecast a specific date to overlay this time period with the 7-Year Table of the Apocalypse. Because they have the same structural appearance, one can rationally calibrate their respective scales of time so that they can be compared by overlaying or aligning the number and sequence of historic or prophetic events. To convert from these Hebrew calendar days to our solar days, we multiply 1,715 by 1.0145 to come up with 3,480 days.
A solstice or an equinox is a cosmic day: it is not a day that we can move around so that it will fit other data. Scaled down to seven (7) years, I have given the Apocalypse a parallel structure by dividing it into twelve periods of 213 days or seven months each. It looks like 1 BC would equate to falling 1,704 days from the beginning of the 9th Cycle of history.
If we apply that same 5.5 percent to the typical 213-day period of 7-Year Table of the Apocalypse, the calculation works out to a little over eleven (11) days - exactly the right number needed to add to 1,704 to equal 1,715 days. This precise alignment between 7,000-Year Table of Human History and the 7-Year Table of the Apocalypse provides further proof that we predicted the dates of the Apocalypse accurately. The 12 prophecies of the Mini-Apocalypse overlap in parallel: 7 of the prophecies come from the book of Daniel and 5 of them come from the Book of Revelation written five hundred years later by the Apostle John.
Prophecy from God comes from the Heh dimension where time is meaningless; therefore, prophetic events usually have more than one chronological setting.
Twelve (12) of these biblical references will take place during the shorter Mini-Apocalypse that falls within the Great Apocalypse.

To determine the dates of the Apocalypse, we will piggyback our predictions alongside Israel's timetable, because they are connected, like the two rails of the prophetic railroad track. This ratio is repeated in the Mini-Apocalypse with its total of twelve (12) references, seven (7) from Daniel and five (5) from Revelation. However, Daniel mentions five time periods during the Mini-Apocalypse that extend beyond the 1,260 days (1,278 of our days). Daniel was told over 2,500 years ago that there would be a leap year month of thirty days (Adar II) added during the year when Israel’s great tribulation began!
On 21 March 2012 Antichrist breaks the 7-year covenant of peace he had made with Israel in 2009.
Four days prior, all of Israel will have celebrated the Feast of Weeks (6 Sivan 5778) also called Pentecost.
However, the Bible says that the allocated time will be cut short because of the severity of persecution, so by the end of these 1,335 days on 18 September 2015, the Apocalypse is basically over. To convince the world that he is the resurrected Messiah, an abomination will be placed in the Temple, which will be some kind of personal image. The near event will take place during the Apocalypse, and the more future second occurs at the end of the millennial Teth Age. He also promised to preserve a remnant of the Gentiles, just as He did in the days of Noah's Flood in order to repopulate the earth.
Christians have always been first to help in disasters around the world, and they did not shrink away even when many where assassinated by religious extremists.
His body had been transformed into the immortal resurrected substance of the Heh dimension. God as the Three-in-One waited for the right moment on the right day, the Jewish feast of Weeks or Pentecost.
At that eventful Pentecost of 33 AD, the Holy Spirit as the Living Word was given to empower the faithful to life eternal.
By his presence a believer is enabled to obey God as he or she is guided through this life in Jesus’ absence. There are many prophecies about such a kingdom ruled by a descendant of King David, the Messiah.
In particular we have events such as the return of the Jewish people to their land and the liberation of Jerusalem in 1967. If so, it would mean that it will take 44 years (2062 – 2018 = 44 years) to finish building the temple complex so that it will be able to receive the millions of tourists who will come to observe the Feast of Tabernacles from around the world. I believe that this is the date when the first foundation stone will be placed for the Fourth temple.
Once again in history, Jewish hopes will be crushed when the Temple is violated during the 6th Period of the Apocalypse. Two more months and we will arrive at dead center of the Apocalypse - 21 December 2012, which is point in the 7,000-year plan when God’s kingdom is born in the Heh dimension. From the beginning, this system of clock gears was incorporated into the cosmic calendar as marked by solstices, equinoxes and the rest of the Hebrew Alphabet Number System so that Jesus could not tell us the date for the birth of the Kingdom of Heaven. This particular solstice date can be further verified by information from the Aztec, Chinese, and Hebrew cultures. The ancient Aztecs predicted that a great serpent (Satan) will come down to end the world on 21 December 2012, so there was no reason for their calendar to continue beyond it. The Chinese Zodiac is as old as the Hebrew Scriptures, and the two contain many similarities. This is one more indication that the timing I have presented for the coming Apocalypse is valid. The Chinese people believe that disasters that occur in a Year of the Dragon will culminate in a Year of the Snake.
Chinese history records that an emperor of the Shi Ji period built an altar so that the proper sacrifice could periodically be made to ShangDi, the good Creator. The altar was 75 meters in diameter, and each level was surrounded by a white marble railing. I am amazed at the many parallels between the ancient Chinese sacrifices and the ancient Hebrew religious practices. The sacrifice of a sheep enabled a relationship between the sinner and the Creator through the acknowledgment of the divine need for righteousness. Then the dragon stood before the woman who was about to bear a child, so that he might devour her child as soon as it was born. The great dragon was thrown down, that ancient serpent, who is called the Devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world—he was thrown down to the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him.
For example, the key events that will take place on 21 December 2012 agree perfectly across all three calendars. The entire city, including all of its cultural monuments and structures from antiquity, such as its many old churches, will totally vanish in the rubble. The famous churches, mosques and temples will be absolutely reduced to desecrated debris and rubbish. After two years of simple and essential recovery towards normalcy following the Great Apocalypse, a Fourth Temple will be constructed anew on the highest point of this mountain, right over large, newly exposed springs. Similarly, people surviving the Mini-Apocalypse will have reached the days of blessing when they will begin the process of renewal by planting gardens and vineyards. This Jewish holiday is also known as the Feast of Weeks or Pentecost will be celebrated four days prior to that date on Sivan 6.
The Hebrew Alphabet Number System has embedded information information that I compare with human DNA .
In a similar way, by examining biblical prophecies and comparing them to the Hebrew Alphabet Number System, we can find information buried within the structure of numbers. This blueprint connects (the middle 6 - Waw) with the Apocalypse at the appointed time-life dimension (40).
While death will reign on a massive scale during the Apocalypse on earth, the Lord reminds us that in the end there will be a double life standard and the earth will continue.
At the same time, all the saints who formerly died will be resurrected and translated into eternal bodies. As for the rest of the beasts, their dominion was taken away, but their lives were prolonged for a season and a time.
The equivalent Hebrew date is 8 Tevet 5773 , which is remembered in Jewish tradition by fasting on Tevet 10 to commemorate the beginning of Nebuchadnezzar’s siege of Jerusalem. Although the facts neatly aligned themselves, I felt that a key was still shrouded somewhere. Its purpose is to remind God's people to take inventory of their lives, compare them with God's standard, and make any necessary corrections.
This point is vital because humans can’t manipulate the solar system, we can only calibrate our calendars to it in an attempt to make them more accurate.
They are determined by the movements in our solar system and not by when people decide to begin or end a month or year. The failed prophetic theories expressed opinion without sufficient or proper use of literary, biblical and scientific witnesses. This mistake alone makes any prophetic alignments between the Bible and our modern calendar impossible to match.
I am used to building things that must work in real life situations and not just pass for a convincing argument. The solstice and equinox events are fixed and cannot be manipulated by our manmade calendars. That is the day when Satan will be cast out of heaven, and the deception and oppression of the ZayinAge will begin to end. I recognized God’s finger in its verification of the dating for the Apocalypse from the Heh, five-based dimension. The innovative perspectives and practical skills developed from these experiences have given me a unique perspective on the Bible, and I hope that I have communicated them clearly to you in these pages. In this case there were 70 literal missed land sabbath years out of the Temple’s 490 years of existence.
My predication is for 21 December 2008, so a ten day variance or difference is needed to push the actual start to the closing days of 2008.
This methodology reveals other aspects of the internal relationships that exist between the prophesied or historical events found within their separately formed contexts. While 1,704 days may equate to eight periods of 213 days, it is still eleven days short of 1,715 that is needed to demonstrate positional alignment relative to the starting points of the aligned time segments (9th Cycle with 9th Period). Most commonly there is a near-in-the-future event, which may have already been fulfilled, and a far-in-the-future event yet to be fulfilled. This date falls in the second month of the 6th Period of the Great Apocalypse, which begins the Mini-Apocalypse.
The Bible does not say when the animals began their journey, but it does say they arrived from the time of Noah’s entry into the ark until the 10th day of the 2nd month when the LORD shut the door of the ark behind them. Will you cease rebellion now so that you can enter into his divine life now and avoid this conflict with him? Hundreds of thousands of Israeli citizens will be converted to the true Messiah Yeshua - Jesus Christ.
According to the sheep-goat selection process, God will have decided who will live and who will be removed from the earth by death. But unlike the Flood, not e verything or everyone will be destroyed because God will be more lenient and merciful this time around. The indwelling Spirit and obedience to the Bible work together to transform the new creation within us into the fullness of Christ. This was the messianic concept in the minds of the disciples when they learned that Jesus, who they thought was the fulfillment of that ancient hope, would soon leave them.
For the Jewish people the Temple is where the spiritual eternity of the Heh dimension connects with the material temporality of the Daleth dimension.
It comes after the beginning of the Mini-Apocalypse and shortly before 21 December 2012, when Satan is cast out of the heavenlies.
We need the mirror image of the Daleth dimension to find the date in Heaven because we do have clocks here on earth.
Both traditions state that the laws of the universe are predetermined and contain a design structure.
Calamities during Snake years are often the result of excesses committed during Dragon years. The Chinese also noticed that a young sheep will kneel down to suck milk from the mother’s udder. Finally, we come to the 1st day of the 7th month (21 December 2012 to 21 January 2013) of the 7th Period, which is 21 December 2012. No trace of these buildings will ever be known to future generations, and the reason is very clear. I never anticipated any financial gain from putting it on the Internet, and the time spent writing it did not matter to me, because the time and effort was for my benefit in learning God's Word. Since eating might get in the way of this process, worshipers were supposed to fast to get a clearer picture of their lives. Some failed due to faulty research methods based on a poor grasp of science and how the universe operates. The alpha and omega, beginning and ending solstice dates are 21 December 2008 and 21 December 2015, completing a perfect diamond. Like a Russian Egg, the table of the Twelve Periods of the Apocalypse fits exactly within what the Bible (the big Egg) teaches. I trust that I have understood enough of God’s message to take the risks involved in writing these books. However, if we look closely at the 7,000-Year Table of Human History , we notice there are a few extra years at the beginning of the 9th Cycle.
Elsewhere, I have given the example of seeing a series of mountaintops without seeing or knowing the size of the chronological valleys between them.
This civilization will sink to the lowest point possible - just like the generation of Noah’s time, which was called continually evil.
The satanically indwelled Antichrist will demand to be worshiped as the resurrected Messiah. Thus, just as the giving of the Ten Commandments and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit are foundation stones in the spiritual temple that God is building, so it seems likely that the material foundation stone of the Fourth Temple will be laid on that day. This special calendar date intersects with the 7-Year Table of the Apocalypse at only one point in history - at the first day of the seventh month of the 7th Period of the Great Apocalypse.
I knew nothing about these Chinese calendar alignments with the Apocalypse when I started my research two years ago. This act of kneeling down to obtain milk represents humbleness and respect, values cherished in their culture.
In addition to all of the above, it is again a solstice date that cannot be manipulated by any human calendar!
They represent the polluted religions of Satan’s domain that blind the peoples of all nations with lies and deceptive theologies.
Those who want to understand should not be discouraged if it requires reading my books more than once, perhaps some sections several times. The Apocalypse falls on four diamond corners as expressed in my World Cuckoo Clock within one day’s variance despite being calculated from events scattered over thousands of calendar years.
Believe me, humanly I would have much rather continued to enjoy the simple life of my retirement on my vineyard. God’s Holy Spirit will indwell the new converts who boldly proclaim the love of God against the background of the highest persecution.
The fact that many independent calculations and sources overlay on this date alone proves that we are dealing with divine forces of prophecy beyond our imagination and control .
I had discovered the dates in 2008, 2012 and 2015 independently from this additional source of extra-biblical confirmation.
Thus to the Chinese, the sacrificial sheep symbolized many moral virtues such as truthfulness, kindness, reconciliation, righteousness and eternity. Corrupted by wealth and political power, the religious organizations represented by these famous structures obstruct and confuse the truth. The first stage of this sentence is his expulsion from heaven, the second is his confinement in the abyss and the last is his destruction in the lake of fire.
I needed His full approval, because he is the divine Clock Maker; I am only a student learning from him. Perhaps reading these books will cause you to also re-evaluate your spiritual priorities and change how you are living before God! To learn more about what happens when the Shekinah glory of God enters that new temple, read Chapter 9 in Apocalypse Prophesied.
Although he may rave about the virtues of free speech and democracy, he believes himself to be above the law and does not practice what he preaches. God has promised that the abomination of false religions will never be experienced on earth again. In heaven, they will praise God forever, and on earth they will direct God's plan for this earth.

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