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Kua Number is used to find the luckiest corner of your house where the flow of positive energy is maximum. For Determining the Kua Number for a MALE  you would need to take the single digit and subtract it from 10. For Determining the Kua Number for a FEMALE you would need to take the single digit and add it to 5.
After knowing these do you feel interesting to know about your Kua Number so that positive energy flows in your life? There are different interpretation of the Kua Number which involves further calculations like assigning groups and predicting. The Chinese Zodiac use symbols of animals and each of their Zodiac signs spans for almost a year.
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Choosing the type of car might be a piece of cake to most people but when coming to decide on the color of a car can be a headache. Based on personal feng shui, each person has a feng shui number that is based on gender and date of birth. So do not have to waste time on this argument any further, you both expected couple should keep eye on Chinese baby calendar or take various types of gender prediction test or gender prediction quiz.

It is assumed that these Chinese gender calendar was discovered some 700 years ago in the Royal Tomb which is placed near the city of Peking in China. Disclaimer: Although the Chinese gender predictor tools show a high level of accuracy, it is not a scientifically proven method to predict baby gender. TAP THE FULL POTENTIAL OF  HEAD NUMEROLOGIST PRO & UNLEASH NUMEROLOGY POWERORDER RIGHT NOW!
Knowing your Kua Number is essential because after knowing you can make necessary adjustments in your life and environment to be successful.
Mostly, most people simply go with their favorite color, while others will putting their logical thinking hat, brooding over selection of color choices by considering the various practical factors like the climate, dirt visibility, color that is easy to maintain. This number is being known as a “kua” number and it can be associated with a color. By choosing the correct color, the driver will experience better luck because the color is harmonized with that individual. During these phase every woman passes through the most beautiful experience in their lifetime. Among the different methods of gender prediction, Chinese pregnancy calendar is one of the ancient methods of predicting the unborn baby’s gender. Maximum Chinese people use baby gender prediction and assume that the original Chinese Pregnancy Calendar is 100% perfect. This theory needs and uses your date of birth to find out your Kua Number, which ranges from 1-9. Our application will not only help you to know about your Kua Number but also it will help you to know about your element sign, best time of the day, best health direction and many more.

But what if you still cannot make up your decision, then you can try using feng shui color. We all become interested to know whether it is the boy or girl when a woman is passing through the phase of pregnancy.
The mother is the only one who knows the need of their child since the baby is developed in the womb. But in the recent years the Chinese birth calendar is not only quite popular and essential among the Chinese but also for every expected couple to know the unborn baby’s gender. So if you are a believer in Feng Shui, you should definitely give it a try and know your personalized number and get an insight as how certain small changes in your life and environment can bring about positive changes.
Yes, you heard it right, Feng Shui – the same Chinese method that is used for improving homes and offices. You need to just enter the Date of birth of the Mother and the date of conception and give our baby gender predictor a try right now.
It can also be used for selecting car colors according to an individual’s own personal feng shui.

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