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At 8.39am today, when the New Moon became exact over Sydney and Melbourne, we entered the Year of the Horse in Chinese astrology.
Both Roosters who were destined to move house last year, were also fated to be involved with Julia Gillard – ‘someone who dazzles and is the centre of attention.’ She is of course, a well-known sports fan and supports the Western Bulldogs. The prediction you are about to read will last until February 19th 2015, the Year of the Goat. This year you will be given an escape route with your money, house, possessions, apartment, business and charity. You will be absorbed by a professional partnership this year which feels more like a marriage than the usual work relationship. You will focus on your house or apartment this year and go to great lengths to ensure that the renovations, garden improvements (or perhaps the new home) lasts forever. There is a happy ending for you this year, despite the rather testing obstacle course that takes you there. You can become a kind of superwoman this year, cultivating your patience, compassion and sense of humour so that by 2015 you have turned yourself into a high-functioning human being, to impress us all. You are in the best possible position in years to pre-empt any health or medical issues before they happen (and because of your actions, it’s likely they never will). This is one of the most important years of your life for your marriage or de facto relationship.
Sometimes you are given Chinese years which are the equivalent of a gym for the mind and spirit. The year 2014 demands Chinese Rat zodiac people to take positive decisions and to act with determination. Single people have to be patient this year and can look for better opportunities in future, according to the 2014 Chinese horoscope. Best way to eliminate any serious problems to your health is proper diet and regular exercise to keep fit. People in business or dealing with finances should be ready to face tough situations, tells the Chinese 2014 forecasts. Take the advice given in this Chinese astrology predictions for the Rat seriously and have a wonderful 2014!
So how did last year’s Chinese astrology predictions pan out for three very famous Australians, in the forecast which appeared at The Hoopla? Someone who dazzles, and is the centre of attention, will waste no time in making a big impact on the atmosphere.
One will help the other, but it is important to remember that what you are given is not real.
Of course it is also possible that if you are single you will fall heavily in love with your colleague, a member of staff or your boss.
You will either be keeping a very dark secret which even your closest confidante will not know about – or you will be firmly behind the scenes. Some Dogs are more concerned with their neighbourhood, state or country, as their home is their wider environment. The happy ending will involve a big secret that you are deliberately covering up from other people, that even your best friend does not know about. Look carefully at the options for your body this year, no matter if the issue is smoking, food, alcohol, your doctor, alternative therapy or fitness. It could be anything from an environmental campaign to the Sherlock Holmes Society but your Chinese horoscope suggests that these people are crucial to your destiny.
The training stays with you forever, because once you realise the great secret of life – that your state of mind defines how happy or comfortable you are – you never lose it. Married couples should devote more time to be together and nourish their relationship in spite of the pressing demands at work place.
You have to keep a strict watch on your personal spending as well as expenses by the family members. He didn’t move in, though – renovations weren’t finished – instead he took the keys to the Australian Federal Police college in Canberra.

You are the patient plodder of the zodiac who will reach the top of her mountain this year. All of you will need to compromise in order to make a new arrangement work, and it may happen more than once, if the final arrangement is not built to last.
In most cases, though, this year is about creating a duet with someone who is very different to you, yet is fated to chase ambitions with you. If the latter, don’t be surprised if you are asked to take up an invisible role where you get no credit or recognition, while others are the face of the situation. Alternatively, if you are less secretive than that, you could throw yourself into working very hard on a plan that you will never get any credit for.
You will quickly realise that the only way to handle a situation which never changes, is to change your own attitude towards it. On the most basic level there are issues about skin cancer prevention (especially in Australia) and of course, the mind-body-spirit connection which is often successfully handled by regimes like yoga and meditation. Your phone or internet bill may rise as there will be a non-stop flow of discussion and planning for most of 2014. Finally, some Rabbits prefer to put their lust for life into professional or charity partnerships, rather than conventional relationships. Perhaps you already have already made plans to improve yourself in February, as some Dragons will find the Year of the Horse begins with a bang in terms of their cosmetic surgery, weight loss, new glasses and so on.
This year you will discover this for yourself as you will be given 12 months to explore your attitude towards service and duty. Take steps to improve your fitness and endurance to prolong your life in the Year of the Green Wood Horse.
If you were born on the cusp of Chinese New Year (any date between January 21st and February 20th) you will need to double-check your sign. Try to avoid a power struggle at all costs as one friend in particular – probably part of the group – may be the kind of person who takes over. Enjoy the relief and release of this way out, financially or materially, but keep on reminding yourself that this is not a substitute for reality – it is only a holiday from reality and that is quite different. If you are already in a double-act at work then you will become sharply aware of the need to balance the scales between you this year and keep the see-saw level. An example of this might be directing a film with huge stars; nobody ever notices the director! Your daily working life, your housework, your regular charity commitment or your university schedule (depending on your lifestyle) offers a challenge. What you will discover first-hand is the importance of good communication as it keeps the community circulating as it should.
Try to keep your feet on the ground when it come to your personal brand or your appearance.
This also includes your service and duty to yourself as it goes beyond the workload you carry for other people. Make sure that the structure of the group prevents this from happening, and if you think there will be an issue later on, alter the rules now. You may be loaned a house full of furniture, or given an income stream that helps offset debts arising from a too-low salary. In many ways what you achieve with your partner professionally this year, is less important than the relationship itself. A good example of this might be fighting fracking, logging or mining in your part of the country. Of course there is more going on this year than just the secret, hidden or behind-the-scenes priorities. You can either take full advantage of a repetitive situation to use it as practise for becoming a better woman – or you can allow yourself to be negatively affected. You will be in a wonderful position to peer into the future and insure yourself against issues in 2015, 2016 and beyond. This is especially true in social media of course and Twitter (for example) may become absolutely central to what you are trying to achieve.

It is very important that you take a philosophical view about what unfolds from February (until February 2015) and accept the maxim, ‘This too shall pass.’ This applies to the wonderful highs as well as the tricky lows. It would be very easy to lose touch with reality and confuse other people – and also become rather confused yourself. This year is about examining the deeper connection between your mind, body and spirit and how the spiritual and mental affects the physical. If you get it right, then your power and control will actually increase as a result of your friend and this tribe of people. You could be let off the hook financially in all kinds of ways, yet the golden rule with this cycle is to ruthlessly organise your budget. It is rather like having ASIO at your beck and call telling you everything you ever wanted to know – it can be rather liberating. Your Chinese horoscope reveals that this is the most important thing, though, and you must be optimistic about what is to come. Rats are clever and as Chinese New Year begins you will already be putting together a plan designed to make you feel more comfortable, more accepting, more tolerant. Of course, some things may never happen, but it will make you feel far more secure to know that you have taken everything into account in your chosen field of employment and study and backed yourself up. You will network widely and could increase your social media connection by hundreds, or even thousands, if you wish. You will have some incredible moments with this person in your life, but bear in mind that what goes up, must come down. Don’t try to pretend to be someone you are not, unless you know what you are doing and the game has rules. All of this will manifest through the tiny details of your day-to-day existence and there will be plenty of time for soul-searching. There may have to be a time-share arrangement, or perhaps a carving up of the territory between you. If you ring-fence what you own, earn or owe so that it occupies a very special, part-time place in your affairs, then this holiday from reality will work beautifully for you and feel like a spa on a sunny day. You will also be deeply involved with a friend who is part of your group, or connected to it by six degrees. You may also want to create some strict boundaries for yourself about your use of cosmetic surgery (for example), publicists (if they are involved in your profession) or dieting.
Knowing yourself better and cultivating your acceptance, as well as your understanding, will give you the most incredible life skills which you simply could not buy; for life! If you are not spiritual you may decide to do something nobody else knows about, which gives you the room to move that you crave. By the end of the Year of the Horse in early 2015 you will be amazed at what has been achieved in the space of 12 months.
When you cannot change a rather stuck situation affecting your weight, health, medical care, fitness and so on, what do you do? You two have a very special connection and you may want to save the e-mails or letters for posterity this year. Even when you feel you have hit a low point with your former, current or potential partner you will already be on the way back up again!
Perhaps you want to create a milestone with the family in other ways – through a reunion perhaps. If an enemy or opponent matters more to you than anyone else in the world, please read all of the above in connection with this person.

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