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A pig will always appear to be withdrawn and may seem an introvert, but despite the shy nature, pigs are very supportive and loving individuals according to the horoscope. No matter, though, heart break is a rite of passage and the pigs are good at learning lessons they do not commit the same mistake twice. The snake and the Pig are simply indifferent to each other, while the Horse and pig combination may be far too casual for the good of them both. Rat Zodiac 2016Protector or harbinger of pestilence, the rat is such a fascinating zodiac animal.
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Chinese horoscope 2015 - chinese astrology 2015 - year , Chinese horoscope 2015 is year of the sheep. Horse chinese horoscope 2015 - horse chinese astrology, Horse chinese horoscope 2015 astrology will let you know everything about your future in year of the sheep in 2015.
Free 2015 sheep horoscope reading 2015 chinese , Find free 2015 sheep horoscope reading sign sheep significant events horoscopes chinese 2015 year wood sheep. 2015 chinese love horoscopes - tarot, The chinese year green wood sheep ( year goat) begins february 19, 2015, brings gifts love chinese sign..
Horoscope 2016-chinese astrology- horoscopes 2016, Forever horoscopes 2016-chinese horoscope year monkey-astrology predictions 2016-2017.
The funny thing about a zodiac rooster is that although they dress and act in a flashy manner deep down inside they are really very conservative creatures.
Some people condemn roosters because they draw too much attention with their clothing choice; but if given the chance a rooster can teach them a thing or two about compassion, wisdom and courage.
There are times when a rooster's straightforwardness can irritate people and cause friction.
Although practical, sharp and resourceful, a rooster's mind still has the tendency to wander about daydreaming. If you want intelligent children, the year of the rooster is a good choice to pick when planning to have children.
Roosters can be irritatingly bossy, so they are not very easy to live with; but if you can get past that then you will discover that a rooster can be caring, passionate and romantic. Associated with mischief, the Year of the Red Fire Monkey will be one of adventure, curiosity, and innovation. A person who was born in the year of the pig is very supportive and often opts to stay in the sidelines. A pig never lets people down; he or she conforms with social norms because he or she is afraid of being ostracized. If the situation calls for them to defend themselves, the pig can protect himself quite effectively.
Pigs are giving; but their partners should not abuse them because they might just throw in the towel and disappear. An ox and a pig alliance is sexually electric they will have to work on their mental and emotional relationship to get past the extreme physical attraction.

Before beginning a certain project, a pig evaluates and analyzes then chooses the option that maximizes time and result.
Regarded in both the negative and positive light, the year of rat may bringOx Zodiac 2016The majority of individuals born under the years mentioned above are quite intelligent, individualistic, stubborn and strong minded.
They put great stock on their appearance because they want to attract and not to repel people.
People born in the year of the rooster always look well turned out, not a hair out of place.
There are times when their daydreaming can cause discontent because reality is never as grand as an illusion.
Can you imagine what will happen if the rooster befriends someone without a sense of humor? Roosters are very critical; so as with friends, a rooster should not have a sensitive partner. The trend of steady growth and ethical leadership will be abandoned for excitement -- expect to see lots of drama in the public sphere throughout 2016! Get your custom 1-Year Ki Forecast now.Trickery is often associated with the Monkey year, so it's very important to get second and even third opinions about major moves. They have the tendency to reject what people are saying because they are overly confident of their own abilities. As with all things in his or her life, a rooster is always direct with his or her feelings. Don't hesitate to perform background checks on prospective employees and romantic partners. The only problem is that if the pig picks the wrong person then he or she may set him or her self up for heartache because they give full trust and love to the people they care about. Making acquaintances is not difficult because a rooster is both approachable and welcoming. Still, in spite of his or her arrogance, a rooster's friend knows that when in need a rooster will always rush to his aide.
There is no in-between, or just friends, it's always a matter of whether they like you or they don't. Anyone working in a technological or creative field is sure to benefit from this innovative energy. Find out if any complaints have been filed against doctors, lawyers, and contractors before enlisting their services.
More conservative industries like finance, real estate development, and manufacturing can suffer from fads, hasty decisions, and impulsive behavior, though. When in doubt, go with seasoned professionals who have a long history of excellent service. Undertaking a challenging course of study is strongly advised, especially for scholars who are passionate about their subject.Because it's a Red Fire year, this period will be characterized by drama, excitement, and showmanship.
Humorous books, movies, and television shows will prove wildly successful on the entertainment front.

Romance will be intense, passionate, and extreme -- it's easy to fall head over heels in love during a Red Fire year.
When it comes to dreams, playing it safe will not pay off in the Year of the Red Fire Monkey!Keep reading for your sign's Year of the Monkey Horoscope.Rat HoroscopeYou would do very well transitioning to a new career this year.
The Year of the Fire Monkey rewards Rats who pursue their heart's desire on the professional front. The Rat should be very protective of their health, taking care to rest frequently and drink lots of water.
Pay careful attention to your digestive system, though, avoiding rich food and excessive alcohol.
Finding a new job or moving into a more rewarding industry could happen for many members of this sign.
Lovable Rabbits will be even more popular than usual, making the rounds of parties and exclusive get-togethers. Your managerial skills will be much needed during the Year of the Red Fire Monkey; if any sign can make order of this chaotic time, it's yours.
An unexpected inheritance, tax refund, or legal settlement can also enrich your coffers in 2016.
Unemployed Snakes would be wise to donate time and resources to a volunteer organization in 2016.
If you want to start your own business, launch a new product, or provide an innovative service, go for it. Friends can lead to professional opportunities for you, too -- Monkey years are highly social for the Horse.
The Year of the Red Fire Monkey will confer professional success for creative, bold, and flexible Monkeys.
A quickly expanding social circle will keep you busy -- socializing, innovating and brainstorming with others can benefit you now. It's best to practice financial restraint during 2016 -- reducing expenses can be result in a handsome nest egg. Too much time on social media sites can be a waste of valuable time during this frivolous year, though.
Instead, you'll watch and wait for the perfect career opportunity and then pounce when the time is right.
Unemployed Dogs have a great chance of finding steady jobs that offer creative fulfillment.
Fortunately, it's easy for your charming sign to draw influential people into your social network. Professional prospects will stay strong for Pigs that establish themselves as team players.

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