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A security guard sits in front of a stage during the temple fair in Ditan Park, also known as the Temple of Earth, in Beijing February 9, 2013. For people who were born under this Chinese zodiac sign we cannot predict a very auspicious year or a year of bad fortune.""This sign is perceived as a bit negative. Perhaps because snakes like to be in the water or in the mud, people normally do not view it as a very auspicious sign. Another reason is that it has poison and can harm people," the fortune teller continued.Chinese Astrology on People Born in Year of SnakeTraditional Chinese astrology believes the presence of an individual born to the Snake zodiac sign, in any household, is an auspicious omen. The Chinese zodiac year - which extends up to 30 January, 2014 in this rotation - describes the Snake as a good omen; one reading is that it means nobody will ever go hungry.

Overall, people born in the Year of the Snake are considered lucky.In addition, Snake signed people are believed to be intelligent (but materialistic) and blessed with a graceful personality. Their materialistic nature also keeps them surrounded by luxury.Unfortunately, the ancient scrolls dictate bad news as far as the individual's health is concerned. The designated birthstones are jasper, topaz and bloodstone.The Legend of the SnakeChinese mythology considers the snake a powerful creature. However, like fire, it is also associated with the negative quality of burning when treated without respect.Snakes are also associated with karmic signs and Chinese astrology says that karmic problems are common among people born under this zodiac.
Therefore, people must try and strike a balance between their emotions and actions to avoid problems with Karma.Business ventures started by people of the Snake zodiac will usually be rewarded in the form of financial perks and recognition.

However, the fact such people often display a lack of concentration may lead to fatigue and job hopping.

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