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According to the Chinese Fortune Calendar, the Horse is a symbol of traveling and a sign of speedy success. In the Chinese Five Element theory, Horse is in the Fire group and is the strongest Fire animal in the 12 zodiacs. Here are some predictions for the 2014 Horse year that is based on your birth year (the Chinese zodiac signs).
Those born in Tiger, Horse, or Dogs years will enjoy a boost of cheerfulness that makes you quite popular. Those born in Ox, Snake, and Rooster years will use patience and determination to support a foundation for success.
You Tiger have a great year when you are physically fit, win the heart of the one you love, and have success at work a€” even a new career! This interpretation of the Susan Miller horoscope shows why she is a world leader in her field.
Pisces (Feb 19-March 20), your year begins with a lot of big work projects that have the potential to boost your career. Shimmy that shirt off your shoulders and thank Susan Miller for through these horoscopes and Uranus hasn’t done a thing.
Whether astrology Susan Miller, the world's leading astrologist, every year each individual sign has goals that are more worthy of pursuing than others.
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Horse is your strong allie so together you can make sweet music a€” and have a lot of fun in the process. After serious Snake year 2013 you Monkey have some catching up to do for more fun, creativity, and bringing the sparkling energy that only Monkey can provide.
You both possess creative minds, love good food, and are an innovative modern-day Renaissance man or woman. If you're a huge fan of Susan Miller, you'll want to see this story about how she predicted the best year of one writer's life. Free monthly horoscopes and free astrology predictions for the month ahead for all zodiac signs.
Bustle sat down with Miller, who gave us a run-down of what each sign should be focusing on in 2016. The Lunar New Year starts with the first new moon of each calendar year and ends on the full moon.
Therefore it is being said that people will have a busy schedule in pursuit of their goal in the year of Horse. If the element of Fire is favorable to the person, then the person should have a good fortune in 2014.
So enjoy the fast action of Horse year when things are out in the open, opportunities come and go fast, and Dragon has interesting opportunities on the international scene.
All the Dog values are championed this year: truth telling, swift justice, and fair but quick resolution to problems.
Anticipate a very lucky Horse year for you Pig a€” especially now that your nemesis Snake year is over.

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So many good things are bubbling up for you in May, you may be surprised at how well things go.
Elle Decor lists down the Home horoscopes of 2016 based from Susan Miller's in real estate in 2016 will be Gemini, hands down.
Dona€™t be a loner out of spite; join the Horse herd this year where you can emerge the leader!
Without written authorization from CDIC, such content shall not be republished or used in any form. Travel, explore, and take risks to bring it all home next year Sheep 2015 another very lucky year for you. Now is a very fortunate year to find love if single, for love to deepen if partnered, and for many romantic getaways. Phoenix is most compatible with another Phoenix (if they dona€™t peck and fight), an Ox, or Snake. In this Chinese astrology report you receive an in depth analysis of how you behave toward one another. There is a Chinese zodiac number that is given as well as a compatibility rating that gives you a percentage that grades your potential relationship.

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