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There are 12 zodiacal animal signs in Chinese calendar and people born under each animal sign have different characteristics and personalities. With affairs of the heart, the Ox can be naive, not fully comprehending the entrapments of love. Snake women are the original femme fatale, if she doesn’t have money and power she will marry into it, and won’t agonize over women’s rights. The Tiger and Dog are fellow idealists and will provide good relationships, the Rat is its exact opposite. The Dog, Tiger and Horse are united in their quest for idealism, you will find it hard to relax in the presence of the Dragon.
Stick with emotionally and artistically guided signs of the Rabbit and Sheep- beware the Snake!
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Those born in the year of the Chinese Sheep (also called Goat in Chinese Astrology) are creative. Non-Facebook Users You need to create an account at Facebook before you can register your "Like." Facebook is a fun and effective way to socialize and network online. According to Chinese astrology, the animal signs that are four years apart from each other are believed to be compatible but are incompatible if they are six years apart.

You can test your compatibility using the following Chinese zodiac compatibility chart below. They are not very materialistic, preferring to play with their imagination than with gadgets and toys. They tend to lack self-confidence and may pout when things don't work out they way they planned. They are often lucky financially and find ways to get their needs met no matter how tough the circumstances are.
They enjoy being part of a group, but they prefer to occupy the fringes rather than center stage.
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E tips Yearly Eco Calendar Events and Celebrations Worldwide Send a New Year Card to a Friend Recycle Ideas Remember Recycle That Christmas Tree Recycle - Donate Cards to St Judes Recycle Xmas Cards Make Crafts Make a Gift-Recycle Crafts What To Do With Outdated Calendars New Years Recycle Crafts All Holidays: For other holiday guides see the holiday page A resolution to color the world green Make a resolution to take Planetpals One-Green-Thing-A-Day Pledge. Make Your Home More Energy Efficient 12 Great Energy Saving Ideas That Won't Cost You a Penny! Originally, the New Year began with the first New Moon after the Vernal Equinox which is the first day of Spring, and lasted for eleven days. In general, Chinese year start from mid-Feb, so when you try to find out your zodiac sign, make sure you take this into consideration.

The first day of the year is observed on the first day of Muharram, the first month in the Islamic calendar. While some Islamic organizations prefer determining the new month (and hence the new year) dates by local sighting of the moon, most Islamic institutions and countries, including Saudi Arabia[21], follow astronomical calculations to determine future dates of the Islamic calendar.
The following dates on the Gregorian calendar correspond to the Islamic new year: The Islamic (Hijri) Calendar About Hindu New Year Diwali One important festival observed by many Hindus is the Festival of Diwali, or the Hindu New Year. Some people build an altar to Lakshmi and decorate it with symbols of prosperity, cars, homes, and fake money.
The festival is also known as the Day of Judgement, the Day of the Sounding of the Shofar, and the Day of Remembrance. Use yogurt cups New Year Noisemakers These are fun for preschool!
Paint them to match your holiday and use beans inside to make noise as well as paper punch.

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