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The Chinese Zodiac consists of a 12 years cycle, each year of which is named after a different animal that imparts distinct characteristics to its year. CZPL3 TIGER 1902 1914 1926 1938 1950 1962 1974 1986 1998 A fighting spirit-- aggressive and courageous.A sensitive deep thinker who is true bluewith friends.
CZPL4 RABBIT 1903 1915 1927 1939 1951 1963 1975 1987 1999 Luckiest of sighs-- talented and affectionate.yet shy. CZPL6 SNAKE 1905 1917 1929 1941 1953 1965 1977 1989 2001   Wise and intense, but vain. CZPL8 SHEEP 1907 1919 1931 1943 1955 1967 1979 1991 2003   Elegant and creative--best in arts. CZPL9MONKEY 1908 1920 1932 1944 1956 1968 1980 1992 2004 Very intelligent and able to influence people.Good politician.
CZPL10 ROOSTER 1909 1921 1933 1945 1957 1969 1981 1993 2005A pioneer spirit devoted to work and questafter knowledge. A close friend eventually opens up to you after a new hacksaw finally gets you through that pesky ribcage.

Opportunity knocks this afternoon, offering you a tantalizing proposition you simply can’t pass up.
The feelings of distance you are experiencing from a loved one will dissipate when a phone call causes them to get up from the table and walk over to the chair you’re sitting in. After months of business as usual, you will finally feel reborn at work when your boss slathers you in baby oil and pushes you through a small plastic tube into the waiting arms of Carol from Accounting. Your efforts to get people to follow you will finally come to fruition when you successfully start that conga line at the bank.
Chinese year - super teacher worksheets, Print chinese year zodiac calendar wheel, games, worksheets..
Printable chinese zodiac bookmarks, chinese year, Celebrate chinese year 2016 year monkey. Here's a complete set of Chinese zodiac bookmarks featuring each of the twelve animals and their typical characteristics. Use our fun Year of the Snake bookmarks to mark your reading book at Chinese New Year, or give as a little gift.

These fun little bookmarks are perfect to hand out to a classroom of children born in Year of the Snake! Here's a fun set of five printable bookmarks for Year of the Rooster, featuring typical characteristics of people born in that year according to Chinese astrology.
Unfortunately, when you let old lady Opportunity in, she turns out to be an undercover police officer and you’re arrested for soliciting. If you want them to finally hear things from your point of view, wiggle out of those restraints and remove that duct tape they’ve put over your mouth.

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