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Among all the animals, the goat had the closest relationship with human beings in ancient times. A material base was necessary for the ancient Chinese nation to become a civilized society and progress was first made with animal husbandry, solving the problem of hunger for the people due to the tamed goats.
With the eating habits of the ancient Chinese people changing from fish to goat, mutton fully represented the development of Chinese food, so the goat became very important to the ancient Chinese people.
After mastering the methods of taming wild animals, the ancient people had surplus food, featuring meat from the five domestic animals (horse, ox, goat, chicken, and pig) as the staple food, and mutton has been considered a healthy food since then. Not only did the goat serve as food for the ancient people, but it was also offered to God as one of the sacrificial objects. From the perspective of the ancient people, the Goat symbolizes goodness, and a small goat was used as a comparison to the noble qualities of the ancient scholar bureaucrats in an ancient poem from The Book of Odes, The Goat.

The ancient people usually hung goat heads on their door lintels at the beginning of the Spring Festival, and also sent goats to one another as gifts. Both fish and goats are suitable for cooking because neither of them have an odor when used in cooking, which was something the ancient people had learned in their daily lives. The ancient Chinese people learned the essence of seasoning when cooking the mutton soup by blending the five flavors perfectly as one; therefore, the attributes of delicious food and soup originated from the goat.
Chinese zodiac sign: goat - tarot, Get personality gentle goat sign chinese zodiac. Nowadays, it means making sacrifices for others, which fully symbolizes that the goat has made a great sacrifice for the progress of the Chinese nation. In this sense, the adoration for the taste sensation is the source of the aesthetic activities for human beings.

What's more, goats are inclined to be gregarious according to Origin of Chinese Characters, and so it is with human beings. Goats even served as the dowries for brides in ancient times, and it was said they would bring good luck to the couple. As a result, the ancient people's initial understanding for freshness started with fish and goats.

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