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The Chinese Zodiac differs from the more familiar Western Zodiac in that it is represented by 12 animals, who have nothing to do with constellations, and is a 12-year cycle.
Your annual 9 Star Ki predictions for the 7 Metal year of 2011 would involve Reversed Luoshu Axis as an important player in forecasting personal life progression and news events. You will note how, with the exception of the basic Magic Square of 5 Earth, each year, month or day, one of 9 Stars appears opposite its native Luoshu Palace, thus creating what we had baptized Reversed Luoshu Axis. To the left is the basic Luoshu for 5 Earth, to the right the annual Luoshu for the 7 Metal year of 2011. Besides more general guidelines concerning directionology used in 9 Star Ki or Chinese astrology and that would have you focus on the exact direction in which we find a Star or astrological sign, Reversed Luoshu Axis 2011 will affect associations pertaining annual Star 6 and annual Star 8 Earth.
If Star 6 represents a building, it may be a metal factory, a compound with heavy machinery, military compound, a governmental or judicial building with stature, a palace, hotel. Like always in your 9 Ki forecasting, you would note Luoshu for its more general Star and Palace associations, as well as for personal life progression. Note the 45 degrees Luoshu directions suggested by Reversed Luoshu Axis for year, month or day, meaning anything or anyone to align with or to move along Southeast-Northwest for 2011.
Consider general Star and Trigram associations pertaining the Luoshu Palaces involved, which would be the 4 Wood Luoshu Palace and the 6 Metal Luoshu Palace for 2011. Whilst your personal 9 Ki Stars might not in any way align with the Reversed Luoshu Axis for a year, month or day, but through any means you maintain connections with a person whos Star is on the Reversed Luoshu Axis, you may be tapping into Reversed Luoshu Axis nonetheless and this may by itself affect your own progression.
Reversed Luoshu Axis for a year may firstly affect the annual Stars involved, here Star 6 and Star 8 as they appear along the Southeast-Northwest axis for 2011, which gives a first sense of ousted leadership (6) through revolt (8). After we established the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis, we can read into more detail by screening monthly Luoshu. We will adjoin annual 7 Metal Luoshu and monthly 8 Earth Luoshu for February and November 2011. Monthly Star 7 Metal for finances visits annual Star 6 Metal for corporations in the 4 Wood Luoshu Palace. Monetary affairs may befall the car industry, whereas, where 7 Metal is also ship, the maritime industry in general may be involved, while the connection between annual Star 6 and monthly Star 7 would more precisely bode military vessels. Keeping with above Luoshu for February and November 2011, Star 7 natives and Star 9 natives would be affected by the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis, just by having their Stars step there for the month. We wouldn’t take any single Star for just its native attributes, without also incorporating accompanying Stars. With your Star on either the annual- or monthly Reversed Luoshu Axis, you may sense a general feel of unrest. Here are the months for 2011 with monthly Stars moving on the Southeast-Northwest Luoshu axis.
You may find the months according to the Chinese zodiac in use for Chinese astrology, noting how the start of a season always occurs around 9 Ki Stars 2,5 and 8, and Yin Tiger ? for February, Si Snake ? for May, Shen Monkey ? for August and Hai Pig ? for November. Directionology or not, we may just as well skip all that, if not your natural outlook in life was to already come into personal initiative, your being mobile and enterprising.

Also, it seems a bit odd each time seeing teachings saying that, so as in order to bypass negative influence, one should go on a trip or into initiative well prepared, switching on clear thinking, clear judgement, relying on one’s discriminative abilities, besides being fully rested and well nourished.
Heluo on 9 Ki and Chinese Astrology annual predictions 2011 – Part One While as it is you'd be in front of your television following news events, you may just as well sit with Magic Square in your lap to see 9 Ki relevance in the news. Heluo on 2014 annual predictions 9 Star Ki – 4 Wood year The year 2014 is 4 Wood in 9 Star Ki. Chinese Horoscope 2012 for SHEEP - Feng Shui Forecast.Yearly Goat Overview Chinese Horoscope from Yahoo!
Pandora is releasing an entirely new set of Chinese zodiac charms this year with the official launch date on January 25th in North America!
May cherry blossoms sprout near your home, pussy willows liven up your living space, and may you have a blessed new year. If not your personal 9 Ki Star appears on the annual axis, you may see when it steps there for a month. Reversed Luoshu Axis for the year is Southeast-Northwest.  We say that by Reversed Luoshu Axis, Southeast-Northwest magnetic directions may be ‘off’ for the year, not calibrated or whatever image will be helpful to you to better understand the dynamic. If Star 6 is sovereign, leadership or employer, cars and car industry, the military and military compounds, bullets and armed assaults, labor strike and elections, those will be the affected areas in 2011. It is almost safe to say that, if you see negotiations or voting announced concerning the car industry, that such would be failing, if only on first attempt. Here, for example, annual Star 6 will be affected differently when it is visited by Star 4, or Star 2, the moreso as it then finds a different month Star into opposite position each time. If we concentrate on the Reversed Luoshu Axis, we would see news concerning Annual Stars 6 and 8, monthly Stars 7 and 9. With the 4 Wood Palace for documents, contracts, tourism, transportation and aeronautics, this may give notable movements in related industries, whereas monthly Star 9 Fire, and besides it may cause a blaze on a building, may take things to exposure, so that media attention will be indicated.
If we stay with the 4 Wood Luoshu Palace, Star 7 being a ship, Star 6 cars, Star 9 representing a blaze, we may see a ferry on fire, or missiles being launched from ships.
For example, if we take a Star 7 native and we note that Star 7 appears opposite monthly Star 8 for buildings, we may say Star 7 is heading away from a building, moving into opposite direction of a building.
For example, if Star 8 is mountain, when it is accompanied by Star 9 Fire, this would bode a volcano. In such cases, you may read Luoshu for finer detail and have it tell you what events to expect, what people – if any – you would probably involve and perhaps get into disagreement with, so by anticipation, you could be taking due measures. According to the Chinese Solar calendar, both the year 2011 and March 2011 come as the Earthly Branch of Mao Rabbit ?. Given certain those general guidelines for directionology as put forward in such Asian systems as 9 Ki and Chinese astrology, by far the worst thing would be your decision not to travel. I should think, as it is – and provided person otherwise in possession of his physical, mental, emotional and spiritual capacities -, all this would be taken care of and to come before any at all directionology.
In this blog series, Heluo continues to share 9 Stars and Luoshu technique, for your detailed annual forecasting 2011.

We will here run you through some approaches as you follow news events in your media this year.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Moreover, monthly Star 9 to visit annual Star 8 may depict oil, oil industry, oil platform. At the same time, Star 7 connects to the 4 Wood Palace for contracts and aeronautics, so he may be on a plane trip, due to either his own business or if he is employed, finding a new occupation, a new assignment, but for which he would have to move away from a building, like in being dispatched.
If then your 9 Ki Star comes under influence of a dynamic such as with Reversed Luoshu Axis, you may still proceed as you would normally, i.e.
You may be looking at only four favorable months, but if you think about it, that's enough. Star 6 is in large corporations and it would cover cars and car industry, the military and military compounds, weapons and arms industry, explosion, armed assault. Star 8 is revolutionary and it can invoke uproar, in particular involving racism or ethnicity. However, all such events derive from combining Stars and Palaces, so that same events could occur with similar Star combinations but elsewhere in Luoshu. Matters be perhaps not going smoothly, because all this happens under instigation of the annual Reversed Luoshu Axis. We could have 8-6 for military compound, 8-1 for a swimming pool, a seaquake or even a tsunami, or 8-2 for a prison. As such, with progressions not working in your favor, you may feel you are being involved in matters otherwise uncharacteristic to you.
It can be very conservative, especially when it links to such Luoshu Palaces as the 6 Metal Palace. You may expand this for other months to see which personal 9 Ki Stars would be affected by Reversed Luoshu Axis.
You may suddenly find yourself engaged into matters, not of your own doing, but that you’d still be dealing with, for example, concerning your spouse, family members, or even third parties but that would impose events on you. With accent on the own culture, own ethics, it can invoke revolution and public clashes, so that we may see riots.
Other Star 8 associations are in mountain, mountainous area, earthquake, caves, scientific research, small stones, open gate.

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