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Promoting what is billed as his last major action movie, Jackie Chan is visiting the Toronto Film Festival as a part of their Asian Film Summit. Michael Lauck (author of wuxia inspired novel The Grand Tournament) was raised under the warm glow of 1970s television. Do you have an interesting thought, idea, or story related to Classic Kung Fu, would you like to share your insight of the genre with your fellow Fu fans? In the 1977 flm INVINCIBLE ARMOUR, Korean taekwondo expert Hwang Jang Lee played a role he is extremely well known for, the villainous "Master of the Iron Armour".

Have you contacted anyone about acquiring the rights to the Dolemite character or film yet? My name is Frank Edwards and I've been trying to get someone to back me in the remake of "Dolemite ". Thanks to influences like Star Trek, Kung Fu and especially Billy Jack, he grew up to be a martial arts instructor, magician, author and father without having to grow up. Follow the link below for all requirements and instructions for composing your Guest Post which will be published (upon approval) right here at Shaolin Chamber 36.

One of the best scenes in the film is when we see HJL sitting peacefully, before he proceeds in a solo practice session.
Even though this will supposedly be his last blockbuster action feature, Chan promises his fans that he will continue to make films.

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