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The Chinese Zodiac is based on a classification in which a twelve month period of time is symbolized by a particular animal. The predictive value of the system comes from the fact that people born in any year loosely exhibit the characteristics of the animal which symbolizes that particular year.
That’s why Team QEQ has been busy getting ready for our clients’ Vaisakhi activations at the Vancouver Vaisakhi Parade on Apr 16th, and the Surrey Vaisakhi Parade, on Apr 23rd!
So, that being said…How can your business market around Vaisakhi if they know nothing about it? There are some key cultural traditions surrounding Vaisakhi and understanding their significance could make your Vaisakhi campaign either wildly successful, or if ignored, could mean a campaign flop.
For instance, do you know why Vaisakhi is a very important cultural festival in the Sikh community?
This day holds great religious significance for Sikhs worldwide, who spend much time remembering the most important day in their religious calendar – the festival that celebrates the founding of the Sikh community or Khalsa. The two colours represent the spirit of rebirth and sacrifice of the Punj Pyare, or the Five Beloved Ones, who were prepared to give their lives for their faith. The colours also signify joy and celebration, because they represent the golden yellow wheat fields that are ready to be harvested. Vaisakhi also has special significance for the Hindu community, as it marks the beginning of their new year.
The client is hosting a booth on the parade route, so we have to scout the perfect location in both Surrey and Vancouver, along the established Vaisakhi parade paths. The booth locations usually come at no charge, but since they will be set up in front of houses and businesses, they need to be negotiated with the home owners or store owners.
We also need to train up our South Asian team members on our clients’ brand messaging and logistics. This is just a fraction of the list…and every year for the past 9 years, we’ve attended every Vaisakhi parade, rain or shine! Don’t be surprised if elderly members of the community use your tent for shade or your chairs for resting. IT’S A BIG PRODUCTION, much like a wedding, and you would never think of putting on a wedding with over 200,000 attendees without a wedding planner at your side!
When it comes to the conflict in Syria, you’ve probably heard some of the staggering and sobering numbers.
The situation can seem dismal, and the problems so widespread, that local Canadian businesses might be perplexed as to how they can help? Since the war in Syria began, massive amounts of refugees have sought homes in nations across the globe, in countries such as Canada. Yet the biggest hurdle to successful resettlement is not always the acquisition of the basic necessities such as clothing, housing or food. The tourism sector, because it is already set up to welcome and orient travellers to our city, could offer venue space to host community and networking events for refugees.
If you run a local tourism group, why not have a special day where local area merchants specifically welcome Syrian refugees?
But, if you’re worried about your bottom-line, or you’re afraid to lose out on regular business,why not offer a reduced rate to Syrian refugees, and their host families, on days you might see a natural slump in visitors? If you’re outside of the urban centre, why not host a special event to educate Syrian newcomers about what to do and what to see in your region?
Some people may think that refugees will take our jobs, drain our economy, that they’ll be unwilling to work hard, or will cost more to train.
You might also worry that their English or French language skills may be lacking and that you can’t employ them if they can’t speak your language.
If they are given opportunities to contribute, and if they are integrated quickly, our new neighbours will in fact add to the Canadian economy. Immigrants also have a long history of helping to grow the local economy, as they tend to be highly entrepreneurial and are about 30% more likely to start a business of their own. To learn more about what you can do, visit the Government of Canada site #WelcomeRefugees, for more info. Typically, seaweed soup is made of a type of seaweed called miyeok and eating miyeokguk is deeply rooted in Korean traditions. According to tradition, it is usually the family who cooks miyeokguk for the birthday boy or girl. If you really want to connect with today’s Millennials or Generation Z, forget being culturally relevant.
Royalty free clip art of an astrology digital collage of rat, ox, lion, rabbit, dragon and snake Chinese zodiac animal characters and symbols.

FILE TYPE OPTIONS: PNG, Transparent GIF, Medium and Large JPG images are available for Members. There are twelve different animals which have been chosen to characterize years hence the cycle repeats every twelve years. They are also incredibly principled people who take great pride in their integrity and consistency of behavior.
They live in big houses, like to ‘make it big’ in life and are large hearted as well! The street-smart Rat and the talkative Rooster complement the straightforward and silent Ox. You’ll see music, dancing, a riot of colour, and a multitude of traditional foods from the Punjab region, where this festival originates. It marks the time for the harvest of winter crops and is therefore extremely significant for those who grew up in the agricultural state of Punjab, India. The Punj Pyare were considered the first members of the new Sikh community, called the Khalsa. Since the Syrian civil war began, 320,000 people have been killed, including nearly 12,000 children.
You may think you have to sponsor a family or contribute large amounts of cash to make a dent in those stats, yet even small businesses can lend a hand, especially if you’re in the tourism industry.
Surely, refugees need practical help like resettlement services, training programs and language services? Our federal government, in fact, pledged to resettle 10,000 Syrian refugees (government-assisted or privately sponsored) over the next year. A successful outcome for these families often begins with easy access to information, resources, and to local communities that can help newcomers understand their new surroundings and their new cultural context.
This may help dispel some fear and reluctance on the part of some Canadians, as they get to know their new Syrian neighbours on a more personal level.
Personal and community sponsors would welcome the offer of a free venue, as this is often one of the larger expenses.
Once they arrive, they will be curious about their new home and will probably want to learn more about it.
Off-season is a perfect time to do this, when business and tourist levels naturally slow in B.C. Some of them might even be inspired to settle there, bringing with them an influx of talents, skills and much needed labour.
But, recall that those selected to come here are also provided with enhanced settlement services, which includes free language classes to help them integrate.
Over the next 20 years, it is projected that Syrian refugees will have contributed an estimated minimum of $563 million in local economic activity.
As these Syrian families grow, they will form their connections here, buy here and make their consumer decisions here.
They’re not all cakes and pastries, or the things Canadians typically associate with birthdays. But, if someone does not have family nearby, it usually falls to the friends to prepare the special dish. In fact, customers EXPECT corporations, large and small, to have their own unique point of view and why not take up a cause while also promoting your brand? The Chinese New Year does not fall on a specific date, so it is necessary to look up the calendar to find the specific date on which the year begins.
As per time-tested Chinese wisdom, these qualities are reflected in the people born in Ox years. Ambition and ideals go hand in hand for them as they slowly but surely go about achieving their goals. While this could be to their benefit there would be delicate situations where the stubborn behavior and dominant decision-making put them at a disadvantage. A happy marriage, a thriving household and close relationships with children are the joys that they seek and work for.
Since 2001, approximately one quarter million newcomers arrive in Canada looking for a better life: better career prospects for themselves and their children, a safe and stable environment to raise a family, freedom of choice and voice, and clean air.
And for Canada’s 455,000 Sikhs, today marks one of the most important cultural and religious festivals in their calendar and the official start of their New Year! Throughout the lower mainland, there will be local Vaisakhi events and QEQ is helping our clients connect with the South Asian community with customized Vaisakhi-themed campaigns! And we greatly enjoy bridging the gap between multicultural customers and local businesses!

But we already know that these resources are stretched to the limit with the care and intake of hundreds of immigrants who come into Canada every year. One thing refugees will lack, though, is the knowledge of where to go for this information and also the funds to sight-see and to explore.
Alert them to where they can shop, eat and access services they will require in the future.
And people who are facing desperate circumstances, and who are given the chance to work, will often be loyal and hard-working employees. By hiring a refugee, you can diversify your team’s language capabilities to service Arabic- speaking visitors. And as they gain employment, they will contribute tax dollars to public goods such as the judiciary, street lights, national defense and fire departments. They will become your best ‘word of mouth’, your local tourists and also act as tour guides for the next wave of newcomers and visitors. They would serve and then eat the meal with the birthday person, as that is also part of Korean tradition, and in my opinion, that is the best part. Why not combat child poverty when you buy a baby food brand, or help support women’s health issues when you frequent a chain of yoga studios? Please note: this image is protected by copyright law and may not be used without buying a license. They are not easily influenced by other people or their surroundings but have belief in their own ideology. Lack of communication skills can also lead to delays in career progression and development of relationships. Archaeology, Ornithology and Horticulture are also some of the areas where the Ox people can express themselves. And though many local businesses have pitched in and are already contributing free flights, free apartments and other necessities to the incoming Syrian refugees, other business sectors can help by doing things that large corporations and settlement services can not. According to Citizenship and Immigration Canada, 2,374 Syrian refugees have already been resettled in Canada between Jan. It would also help refugees connect with people in their local cultural communities and give them a sense of ‘home’ as they connect with Canada’s already vibrant immigrant population. You can learn about Syrian culture and perhaps tap into the refugee community that will one day be part of your local business. As well, they will act as proud Canadian ambassadors to the emerging Arabic-speaking market, and will tell the world how welcoming Canada can be. Chinese people celebrate their birthdays by eating noodles, and in Korea, people eat seaweed soup.
What is more loving and caring than preparing a special meal for someone, then sitting down with them to share a bowl or two? This will not only encourage Syrian newcomers to visit, but may also interest local ethnic communities. Or why not host a special tourism industry job fair for refugees and find a new way to connect to another emerging tourism market?
In ancient documents dating back to the Song Dynasty, there are several articles that document the serving of seaweed soup. You can feel the love in every spoonful of the seaweed soup and it brings happiness to everyone involved. What better way to show your consumers that you’re an organization who believes in equal employment opportunities? And once they learn more about your venue, established immigrants could be encouraged to bring their visiting families and friends from overseas – which could lead to increased business.
In every Goryeo (Korean dynasty), people enjoyed miyeok, independent of their social class. Before the end of February, 2016, it is expected that about 2,500 more of these individuals will settle in B.C, with the majority living in the Metro Vancouver area. One theory is that mothers usually ate miyeokguk after giving birth, as miyeok contains a high amount of calcium and iodine, nutrients that are important for nursing mothers. And this custom continued to this day, except now, they use the soup to celebrate birthdays as a way of acknowledging their mother’s struggle to bring them into the world.

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