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The best matches for a Sheep are individuals who were born in the Year of The Rabbit, The Year of The Horse or The Year of The Pig. The Chinese Zodiac is a classification in which a twelve month period of time is symbolized by a particular animal. The Chinese New year does not fall on a specific date, so it is necessary to look up the calendar to find the specific date on which the year begins.
As per ancient Chinese beliefs, people born in any year exhibit the characteristics of the animal which symbolizes that particular year. Also these people might appear to be soft but they never yield to anyone under any kind of pressure. In general, the Sheep are quiet, easy-going people who do not worry about money, luxuries or a high-end lifestyle. Their strengths, being a team player, calm intelligent, creative, and sensitive, allow them to pursue many different career paths with success.

Generally blessed with natural beauty and an eye for it, they succeed as models, actors, fashion designers, photographers and architects. Sheep people are thoughtful and diplomatic, so teaching, medicine and social work are viable career options. Being enigmatic and mystical, they expect their partners to read their expressions and body language which could be a tough job. But these minor irritants aside, almost any sign would do well to have the Sheep as their companion. Their imagination makes them good writers, directors, illustrators, editor, painters and sculptors. The patient pig, honest horse, charming rabbit, and seductive snake make especially good partners for the sheep. Being the 8th animal sign under Chinese astrology this is a lucky sign that brings prosperity and peace to all.

Infact, it is said that anyone born in the year of sheep might face difficulties but will always overcome those with the help of his friends. For even close friends, it is sometimes difficult to guess what the Sheep is really thinking! This single-mindedness is a very unique quality among them, as well as being patient and hardworking. This year would be an exciting year for those born in the year of the Sheep.The lucky colors for the sheep people are red, green and purple and their lucky flowers are carnation and primrose.

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