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According to Chinese Astrology 2014, on February 3, 2014 Year of the Wood Horse will begin. Individuals who are born under the sign of the Horse have distinct strengths and weaknesses. The Horse is generally characterized by incredible sex appeal, a desire to be seen and be part of the crowd.
The strengths of the Horse are that the person is judicious and farsighted in their actions. The weaknesses of the Horse are that this person is impatient, rebellious and is very confident and quite frankly most would consider them to be cocky. There are only five other signs with whom a Horse is compatible with a strong prospect of having a successful relationship. Ox: The Ox is not a social person which is in contrast to the Horse who likes to look good and be scene at various social outings. Tiger: The Horse and the Tiger are a good match, likely because the Horse is adept at making money and the Tiger can make money but is not focused on it. Rabbit: People of this astrological sign are usually good dressers and thus while they could be good friends with someone of the Horse that is the best that can happen. Dragon: The relationship between a person who is a Horse and a Dragon which initially be hot and passionate but it will eventually burn out like a shooting star. Snake: When a person born under the astrological sign of a Snake meets with a Horse they will be drawn to each other as if they were being pulled together by magnets.
Monkey: A person who is of this astrological sign usually will not get along with someone of the Horse. Rooster: A Horse and a Rooster can possibly have a productive relationship but one should beware because they have common defining characteristics for each astrological sign.
The Year of the Wood Horse represents an enhanced prospect of success for those who individuals of astrological signs which have positive relationships with those of the Horse astrological sign.
Those individuals who are born under the sign of the Horse will never lose their natural characteristics but their negatives will be lessened because of the presence of the Wood and thus the prospect of a successful relationship with these individuals is significantly increased. The year 2013 was not so good for me in finance,as I have been facing lot of problems in this sector,would be the 2014 a good year for me in resolving all my finance problems. I will try to update this blog as often as I possibly can with Chinese Zodiac facts I find from my research. Other Zodiac-Related Blogs: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 (I do not own these blogs, but they're worth looking at if not following. Though I don’t feel like keeping up this blog any longer, maybe someone else with much better Chinese astrology knowledge could take over the blog for me? AGLAB $10.00 based on a written pen-form of 'runes' (translation of Elvish Certar and Cirth), it was used by Dwarves to write their own secret tongue.
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CERTAR - $10.00 based on the more usual pen stroke form of 'runes', (translation of Elvish Certar and Cirth). The presence of Wood in the astrological sign of the Horse makes those individuals of this sign more rational and profound in their thoughts and more sensitive to others. The weaknesses, such as the inability to maintain relationships due in large part to their natural tendency to be impulsive are lessened because of the influence of Wood into their astrological signs which enhances the need to act with an enhanced sense of morality. These individuals are extremely talented and shrewd and have a restless and independent spirit.
The horse is extremely proud, hardworking and possesses exceptional skill in the management of money and in the generation of money. If you know someone that is a Horse you understand that they can be very selfish and this individual will not tolerate anyone trying to sway them by appealing to their conscience. The other seven signs should not hold out much hope of having a long-term personal relationship with the Horse. If the Ox and Horse meet they are unlikely to last for any period of time and they will eventually go their separate ways. Their personalities are similar as the Tiger is basically fearless while the Horse is overly confident.
Those who are Rabbits can be influenced by appeals to their conscious which is a tactic that those of the Horse personality wholeheartedly reject. There is a strong possibility that a relationship between people of these two signs will have a long term future. There is a better than average chance that a relationship can work but only if one of the parties is able to reign in their overly confident side which is possible but not something to count on. Your Goat colleagues are usually a little bit insecure, very romantic and not great at business which is basically the opposite of Horse personalities.
Those who are Monkeys usually are the center of attention and they achieve this through their outgoing personality. If a Horse and a Dog are able to meet then the likelihood of the relationship working are astronomically high.
The insertion of Wood into the Horse brings stability, sensitivity and improved measure of kindness and consideration to the actions and thoughts of those who are of the Horse sign.
First of all for half of the year we had a Court case hanging over us, although we were the innocent parties.
I’ve been busy trying to keep up with school, and have been trying to finish the zodiac fact templates in my spare time if I feel motivated. From Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphicsto modern zodiacs, Deniart fonts give you access to pictures that talk. The insertion of the Wood into the sign of the Horse helps the individual become more deliberate in their actions and take a more pensive approach to various situations that they face. The insertion of Wood into the astrological sign of the Horse also increases the need for them to act with more sensitivity concerning the feelings of other people. Horse Individuals will usually leave home at an early age and they are very high energy level and extremely motivated. This individual is also very accepting of others and despite being overly confident is very unassuming with regards to their display of love and affection. Interestingly, individuals under the Horse sign are deemed selfish but their efforts always help the larger group even though their focus is on themselves.
The personality characteristics of these two astrological signs does not equal a match made in heaven.
If you know of someone who is a Tiger and they can find someone who is of the Horse astrological sign take the time to match them up because they will get along fabulously.

This is a relationship that should only be pursued if you are absolutely certain that this is what you want or more importantly, need. The Dog is a giver and the Horse is generally a taker so that aspect of this relationship will work. However, if a Pig’s opinion of someone changes in a negative manner they will stop being loyal and giving. We had a dispute with eBay which went on for months, our financial situation has been disastrous and to end it all, husband had a bad fall and is still not fully recovered. Also keep in mind that being born under a specific animal zodiac does not always define who you are 100%. Unlike the Greek Zodiac, the Chinese Zodiac has five elements: water, earth, fire, wood and metal. Please note: this image is protected by copyright law and may not be used without buying a license.
The Horse likes to look spectacular at all times so if you have a friend or know someone who is born under the Chinese Horoscope of 2014 it’s very likely that they are extremely fashion conscious. Those individuals who are Horses are very independent and will trust their own intellect and work ethic to achieve success in life. The Horse loses interest in things very quickly which is no surprise considering how impatient this person can be.
People with these two signs should not attempt to get involved in a relationship as they do not fit well together. Thus, while people of these two astrological signs may have some similar traits that inspire confidence for long term compatibility the prospect of such a relationship is slim.
The Monkey can be considered selfish which is the same way that those of the Horse astrological sign are sometimes defined. The Horse is also good with money and enjoys being seen at social settings while the Dog is a good listener and does not particularly want to be in the focus at social gatherings. People who are Pigs are proud individuals who are independent and usually do not want assistance from anyone. I wonder will it be any better at year 2014 and is there a possibility in unionship in my relationship?
All humans are unique in their own way, and zodiacs in general can only be used as helpful guides for discovering who you really may be. So I would only trust my closest friends, whom I don’t really feel would want to worry about updating this blog for me. Ironically, one of the greatest weaknesses of the Horse is how they deal with people in heterosexual relationships.
As such, the fact that people of these two signs have such differences will lead to each other being a good balance for their partner. Similarly, people born under the astrological sign of the Horse are very independent and accustomed to relying on their own intellect, shrewdness and hard work to obtain their goals. When it comes to the prospect of love the Horse will abandon all sense of reason and responsibilities. It possible for a relationship between people of these two astrological signs to work and it likely would have a positive outcome. The Horse needs the feeling of love and intimacy and can be jealous of others so if your friend, relative or associate is born under this sign you can expect this to be the person’s greatest weakness.

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