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Body piercing in the unusual parts are getting popular and the anti-eyebrow piercing is one such body piercing. Eyebrow Piercing Show off your eyebrow piercings with our fantastic range of eyebrow piercing jewellery. The gel goes on wet but dries quickly to hold your look in place without any flaking or stiffening all day. When the piercing is done on the upper cheek in the area below the eyes, it is called anti-eyebrow piercing. 6mm is a popular length for all sorts of body piercings, so in this section you'll find a wide range of barbells, bananabells and labret studs.

You can wear all sorts of jewellery in your eyebrow piercing, including ball closure rings, barbells and curved barbells. As this area is very unusual for body piercing, if the placement is not done properly it would look bad thus going to an experienced professional is highly recommended. When measuring a bananabell, remember you need to measure the straight distance between the ends, not along the curved bar. For placing the initial jewelry in the proper place, the nerves and muscles of the area should be pinched and managed properly during piercing. The clamp is used for pinching or holding the muscle and the standard piercing needle is used to do the piercing.

As such it is a surface piercing but if proper care is taken and the placement of the jewelry is right then it could be a piercing which will remain there for long time.

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