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A powerful business name for a company can make it survive the competition and sustain itself in the market for more years.
Numerology of company names like Facebook, Apple, Google, Microsoft etc indicate their growth and market share.
28 indicates leadership, teamwork, huge success but also leads to controversies, legal issues, loneliness etc. Google leads the search engine market and also its products Chrome Browser, Youtube, Gmail and Andriod OS for mobiles are leaders in their respective markets. But Google is often criticized for monopoly of market and it has faced multiple court cases so far.
2 and 8 are enemies, so there will be some failures (like Orkut, Google Plus etc failing to takeover the social networking market).
They lack flexibilty to adapt, not withing reach of everyone but are good with what they do. Apple makes iphones, ipads, mac computers, ipods etc which come with their own hardware and software. However, their main product Windows (total sums up to 32) is still strong in the market and its success depends on version numbers. Andriod cannot be replaced from mobile market as number 24 (total 6) is the one who shows path and has dedicated followers. Similarly, YouTube (total 31) will remain the most popular video sharing site as number 31 is a showman.
One can apply Chaldean Numerology for names of any business to know reasons behind their long term success of failure.
Humility is one of those tests that the person or entity represented by the experts in the body and what your life purpose.

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