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They understand each other so well that there are rooms for confusions or misunderstandings. Libra man and Sagittarius woman share strong chemistry which makes them an ideal married couple. Take her out for dates often to keep adding new colors to your relation and keep enjoying your life as you both love to explore new things. The relationship between a Pisces male and Libra female is not very compatible but with mutual efforts and understanding, the duo can climb the ladder of a much stronger and stable bond of love. The compatibility of the relation between a Libra female and Pisces male depends on their mutual adjustments. I am Pisces male most of the things i read here so true pisces are lazy in actions while libras are quicker and need quick responses by pisces. We are not always dream land but sometimes we stop doing actions because we think and look at all four sides to make total peace.
My suggestion is to go to your pisces and tell him all ?? make him laugh, daily conversation too.
If you can deal with the mood swings of a Cancer woman then you have the potential to win her for life. Cancer woman is always looking for love and support from her partner and Libra man often fails to provide that comfort which ends up making this relation difficult to manage. Cancer woman is known for her mood swings which are very difficult to understand for anyone.
A Cancer woman is special is lots of ways which makes her attractive and men want her in their life.
If you like some Cancer woman but you are too confused about how to go ahead with it then this information can be of great help to you. It will be a challenging love match for you because of the evident personality and attitude difference.
Spend time with her and express your love to her so that she doesn’t feel unimportant part of your life. Cancer Libra Relationship CompatibilityLibra and Cancer have some similar traits and some big differences in their demeanor and needs.
Aries Libra Relationship CompatibilityLibra and Aries have a real difference in their personality, Libra has no problem looking at an issue or situation from all angles. Taurus Libra Relationship CompatibilityBoth the Libra and Taurus love peace and tranquility. Capricorn Libra Relationship CompatibilityLibra is a social person, and loves their life when they have interaction with people. Gemini Libra Relationship CompatibilityGemini and Libra have a wonderful mental relationship – kicking back on each other’s style, wit and intellect.
Leo Libra Relationship CompatibilityWhen it comes to the Libra and Leo relationship, this can be a loving one.
Libra Libra Relationship CompatibilityLibras tend to invest a good chunk of time and energy in their personal relationship, feeling incomplete without someone in their life to enjoy conversations and be affectionate with.
Pisces Libra Relationship CompatibilityBoth signs are great listeners; open to what others have to say.
Sagittarius Libra Relationship CompatibilityBoth signs are very friendly and outgoing, love to socialize and be with each other.
Scorpio Libra Relationship CompatibilityFor the majority of circumstances, Scorpio responds with a high amount of intensity; much more so than the Libra.
Virgo Libra Relationship CompatibilityLibra is the kind of sign that can talk for hours with their friends, listening to the things they have to say and accommodating to their way of thinking. Aquarius Libra Relationship CompatibilityThese signs are both extremely active, social creatures. Libra People PleaserLibra is the sign of balance, and in your efforts to keep your relationship compatibility balanced, you might wear your partner down by your natural tendency to “keep score.” You should be careful not to relinquish your power to your partner, only to resent feeling powerless the next moment. Cancer Libra Love MatchLibra and Cancer astrology signs in love: you are both very sensitive souls, and initially, this trait might make it seem like yours is a love match made in heaven. Aries Libra Love MatchLibra and Aries astrology signs in love: a true case of “opposites attract,” the attraction that exists between the two of you can very powerful, simply because each of you possesses what the other lacks. You tend to be clingy and dependent by nature, while your significant other is a go-getter when it comes to love. This very nature of yours can actually work well with your partner’s more intuitive and active persona because anyone who can compromise is a great complement to your personality. Taurus Libra Love MatchLibra and Taurus astrology signs in love: you both value balance, peace, and harmony.
Capricorn Libra Love MatchLibra and Capricorn astrology signs in love: Connection is a top priority to you both, and you are very committed lovers once you are in a love match partnership – only in very different ways. Your beloved appreciates how much you are committed to them, and this meets their need for security in an amorous entanglement. Gemini Libra Love MatchLibra and Gemini astrology signs in love: a lively love match where communication is not only a mutual value, it is effortless and flows like second nature. You may not like it that your soul mate is not as romantic as you are, and that they can be a bit too abrasive with their wit at times. Leo Libra Love MatchLibra and Leo astrology signs in love: you are two individuals who are in love with love! If your soul mate is not careful, you can start resenting this “inequality” to the detriment of your romantic relationship.
Libra Libra Love MatchLibra and Libra astrology signs in love: the pairing of two Libras is pleasing and harmonious at best, and unbalanced (your worst fear) at worst.
Not that either of you need a leader, as you will get by on mutual cooperation and accommodating to meet the other’s needs.
Pisces Libra Love MatchLibra and Pisces astrology signs in love: this is a love match combination requiring a fair share of adjustment from both parties, simply because your love natures are very different. Your soul mate is mostly guided by feelings in a romantic relationship while you operate on thought. Sagittarius Libra Love MatchLibra and Sagittarius astrology signs in love: considered to be an incompatible love match combination in astrology simply because this is the pairing of Fire (Sagittarius) and Air (Libra). There may be times when he or she may run over your feelings, but you are understanding enough to perceive that your other half is simply being enthusiastic and not bad-hearted. Scorpio Libra Love MatchLibra and Scorpio astrology signs in love: you value commitment, and so does your partner. However, your significant other can still find you quite puzzling, and you may come across as shallow based on how you focus more on superficial togetherness compared to intimacy. Virgo Libra Love MatchLibra and Virgo astrology signs in love: you both share a liking for harmony and balance and this can be one of the main differences between Air (Libra) and Earth (Virgo), another is your contrasting life styles, which can often be the root for misunderstandings in your love match. Since loyalty very important to your significant other, he or she will appreciate your commitment – another common value you share. Aquarius Libra Love MatchLibra and Aquarius astrology signs in love: Both of you place high importance on the exchange of ideas with each other. You are both very cooperative in a romantic union, and this trait strengthens that partnership as well as the respect you have for each other. Romantic LibraThis astrology sign is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and therefore they are blessed with loving and romantic nature and are considered to be the most romance loving among all zodiac signs. The association of Libra man and Aries woman is a combination of Air and Fire which makes them poles apart.
Marriage between these two sun signs can work out if they can make some compromises against their style.
Learn to make decisions as Aries woman want you to decide on your own and not go by her likings all the time. The couple truly compliments each other and feels contented and comfortable in each other’s company because there is lots of love and romance which makes both of them happy. Show her that you love her because at times due to your casual approach she may feel insecure. They do share a beautiful understanding which surely helps them make their relationship stronger and healthier. They both are blessed with a beautiful chemistry which involves intimate romance and tender expressions of love. To all those pisces male and libra female I tell you what just patch up again if you have 1 remaining chance and libra female should work hard to stick pisces male into reality. We can be world’s apart but one thing we have in common is how much we love each other and how willing we are to make anything work.
Libra man and Cancer woman are way too different from each other but they find it so natural and easy to fall in love with each other. Both these zodiac signs are very different in their personality, style and viewpoints because of which they often find it difficult to strike a balance. Libra man looks forward for a lavish and extravagant life which is not favored by the Cancer woman as she likes it simple. Both signs are extremely considerate and thoughtful; always are of other people’s feelings and needs. When their employment doesn’t consist of communication with other people, they can become unfulfilled. Both the Libra and Gemini have a thing for social activities, and they often interact with others and take part in cultural events and conversations. However, they don’t like competitive topics or behaviors that ensure a point gets across or gets fair treatment.
Many times the Sagittarius provides that little extra to the relationship with its over the top dreams, ideas, etc.
They don’t tend to judge others and will carefully think about what other people are saying. You are definitely a people pleaser, and you have a tendency to be accused of adapting your manner or personality just to fit with the object of your affection, but only because you are sensitive – too sensitive, in fact – to the needs of others. But at a closer look, your love styles are significantly different and this difference can readily be a source of contention over time. Your beloved has a tendency to build tough walls around his or herself, while to you, communication is critical in feeling fulfilled in your romantic relationship. Your partner’s direct and aggressive approach to your love match carries the hope of simplifying the things that you tend to overcomplicate, as you can be quite indecisive.
Your indecisiveness can be a bone of contention in your liaison because your soul mate is not patient enough to wait you to take the time you need to decide. You are naturally inclined to see where your alliance might need some adjustment, and you are the more flexible and willing to compromise between the two of you, which your other half will appreciate. If both of you can get past your differences in expressing love, you will find that the importance you both place unity is a very binding one.
Your partner exudes an air of quiet confidence and competence, and you find this attractive.

The fabulous conversations you will share with each other will make you feel like kindred spirits.
Your lover, on the other hand, may wonder why you want to spend more time together more often than they think is needed.
You, Libra, get a kick out of romance and enjoy all of the trappings a romantic encounter brings, and so it is with your other half. You might also find your partner too intense to your liking, while they might find you a tad too intellectual and flighty for them. It is known after all that Libras work very hard to attain balance in their environment and love match. You will have very stimulating and interesting conversations whilst in a romantic relationship, no doubt. One thing you have in common, though, is that both of you are caring and gentle individuals, and these similar qualities can boost your romance. Your partner’s first move is to seek space and solitude as you work things out, while your first thought in the event of an issue is to talk things through.
Much enthusiasm and positive energy is generated in this pairing, but you may find your partner disconcerting at times due to their freedom-loving ways.
On the other hand, your indecision and tendency to weigh all sides of an issue before making a decision may baffle your soul mate, because they are the “act now, think later” type.
You both love the idea of being together, but your ideas of a love match are quite different! Your partner is also a thinker like you are, but you are more given to sharing flights of fancy while he or she is more conservative and is interested in more practical ideas. This quality alone is enough to establish a lot of common ground in your love match pairing. More than other zodiac signs, yours, Libra, can easily understand and appreciate your other half’s aloofness and air of indifference. For you, Libra, a love match is fundamental to a fulfilled existence, and you put considerable effort into supporting your partner’s individuality. There is a mutual attraction and chemistry which brings them close despite being very different from each other. One sign balances what the other lacks thereby making this association balancing and comforting.
They are quite opposite to each other and that’s the reason they are able to fall for each other naturally. Aries woman can also make efforts to resolve a fight as she has that outgoing nature which supports her and Libra man will surely respond in his style. Aries woman is very different from other lot of woman in her actions, thinking and processing so respect her for her uniqueness. So take her out for rafting, jogging or rock climbing and she will surely notice your intentions. She may at times feel that he is not bothered about her or the relation because of his causal and easy going nature and he may also get annoyed with her sharp words.
For him it is all about emotional involvement which doesn’t demand too much of expressions. When a Pisces man gets physically involved with a Libra woman, he feels the power of the strong connection which strengthens them on physical as well as emotional and spiritual levels.
My boyfriend and I have been together for about 5 months now, and are budding into something beautiful. The sensitivity and caring nature of Cancer woman gets her the attention and love of Libra man. Chances are quite bright that in the beginning of the relationship they may feel that they are the best match for each other because of the attraction towards each other. She doesn’t think like masses because she uses her instinct more than her head when it comes to taking a decision.
This relationship is almost always pleasant, and because of the qualities emanating from it, people are often drawn to the couple. Both love to give and receive gifts and will do whatever they can to make the other person they are with happy. And, the kind of work they are involved with tends to put them into contact with all kinds of folks. Due to your natural ability to see things from other people’s point of view, it is very easy for you to lose your identity in a partnership. Your Cancer partner express their affections in a very personal and caring manner, while you, Libra, are more cerebral and may be too impersonal for your other half’s taste at times. So when you try and press your significant other for this feedback, their instinct is to withdraw, frustrating you even more. Your other half’s direct approach is a stark contrast to your more intellectual and passive approach to love, and this excites you. Also, being the impulsive individual that your true love is, he or she doesn’t always listen to reason. While you take an intellectual approach to love by thinking and talking a lot about your partnership, your lover is more earthy and practical. You are more concerned with equality and are often preoccupied weighing tons of pros and cons. Your flexibility helps your rapturous relationship be more harmonious as well, and it will do your lover good to recognize this.
Not only do you like talking with each other, you also treat each other with great respect. As Gemini and Libra are both Air signs, there isn’t much jealousy or possessiveness in your partnership, and you tend to not make decisions very easily or form practical and mutual goals. But your differences start showing the moment you see that you are more concerned about togetherness, while your partner is more concerned about himself or herself as an individual. The key to mutual happiness in your partnership is to enjoy the excitement that results from your mutual love for romance, and avoid getting into a pattern where you are always running after your beloved in order to make him or her happy.
You both value communication and feedback, so much so that both of you are willing to give each other just these things! Not that these issues are insurmountable, especially when you are aware of each other’s unique needs, values, and love styles in a romantic attachment. Not because you are possessive, but you may find that you have to adjust your way of thinking in order to understand your lover better.
However, these differences don’t mean that you can’t have a blast with each other – when you are together, good conversations will probably ensue, and other shared interests can definitely strengthen your love match relationship.
You are more interested in companionship and outward expressions of togetherness, while your lover wants all of you – not only your presence, but your whole heart and soul.
Although they may bring an intense energy to your relationship, he or she must realize that the lively and luminous energy you bring is also a good thing. You might think that your other half is a skeptic when it comes to love, which can irritate you at times, because it doesn’t always agree with your positive and idealistic view of a romantic relationship. But there will be times when your counterpart can feel insecure due to your people-oriented and sociable ways. On the other hand, they value peace and equality – something which you strongly agree with as well. Togetherness is very important for you to the point of always wanting to be with them at all times, that your other half might find you too clingy and dependent to their liking. There are also some very strong differences because of influence of Mars and Venus on Aries and Libra respectively, for which both the partners will have to make some compromises to attain better compatibility.
This love match can work well because both these sun signs balance each other because of their differences. Though she may be very quick with it but if needed, she doesn’t mind giving it enough thought. She will always motivate him to excel in his career and he will always find solace in her arms. But nothing is going to last long as they both share a great frequency which will help them get over every fight and confusion. The sparkling smile of Sagittarius woman and her free attitude allures her man every time he sees her. So you need to be able to plan interesting outings to show her new places, try new cuisines and watching recent releases can be a perfect way of winning her heart.
We always joke about me being the one who comes up with choices for things but I ask him to make the final decisions so that part is very true. There is more than one serious difference between the two personalities but if they can manage to deal with these differences by accepting them, only then they can enjoy a more comfortable and harmonious life together.
But once they get married, the introvert nature of Cancer woman and social liking of Libra man may start to clash. The easy going attitude of Libra man upsets Cancer woman and annoys her to the unimaginative extremes. Be ready to deal with her mood swings because sometimes even she may not know the reasons for it. Aries doesn’t like hearing what others have to say about something, often sticking to one side of an argument or issue. There are instances where Libra feels Capricorn could be a little less serious and fun to be around.
They’re always trying to please the people in their life because they have a desire to be liked.
Fortunately, you are very good at tuning in on his or her likes and dislikes, and may even change your approach in order to keep your partnership as peaceful as possible.
However, you might be able to coax them out of their shell with your sheer charm, and that is a good thing. Your romance may be more memorable if it is a short-term affair compared to a long-term relationship, because the very differences that initially attracted you to each other can become the very issues that will creep up on your partnership over time. Aries is an intuitive Fire sign, and he or she doesn’t mind making a wrong decision because for them, messes can be cleaned up later. The best move to make for the sake of your unity is for both of you to be more open-minded towards each other and be willing to learn until you find the balance in your opposite natures. Earth signs (Taurus included) see this intellectual approach as a lack of sincerity or downright disloyalty in your romantic relationship, because your partner is much more interested in tangible expressions of love and likes to stick with what works. Money-wise, you will probably agree on where money is spent, as you are mutually committed to making your shared love match balanced, comfortable, and beautiful.
While your partner is just as equally concerned about your relationship as you are, he or she is a lot more reserved when it comes to expressing himself or herself romantically, so you might find yourself wanting in the department of romance.
In turn, you should acknowledge how stable and dependable they are, and appreciate the security that comes from this constancy. They appreciates the fact that you are very willing to accommodate and compromise for him or her.

It can be all too easy for your counterpart to take advantage of you in this aspect, but you must make them realize that you have needs too, and will not hang around for a love match alliance that is one-sided.
But the common trait that will be a downside to your romance is your mutual ambivalence and indecisiveness, which can run on an endless loop and lead to a lack of direction in your partnership as time goes by.
Money-wise, you might also have difficulty curbing your spending because you both have very refined tastes. Being under the element of Air, you take on a more intellectual and reasonable approach while your Pisces lover, being a Water sign, take the emotional and instinctive route when it comes to handling issues and finding solutions to partnership problems. You may find yourselves making frequent adjustments in order to accommodate each other, but a healthy dose of love and understanding will make this love match go a long way. You work hard at finding common ground and strongly believe in fairness and equality in a romance. This basic differences between you two may attract you to each other, and at the same time, be the very same source for the difficulties you may encounter as time goes by. On the other hand, you have an air of detachment, and your soul mate might interpret your charming manner as a lack of sincerity.
But this is not to say that you won’t need to make adjustments: your Aquarius partner is more inclined to place friendships over relationships, but not you. As both of you are very reasonable individuals, this can result in a very reasonable bonding.
However, this deep need for a romantic relationship makes you an exceptionally companionable partner. He always has ideas and I’m the one who tries to get him to make them actually happen. Libra man looks forward for a romantic sex whereas Cancer woman wants it to more interesting and fiery. She is thoroughly loyal towards her relationship and madly admires her partner which makes her partner look her back.
Libra and Cancer have some differences between them, Libra is a rational person, usually objective and fair. You are very good at feeling your partner out and will quickly sense that he or she is more sensitive than most. But you, Libra, as an Air sign, value intellectual reasoning, probably more than any other zodiac sign.
You are a hopeless romantic and fall for eloquent expressions of love, but to your Capricorn other half, practical expressions of love are more important.
While you have completely different love styles, cultivating and practicing respect on both sides will go a long way towards compatibility in this love match. But overtime, things will start tallying up in your mind, when you sense that the love match is becoming one-sided. Also, as both of you like compromising for the happiness of the other, it may be hard to determine which of you is leading this alliance somewhere.
Both of you are diplomatic by nature, but must be wary and must not be afraid to confront issues when they have to be confronted. But your partner is a firm believer in the unfairness of life, and will not do much about it because he or she accepts it as a fact. However, both of you are very willing and able to make concessions and adjustments for the sake of your union.
Of course, there will be conflicts along the way, but your willingness to talk through things and be open to solutions will be of great help in smoothing out any rough edges in your love match liaison. When they are deeply in love with each other, their marriages work out the best and if they are facing some marital discord then that also reaches to other extremes. Though Libra man would love to surrender his choices for happiness of Aries woman but she will always want him to be more decisive. She loves to be dominating and that’s just another way of expressing her love and affection.
They share lots of similar interests but there also have difference of opinions which each one respects. Romance, love and sex brings out the best in both the couples making them stronger lovers which don’t let the romance in their bedroom die or become blatant.
So talk to her and impress her by telling your passions and weave your knowledge into what you say.
This may not be the best love association but it can surely be made more interesting and warm. Ego clashes and disagreements will become a part of life when both sun signs will try to interfere in each other’s creative expressions. She is very protective and particular about her belongings, be it her relationships or possessions. Flaunt your amazing sense of humor to make her laugh as loves men with interesting sense of humor. Cancer, however, is emotional and bases their actions on personal loyalties and sympathies. Taurus is more involved with their work, hobbies and interests, and doesn’t want to take part in the social settings Libra loves. Libra can see all kinds of alternatives, and because of that, both signs have an issue with making up their minds about things.
Both Libras have a desire for things to be pleasant, and when it comes to pleasing the partner, the Libras don’t mind altering their preferences or positions.
Sagittarius may try talking the Libra into things that Libra should really question instead of just accepting.
Libra tends to take a balanced approach to life whereas the Scorpio becomes focused intensely on things; a fanatical for some. There is a risk for both of you to compromise your own needs so as to avoid hurting each others feelings, thereby maintaining the status quo. When you are able to concentrate on developing these strengths within your love match, you will be thrilled at how extraordinarily supported and cared for you are, and your soul mate will appreciate how willing you are to compromise and accommodate their needs. On the other hand, your Gemini partner is not so specific in who they share their need for stimuli with. Aside from these apparent problems, you definitely understand each other a lot, share the same needs, and are able to fulfill each other’s expectations.
While finding common ground may not be that easy, your commitment to your love match can prove to be your greatest strength. When you learn to appreciate each other’s different manners of expression, you can enjoy very stimulating conversations. Compromise is second nature to you, and your ideal soul mate is someone who appreciates your willingness to accommodate their needs and not take advantage of this trait.
He is controlled a lot by the society he moves in as he is totally a social being but she is not that social and doesn’t get influenced by what the society thinks. As much i know, hey libras If you stick your pisces male with reality, Jokes & happy atmosphere. The future of the relation between these two sun signs depends on their compatibility which is not very strong. While raising their kids, these differences may get out of control if both partners don’t reach to a solution. And most importantly she is very particular and practical about every single penny she spends.
Capricorn will contribute to the relationship, making sure there is a secure plan for the future for themselves, their spouse and children. Libra loves to talk whereas Pisces sits back to soak ideas in and think about them before they offer their thoughts.
And because you both enjoy communicating in romantic relationships, there is a tendency for you to compete over who should talk and who should listen. Because you both value togetherness and do not mind being together all the time, your similarities can lay the groundwork for a powerful love bond.
Your soul mate is fascinated by your charms while you may be intrigued by how intense they are in all aspects of his or her life, because Scorpios are notoriously mysterious. Your mutual flexibility and willingness to compromise can make all the difference to your love match despite having dissimilar personalities. Both signs regarded aesthetics as being important but the style to settle on can cause disagreements.
Leo is often seen as the stronger of the two sign with a power balance that’s a bit lopsided. When it comes to justice and equal rights, Libra is the type to demand it, looking to right wrongs.
Virgo may see Libra as being wishy-washy whereas Libra sees the Virgo has having not tolerance at all. They both enjoy soothing episodes of love making wherein they enjoy warm hugs, passionate kisses along with intense physical chemistry. Libras females like to go outside all the time and want to friendship with everyone but please be sure not to talk with males as a close friend it will hurt pisces alot inside and they may go in dreams again which cause problem and change in behavior which you may be not like it. This includes making sure that responsibilities like work don’t become so prodigious to them. Libra’s got a sense of equality, and when it seems Leo always wants to be on top, they’ll protest.
Pisces is the sign to feel compassion and sympathy even toward the people who have been found guilty.
If a relationship between these signs is to work, they must have some appreciation for each other. Both signs live within their minds, and want a partner who is mentally alive; someone they feel they can connect with on an intellectual level.
Both Libras place value on beauty, and much of the talk between them center on style and taste. They always have a deeply satisfying sexual encounter which makes them feel stronger about their association. She keeps making efforts to create equilibrium in the relationship by balancing his dream world with her practical world. When they are able to build a strong understanding, their love dominates their relationship thereby filling their lives with the melody of love which lasts for life.

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