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The Chinese believe each animal sign is most compatible with signs that are four and eight years apart, and least compatible with the sign that is three, six, and nine years apart.
As you can see the zodiac compatibility picture above, the differences of ages in four, eight and twelve years apart put themselves into a Triangle of Affinity.
The first triangle (see the blue triangle) is made up of the positive doers: the Rat, Monkey and Dragon. The second triangle (see the red triangle) consists of the most steadfast and purposeful signs: the Snake, Rooster and Ox.
The fourth and last triangle (see yellow triangle) is formed by the emotionally guided signs of the Sheep, Boar and the Rabbit. Besides zodiac compatibility there is also a circle of conflict, that is where all animal signs are arranged in the circle according to their order and the signs directly opposite each other as ilustrated in the wheel above are in direct conflict and will make the most incompatible matches.
If you are interested in the chinese zodiac, in this article, we are going to talk about the compatibility of the animals which belong to this astral group, and this case, the difference from this zodiac and the astrology, which is mainly presented by how good the animals behave with each other and some human characteristics that they have and present in the companionship of the other compatible animal, as well as what kind of things they can achieve together. Remember, the Chinese zodiac is divided into animals (rat, tiger, ox, cock, dragon, buffalo, rabbit, horse, snake, monkey, goat, dog, rooster and pig) and all of them are divided into years, each year is a different animal and like I was saying, when they are together, they represent a lot of human characteristics, for instance, the first group is the dragon, the rat and the monkey. This group is very organized, the dragon understands both, the rat’s intelligence and the monkey cunningness, besides, it is the balance between them because of its self confidence, however, the monkey need the rat’s intelligence as well as the rat’s need of them, in order to achieve important goals in life. Buffalo, Cock and snake are deep thinkers, many will say there is a tension and game of power to find out who’s the best, however, buffalo, which is strong, can have the snake’s diplomacy, the Cock wants to have buffalo strength and snake’s instincts and snake desires for buffalo strength. The last 2 groups are goat, cat and pig and the Dog, tiger and horse, both of them loving, alike in behaviour and very supportive with each other. Esta entrada se publico en Sin categoria y esta etiquetada con Chinese Zodiac en 15 enero, 2014 por zodiac.
Chinese Zodiac is based on a 12-year lunar cycle, and each year is represented by an animal.
Solid as its structure is the ox represents a steadfast personality and a goal oriented individual. The symbol of the snake represents a charming and seductive character that has an introverted nature. The rooster represents a highly practical character that is observant of his surroundings and likes to analyze things accordingly. Loyalty, honesty and faithfulness are the key qualities found in the character that the zodiac sign of the dog represents. Based on this concept, a circle can be drawn with all signs, locating the Triangle of Affinity and the Circle of Conflict.

Signs that form a triangle as shown in the zodiac compatibility make the best and most enduring unions. Dutiful and dedicated fighters, these three strive to achieve great heights and conquered by their unfailing determination and constancy. These three seek to serve humanity, heighten communications and promote universal understanding. Thus, we find that the Rat will encounter his biggest clashes with those who born in the year of the Horse as well as the other way around.
People born in a certain animal year are believed to have a set of attributes of that particular animal.
Discover the characteristics of the twelve animals that make up the Chinese zodiac signs.The twelve animals that make up the collection of the Chinese zodiac signs are well known around the world. Individuals born in the year of the rat are considered to be clever and cunning while possessing a good sense of humor. Hard working as they are people born in the year of the ox can also be stubborn and tend to be introversive. Individuals born in the year of the tiger are as charming as the animal is while possessing a strong ambition and the courage to back that up. People born in the year of this powerful mythical animal are warm hearted and full of charisma.
Although unorganized in nature they possess a lot of creativity and are sensitive to their surroundings.
Full of energy and an upbeat attitude there is no stopping the monkey people once they get going.
Generally, they are known to be very helpful towards their friends but things can get real ugly if provoked. Being made for personal contact, they will develop solid bonds with their fellow human beings.
These people are intuitive, expressive, compassionate and eloquent in artistic and aesthetic ways. An important use of Chinese Zodiac is to determine if two people are compatible, in a romantic relationship or any kind of relationship. Most of us are however only able to identify the animals rather than knowing what exactly they stand for. At the same time they tend to be egotistic and possess a natural tendency to become leaders.

They are also known to have a strong intuitive spirit which sometimes takes precedence over their brains. They love to be intimate and roam the earth but at the same time they are known to be impatient and unsteady. Individuals born in the year of the goat require a lot of love and support from their acquaintances.
Although they are believed to be good listeners they can be big time heart breakers as well.
Short-tempered and restless when hindered or unoccupied, these three signs are ruled by ambition and dynamic energy.
If compared to any other lunar signs, these three are more diplomatic and have calmer natures. Signs that do not appear directly opposite each other and are not found together within the Triangles of Affinity of zodiac compatibility will be compatible in varying degrees.
In ancient times people were faithful to Chinese Zodiac compatibility and often referred to it before a romantic relationship began.
Self-starters, they will initiate action, clear their paths of hesitation and uncertainty and forge fearlessly ahead.
They give little credence to hearsay evidence and depend only on their own assessment of facts and figures.
Dependent on others for leadership and stimulation, they are very flexible because these people are sympatheticaly tuned in to the vibrations of their environment. These three will invariably seek each other out and can intermingle and intermarry most successfully. They provide their own counsel and inspire other people to action by their aggressive and high-spirited personalities.
Energetic, extrovert and defiant against injustice and adversity, they will get along fabulously. These three animals will share the same basic philosophies and provide each other with wonderful company.

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