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XP Power announces the BCS series of industrial supplies aimed at a broad range of applications that use battery backup to maintain equipment operation during a mains failure. In the event of a power loss on the AC input, the battery charging output switches to an input from the battery source providing a power source to the load. XP Power announces the EPL225 series of high-efficiency, up to 95%, open-frame AC-DC power supplies approved for industrial, IT and medical applications.

With the new MTQZ series MINMAX launches a family of high performance, convection cooled dc-dc converter modules designed to meet  the rigorous standards required for railway applications. Power Supply Vintage Dependable Repair, Pioneer Magnetics Switching Power Supplies, AC to DC Converters, Power Converters Conversion, Power Regulators, Contract Assembly, Value-Added Manufacturing,Prototyping, Out-source, Power Supplies Repair Services, Electromechanical Design.
Protection features of the BCS series include battery overload, reverse polarity, output overvoltage, and output short-circuit that prevent damage to the load, the external batteries and the power supply itself.

Customers send units back to PMI for the usual replacement of fan motors, electrolytic capacitors, etc.

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