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Ever Wondered how much a Formula One car cost and what cost teams have to incur to keep their car competitive with other teams and do it on course of the season ?
The most high profile car racing in motorSport is Formula 1 and there is alot of money involved all around to host a grand prix to putting cars on the track. Before we get into the cost of Formula 1 car components, you should know that component cost is just the fraction of total budget a team spend on building a competitive Formula 1 car. So all the research and developments stuff has to go through alot of construction and testing before the hit the actual car and that needs time and time is money in this sport.
So above is the raw components needed to build a Formula 1 team, but like we mentioned earlier this is the fraction of a cost which Formula 1 spend to put their two cars on the circuit for a full season. Pirreli supply tyres to F1 car and one tyre can cost a team around $650 so its kind of hard to know exactly how much tyres a car (or a team of 2 cars) end up using in a season.
Team engineers are paid highly competitve wages to keep them with the f1 teams, than there are crew members who are in the pits before, during and after the race.
Some of the big teams in Formula 1 spend more than $300 million every year on the cost of cars, car engineers and research & development units to get that half second advantage over rivals.

Huge amount of money is spent on R&D by ever team and car manufacturer, while there are many high profile automotive engineers working for the teams plus the race crew and of course the drivers salaries which range from $7million a year to $25 million a year. Most of the engineers work over time preseason and during the season to gain that half second in lap time (they are also paid more than average salary).
Teams like Ferrari, Mercedez and McLaren has their own engine or they get it from Honda which keep their engine cost lower than the other teams (Customer teams) who end up buying engines from big car manufacturers.
Than there is fuel cost where on average a single F1 team with two cars consume around 200,000 litre of petrol so that set a team back for around $450,000 a year. A mechanic’s fireproof suit cost around $500 and there are usualy 16 crew and mechanic in the put. Like Caterham had 9 trucks in 2014 season and their main bespoke race trucks cost team around $1.5million on the other hand Ferrari has their own two bespoke race trucks which cost in the region of 3 to 4 million. I believe that this new model will become Dacia City in Europe although all European media specialists make us believe that Dacia will be a model city will use Many of the songs from the Logan Sandero current or duster.
Regarding Bajaj`s ULC,I have doubts that Renault will do the design development work with 100% of it’s potential in the current scenario.

As you all know, Renault is badly hit by the recent slowdown in market, so they are trying to freeze theire projects in India and some other countries.
Bajaj,in first quarter, will be more focussed on its KTM bikes which they are targetting to send to dealers by June.
But, after observing their progress on KTM I think it will be difficult for them to meet this deadline.We can not see KTM bikes before Aug. Now, after taking a quick overview of management and financial situation of Bajaj and Renault, its obvious that for Bajajs to realise their dream of producing low cost car is still far away.

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