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Craftsman, lawn mower, riding mower, yard tractor, rear bag, tractor attachment, side bag, mowing, yard maintenance to order a free manual for a Craftsman lawnmower you will need to know the model number. The Briggs Stratton Platinum series engines are found on the Craftsman Rear Bag Key Start Rear Propelled Lawn Mower and the Craftsman Zero Turn Riding Mower. Page: 1Owner's Manual CRAFTSMAN A° ROTARY LAWN MOWER 700 Series Briggs & Stratton Engine Electric Start Power - Propelled , 22 " Multi - Cut Model No . Click on the manuals tab and put in your Try running it with the gas cap loose and see if it does alright. As a Shop Your Way Rewards customer you earn Points when you buy the things you want and need.
Find craftsman lawn mower user manuals, instructions, and free solutions to your product Owner's. One is the drive belt that View Photos I got this craftsman riding lawn mower from my neighbor and the belt was gone. After you buy, come back and tell us how great your lawn looks by writing your own riding mower need to replace drive belt in craftsman riding lawn mower, model # 247.27022 Add a link Add an image Add up to 3 images and 3 links here. Compare Prices on Craftsman briggs stratton hp Lawn Mowers Tractors top brands such as I own a Craftsman Briggs and Stratton 158cc push lawn mower.
Craftsman 190cc 21 Lawn Garden lawn mowers [ No matter the terrain or yard task, Craftsman has you covered. If you want to search this text, hold control and F, and type the word you are looking for.
The When it comes to maintaining your lawnmower, there is much important information you can find in your Craftsman lawn tractor manual.
Residential lawn tractors and lawn mowers now come with features once reserved for commercial machines. We stock the lawn mower Belt routing for Craftsman riding mower Problem with Craftsman 42 in.
Craftsman DYT4000 Flywheel Fan Cover Rotating Screen off Briggs 18.5hp Engine Craftsman Lawnmowers.
Archive all your Repairing a Craftsman lawn mower is something you can Always look through the owner's manual How to Repair a Sears Craftsman Lawn Mower. Is there a diagram Compare Prices on Riding mower belts Lawn Mowers Tractors top CRAFTSMAN 48" CUT RIDING LAWN MOWER DECK BELT # 174368.
A Powerful Tight Turn Lawn Mower In You need your mower’s model number to order parts and service from Sears or an authorized Sears’s repair service. Read reviews, find lowest discount prices on Briggs and identification tag on your Sears Craftsman self-propelled or push lawn mower. Sears Craftsman lawn mowers are Craftsman Rotary Lawn Mower – manual, informations, problems solutions. Back Cov 2 - YEAR FULL WARRANTY ON CRAFTSMAN LAWN MOWER If this Craftsman Lawn Mower fails due to manufacturer defects in material or workmanship within two years from the date of purchase , return it to any Sears store , Parts & Repair Center or other Craftsman outlet for free repair ( or replacement if repair proves impossible ) . This warranty applies for only 90 days from the date of purchase if this Lawn Mower is ever used for commercial or rental purposes . This warranty does not cover : a?? Expendable items that become worn during normal use , such as rotary mower blades , blade adapters , belts , air cleaners and spark plug . Repairs necessary because of operator abuse or negligence , including bent crackshafts and the failure to assemble , operate or maintain this Lawn Mower according to all supplied product instructions .
This warranty gives you specific legal rights , and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state . Failure to observe the following safety instructions could result in serious injury or death . Always wear safety goggles or safety glasses with side shields when operating a?? Read , understand , and follow all mower . SLOPE OPERATION familiar with the controls and the proper Slopes are a major factor related to slip & use of the machine before starting . DO NOT : a?? Do not operate the mower when bare - a?? Do not trim near drop - offs , ditches or foot or wearing open sandals .
CHILDREN a?? Never direct discharged material toward Tragic accidents can occur if the operator anyone . Material Children are often attracted to the machine may richochet back toward the opera - and the mowing activity . Only use accessories ap - a?? Before and while walking backwards , proved by the manufacturer .
3 Page: 4a?? Never fill containers inside a vehicle , on a?? Keep nuts and bolts , especially blade a truck or trailer bed with a plastic liner . Wrap the blade ( s ) or wear gloves , and Never make adjustments or repairs with use extra caution when servicing them .
Disconnect a?? Do not change the engine governor set - the spark plug wire , and keep the wire ting or overspeed the engine .
If a spark arrester is used , it should be maintained in effective working order by the operator .
In the state of California the above is required by law ( Section 4442 of the California Public Resources Code ) .
A spark arrester for the muffler is available through your nearest Sears Parts & Repair Center ( See the REPAIR PARTS section of this manual ) . 4 Page: 5Repair Protection Agreements Congratulations on making a smart pur - a?? Fast help by phone - phone sup - chase .
Your new Craftsman A® product is port from a Sears representative on designed and manufactured for years of products requiring in - home repair , plus dependable operation .
That's when having a Repair Protec - simple phone call is all that it takes for you tion Agreement can save you money and to schedule service . Purchase a Repair Protection Agreement Sears has over 12,000 professional repair now and protect yourself from unexpected specialists , who have access to over 4.5 hassle and expense .
That's the kind of professionalism you can Here's what's included in the Agreement : count on to help prolong the life of your a?? Expert service by our 12,000 profe - new purchase for years to come . Sears Installation Service a?? Discount of 10 % from regular price of service and service - related parts not For Sears professional installation of home covered by the agreement ; also , 10 % appliances , garage door openers , water off regular price of preventive mainte - heaters , and other major home items , in nance check .
LAWN MOWER PERFORMANCE CLIPPING DEFLECTORS FOR STABILIZER CANS REAR DISCHARGE GAS LAWN MOWERS GRASS CATCHERS GRASS CATCHERS FOR FOR REAR DISCHARGE SIDE DISCHARGE LAWN MOWERS LAWN MOWERS LAWN MOWER MAINTENANCE MUFFLERS AIR FILTERS SPARK PLUGS BELTS BLADES BLADE ADAPTERS WHEELS ENGINE OIL 5 Page: 6Read these instructions and this manual in 2 . Remove protective padding , raise up - its entirety before you attempt to assemble per handle section into place on lower or operate your new lawn mower . Remove handle padding holding IMPORTANT : This lawn mower is shipped operator presence control bar to upper handle .
Refer to " AD - JUST HANDLE " in the Service and Adjust - Your new lawn mower has been assem - ments section of this manual .
To ensure safe and proper POSITI operation of your lawn mower , all parts control bar - _ b _ and hardware you assemble must be tight - ened securely . Remove all packing materials except padding between upper and lower handle and padding holding operator Handle presence control bar to upper handle . Roll lawn mower out of carton and check carton thoroughly for additional Knob loose parts . Bolt NOW TO SET UP YOUR MOWER TO UNFOLD HANDLE IMPORTANT : Unfold handle carefully so as not to pinch or damage control cables . Put grass catcher frame into grass bag NOTE : Your battery must be charged with rigid part of bag on the bottom . Leave battery charger connected for 24 hours before starting your engine for the first time .
After charging , disconnect harness connector ( female ) from battery char - ger connector ( male ) . At the end of the mowing season the battery should be charged for 48 hours to , _ otect the battery during winter storage .
CAUTION : Always disconnect the harness connector to prevent accidental Frame Vinyl starting when transporting or storing your bindings opening lawn mower after the season . Battery Harness connector ( female ) gertor connec ( male ) Battery box TO INSTALL ATTACHMENTS Your lawn mower was shipped ready to be used as a mulcher .
To convert mower to bagging or discharging , see " TO CON - VERT MOWER " in the Operation section of this manual . 7 Page: 8KNOW YOUR LAWN MOWER READ THIS OWNER'S MANUAL AND ALL SAFETY RULES BEFORE OPERATING YOUR LAWN MOWER . Compare the illustrations with your lawn mower to familiarize yourself with the location of various controls and adjustments .
MEETS CPSC SAFETY REQUIREMENTS Sears rotary walk - behind power lawn mowers conform to the safety standards of the American National Standards Institute and the U . Drive control lever - used to engage Auxiliary starter handle - used for start - 8 power - propelled forward motion of mower . Turn unit off and disconnect spark plug ating your lawn mower or performing any wire from spark plug . Rotate turnbuckle on drive control to standard safety glasses orwide vision safety mask worn over spectacles . If condition fails to improve after the ENGINE SPEED above steps ( forward speed remains Engine speed was set at the factory for the same ) , your drive belt is worn and optimum performance . ENGINE ZONE CONTROL _ ILCAUTION : Federal regulations require an engine control to be installed on rthisisk lawn mower in order to minimize the of blade contact injury .
Do not under any circumstances attempt to defeat the Adjustment function of the operator control . TO ADJUST CUTTING HEIGHT a?? Your lawn mower is equipped with an Raise wheels for low cut and lower wheels operator presence control bar which for high cut , adjust cutting height to suit requires the operator to be spositionedtart behind the lawn mower handle to your requirements . Forward motion will stop when either TO LOWER MOWER the operator presence control bar or drive control lever are released .
Hold operator presence control bar down Plate against handle to continue mowing without self - propelling . NOTE : If after releasing the drive control the mower will not roll backwards , push the mower forward slightly to disengage drive wheels . Operator presence control bar Drive control TO lever ENGAGE DRIVE LEVER DRIVE CONTROL FORWARD CONTROL DISENGAGED 9 TO RAISE MOWER Page: 10TO CONVERT MOWER I \ \ Your lawn mower was shipped ready to be used as a mulcher . To convert to bagging or discharging : REAR BAGGING a?? Lift rear door of the lawn mower and Unlock place the grass catcher frame hooks latch onto the grass bag brackets .
ACAUTION : Do not run your lawn mow - a?? Open mulcher door and install dis - er without rear door closed or approved charge deflector under door as shown . Never attempt to a?? Mower is now ready for discharging operate the lawn mower with the rear door operation . Remove grass catcher with clippings nol ) can attract moisture which leads to from under lawn mower handle . Empty the gas tank , start Grass the engine and let it run until the fuel lines catcher and carburetor are empty .

Never use engine or carburetor cleaner products in the fuel tank or permanent damage may occur . Engine oil cap Bag handle BEFORE STARTING ENGINE ADD OIL Your lawnmower is shipped without oil in the engine . For type and grade of oil to Gasoline use , see " ENGINE " in the Maintenance filler cap section of this manual .
A CAUTION : DO NOT overfill engine with oil , or it will smoke heavily from the muffler on startup .
You receive a container of oil with the a?? To stop engine , release operator pres - unit .
TO START ENGINE due to residual oil in engine from the manufacturers 100 % quality testing .
You may a?? To start engine , hold operator upresencern need to change the oil more often control bar down to the handle and t under dusty , dirty conditions . CHANGE ENGINE OIL " in the Maint IMPORTANT : Do not crank engine moreach nance section of this manual .
Use fresh , clean , regular hold operator presence control bar unleaded gasoline with a minimum of down to the handle and pull starter 87 octane . Always mower over the area a second mulch with your highest engine ( blade ) a?? For extremely heavy cutting , reduce the speed as this will provide the best recut - width of cut by overlapping previously ting action of the blades . At this time the grass has become filled with dirt and dust use dried , yet the newly cut area will not be and catchers wil ! If the lawn is overgrown it This will help engine air flow and extend will be necessary to raise the height of engine life . For extremely heavy grass , reduce your width of cut by overlapping previously cut path and mow slowly . LUBRICATION CHART GENERAL RECOMMENDATIONS The warranty on this lawn mower does not ( _ Wheel cover items that have been subjected to adjuster ( on operator abuse or negligence . At least once a season , check to see if ( _ Mulcher you should make any of the adjustments door hinge described in the Service and Adjustments pin section of this manual .
Viscous lubricants will LUBRICATION attract dust and dirt thatwill shorten the life of Keep unit well lubricated the self - lubricating bearings . Install the blade bolt with the lock LAWN MOWER washer and hardened washer into Always observe safety rules when per - blade adapter and crankshaft .
Use block of wood between blade and TIRES lawn mower housing and tighten the a?? Keep tires free of gasoline , oil , or insect blade bolt , turning clockwise .
If bolt needs replacing , replace only with DRIVE WHEELS approved bolt shown in the Repair Parts Check rear drive wheels each time before section of this manual .
Trailing edge A CAUTION : Use only a replacement blade approved by the manufacturer of your mower . Using a blade not approved Blade adapter by the manufacturer of your mower is haz - ardous , could damage your mower and Hardened Debris shield washer void your warranty . Disconnect spark plug wire from spark Blade Blade bolt plug and place wire where it cannot TO SHARPEN BLADE come in contact with plug . Make blade - but if you do , be sure blade is bal - sure air filter and carburetor are up . The lobes of the center hole may NOTE : Remove the blade adapter and appear to be centered , but are not . Be sure key in adapter and crank - blade moves downward , sharpen the shaft keyway are aligned ; and that drive heavy end until the blade is balanced .
IMPORTANT : To ensure proper assembly , Center hole center hole in blade must align with star on blade adapter . GEAR CASE a?? To keep your drive system working properly , the gear case and area around the drive should be kept clean and free of trash build - up . Wipe off any spilled oil from lawn time the lubricant needs attention is if mower or side of engine . Continue adding small amounts of oil , LUBRICATION rechecking the dipstick until oil level Use only high quality detergent oil rated withhe settles at FULL .
Select t engine will smoke heavily from the oil's SAE viscosity grade according to your muffler on startup .
F - 20 0 30 32 40 60 80 100 C - 30 - 20 - 10 0 110 20 30 40 AIR FILTER TEMPERATURE RANGE ANTICIPATED BEFORE NEXT OIL CHANGE Your engine will not run properly and may NOTE : Although multi - viscosity oils be damaged by using a dirty air filter .
TO CLEAN AIR FILTER level more frequently to avoid possible engine damage from running low on oil . Check the crankcase oil level before , _ CAUTION : Petroleum solvents , such starting the engine and after each five ( 5 ) as kerosene , are not to be used to clean hours of continuous use .
Install cartridge , then replace cover oil , empty fuel tank by running engine until making sure the tabs are aligned with fuel tank is empty . IMPORTANT : Be sure the garden hose is Cartridge not routed under the lawn mower housing or entangled in the wheels . If no leaks are present , start engine ( as Cover described in the Operation section of Cover tab this manual ) and let engine run until the MUFFLER underside of the lawn mower is clean . Replace spark plug at the beginning of CAUTION : Do not remove hose from each mowing season or after every 100 fitting while engine is running . CLEANING IMPORTANT : For best performance , keep Hose mower housing free of built - grass and trash .
WATER WASHOUT FEATURE Your lawn mower is equipped with a fitting that allows quick and easy cleaning of the underside of the housing . Disconnect spark plug wire from spark plug and place wire where it cannot come in contact with plug . See " TO ADJUST CUTTING HEIGHT " in NOTE : Always use factory approved belt the Operation section of this manual . Behe The rear deflector , attached between the rear sure the new drive belt is inside t wheels of your mower , is provided to minimize tabs of the gearcase belt keeper . Position the blade adapter on the en - of the rear of the mower into the operator gine crankshaft . If the deflector becomes and crankshaft keyway are aligned ; damaged , it should be replaced .
While holding handle assembly , remove knob and carriage bolt from opposite side , align hole in handle with Gearcase desired hole in handle bracket and belt keeper reassemble bolt and knob and tighten Rear Belt securely . Do not attempt to increase engine speed IMPORTANT : Never tamper with the or it may result in personal injury .
If you engine governor , which is factory set for believe that engine is running too fast or proper engine speed . Overspeeding too slow , take your mower to a Sears or the engine above the factory high speed other qualified service center for repair setting can be dangerous . If your equipment and experience to make any engine does not operate properly due necessary adjustments . Immediately prepare your lawn mower for storage at the end of the season or if the unit will not be used for 30 days or more . LAWN MOWER When lawn mower is to be stored for a MOWING Operator POSITION period of time , clean it thoroughly , remove control bar all dirt , grease , leaves , etc . Clean entire lawn mower ( See " CLEANING " in the Maintenance sec - tion of this manual ) . Loosen the two ( 2 ) handle knobs on sides of the upper handle and allow Handle handle to fold down to the rear . Remove the two ( 2 ) handle knobs and carriage bolts on sides of the lower handle and pivot entire handle assembly forward Knob and allow it to rest on mower . IMPORTANT : When folding the handle for storage or transportation , be sure to fold the handle as shown or you may dam - age the control cables . Pour one ounce ( 29 ml ) of oil through IMPORTANT : It is important to prevent spark plug hole into cylinder . Pull starter handle slowly a few times system parts such as carburetor , fuel filter , to distribute oil .
NOTE : Fuel stabilizer is an acceptable alternative in minimizing the formation of Do not use plastic . Add breathe , which allows condensation to stabilizer to gasoline in fuel tank or stor - form and will cause your unit to rust . Always follow the mix ratio IMPORTANT : Never cover mower while found on stabilizer container . Do not empty the gas tank and building where fumes may reach an open carburetor if using fuel stabilizer . TROUBLESHOOTING = See appropriate section in manual unless directed to a Sears Parts & Repair Center . 19 Page: 20TROUBLESHOOTING = See appropriate section in manual unless directed to a Sears Parts & Repair Center . Si esta Segadora Ilega a ser utilizada con fines comerciales o arrendada , la presente garantia tendra vigencia por s61o 90 dias a partir de la fecha de compra . La presente garantia no cubre : a?? Aquellas piezas fungibles que se desgastan por el uso normal , tales como las cuchillas rotatorias de la cortadora , los adaptadores de las cuchillas , las correas , los filtros de aire y las bujias . La presente garantia se aplicara solamente en tanto el articulo sea usado en los Estados Unidos . Esta garantia le otorga a usted derechos legales especificos ; puede que usted tenga , ademas , otros derechos , los cuales varian de estado a estado . Si no se observan las instrucciones de seguridad siguientes se pueden producir lesiones graves o la muerte . Para evitar quemaduras severas , permanezca _ I , ADVERTENCIA : Los bornes , terminales y lejos de estas areas . OPERACION a?? Siempre use gafas de seguridad o anteojos con protecci6n lateral cuando opere la sega - a?? Antes de empezar , debe familiarizarse dora . OPERACION SOBRE LAS CUESTAS aparecen en la maquina yen los manuales Los accidentes ocurren con mas frecuencia en de operaci6n .
Estos accidentes ocurren debido a a?? No ponga las manos o los pies cerca o resbaladas o caidas , las cuales pueden resultar debajo de las partes rotatorias . Si se a?? Permita que solamente las personas re - siente inseguro en una cuesta , no la recorte . Proceda con extrema precauci6n cuando que pueden ser recogidos y lanzados por las cambie de direcci6n en las cuestas . NO HACER : a?? No tire de la segadora hacia atras a menos a?? No recorte cerca de pendientes , zanjas o que sea absolutamente necesario . El operador puede perder la siempre hacia abajo y hacia detras antes y tracci6n en los pies o el equilibrio .
Evitar descargar material en la tracci6n de la pisada puede causar contra paredes o barreras .
NINOS a?? No opere la segadora sin los respectivos Se pueden producir accidentes tragicos si el resguardos , las placas , el recogedor de operador no presta atenci6n a la presencia cesped u otros aditamentos dise ados para de los nifios . Nunca suponga que los nifios van a para el funcionamiento e instalaci6n de permanecer en el mismo lugar donde los vio accesorios .

La gasolina es extremamente inflamable y Desconectar el mecanismo de propulsi6n los vapores son explosivos . Si el equipo empezara a vibrar de una a?? Nunca quitar el tap6n de la gasolina o afiadir manera anormal , pare el motor y revise de carburante con el motor en marcha . General - que el motor se enfrie antes de repostar la mente la vibraci6n suele indicar que existe gasolina . 22 Page: 23a?? Nunca repostar la maquina al interior de un * Mantenga las tuercas y los pernos , espe - local .
No usar un dispositivo de que pueden exponer las partes en mov - cierre - apertura de la tobera . Colocar el tapdn de la gasolina y * Las cuchillas de la segadora estan afiladas apretar de modo seguro . Cubrir las hojas o Ilevar guantes , y utilizar precauciones especialeslas cuando se efectQa mantenimiento sobre V . Desconecte el seguridad e instrucciones , cuando sea cable de la bujia , y mantengalo a cierta necesario . Si se usa un amortiguador de chispas , el operador debe mantenerlo en condiciones de trabajo eficientes .
En el estado de California , la ley exige Io anterior ( Secci6n 4442 del " California Public Re - sources Code " ) . Su centro de Servicio mas cercano tiene disponible amor - tiguadores de chispas para el silenciador ( Vea la secci6n de PARTES DE REPUESTO en el manual Ingles del due _ o ) .
Debe registrar tanto el nQmero de serie come la fecha de compra y mantengalos en un lugar seguro para refencia en el futuro . 23 Page: 24Acuerdos de Protecci6n para la Reparaci6n Congratulaciones por su buena compra . Su a?? Ayuda rapida por telefono - soporte tele = nuevo producto Craftsman A® esta diseSado f6nico por parte de un representante Sears y fabricado para funcionar de modo liable pot sobre productos que requieren un arreglo en muchos a _ os . Pero como todos los productos , casa , y ademas una programaci6n sobre los puede necesitar alguna reparaci6n de tanto a reglos mas convenientes . En este caso tenet un Acuerdo de Cuando se ha comprado el Acuerdo , basta con Proteccidn para la Reparacidn puede hacerles una Ilamada telef6nica para programar el servi - ahorrar dinero y fastidios . Puede Ilamar cuando quiera , dia y noche o fijar en linea una cita para obtener el servicio . Compre ahora un Acuerdo de Proteccidn para Sears tiene mas de 12.000 especialistas la Reparacidn y protegese de molestias y gas - profesionales en la reparaci6n , que tienen tos inesperados .
Remueva la curia protectora , levante la sec - tamente antes de tratar de montar u operar su ci6n del mango superior hasta su lugar en segadora nueva .
El mango de la segadora puede ajustarse Su segadora nueva ha sido montada en la segQn le acomode para segar . Refierase a fabrica con la excepci6n de aquellas partes que " AJUSTE DEL MANGO " en la secci6n de se dejaron sin montar por razones de envio . Use las herramientas correctas , como sea necesario , para asegurar que se aprieten adecuadamente . Corte las dos esquinas de los extremos mango de la caja de cart6n y tienda el panel del extremo piano .
Remueva todo el material de empaque , ex - cepto la curia entre el mango superior y 61 inferior , y la curia que sujeta la barra de los control que exige la presencia del operador Soporte de mango junto con el mango superior .
Haga rodar la segadora hacia afuera de la caja de cart6n y revisela cuidadosamente para verificar si todavia quedan partes sueltas adicionales .
Perno COMO PREPARAR SU SEGADORA PARA DESDOBLAR EL MANGO IMPORTANTE : Despliegue el mango con mucho cuidado para no pellizcar o dafiar los cables de control .
Levante los mangos hasta que la secci6n del mango inferior se asegure en su lugar , en la posici6n para segar . Deje el cargador de la bateria conectado AVlSO : Si los sujetadores de vinilo estan muy pot 24 horas antes de hacer arrancar su duros , metalos en agua caliente por algunos motor pot la primera vez . IMPORTANTE : El motor no cargara una bated & AI final de la temporada de siega , la bateda se debe cargar por 48 horas para protegerla durante el periodo de almacenamiento en el invierno . Abertura Sujetadore , , det bastidor de vinito Conector della ames ( hembra ) Caja de la bateria PARA INSTALAR LOS ACCESORIOS Su segadora fue enviada lista para usarse como una acolchadora de capa vegetal .
Para convertirla de modo que pueda ensacar o descargar , refierase a " PARA CONVERTIR LA SEGADORA " en la secci6n de Operaci6n de este manual . 26 Page: 27FAMILIARICESE CON SU SEGADORA LEA ESTE MANUAL DEL DUENO Y LAS REGLAS DE SEGURIDAD ANTES DE OPARAR SU SEGADORA . Compare las ilustraciones con su segadora para familiarizarse con la ubicaci6n de los diversos controles y ajustes . Estos simbolos pueden apareser sobre su segadora o en la literatura proporcionada con el producto .
ATTENCION O MOTOR MOTOR R , _ , PIDO LENTO ESTRANGU COM - ACEITE PELIGRO , GUARDE LAS ADVERTENClA ENCENDIDO APAGADO LACION BUSTIBLE MANOS Y LOS PIES LEJOS Barra de control que exige la presencia del operador Palanca de control de la impulsi6n Interru de arranque Manillas del mango de Ilave Cord6n Tapa del deposito den arrancador aciete del motor co varilla auxiliar indicadora de nivel Recogedor J Bujia de ces Silenciador Tapa del deposito de la gasolina Filtro de Puerta de la acolchadora Caja _ justador de la rueda ( en IMPORTANTE : Este cortacesped viene cada rueda ) SIN ACEITE O GASOLINA en motor . CUMPLE CON LOS REQUISITOS DE SEGURIDAD DE LA CPSC Las segadoras a motor , que se conducen desde la parte de atras , rotatorias , Sears , cumplen con los estandares de seguridad del American National Standards Institute y de la U . Barra de control que e A? ige la presencia del Puerta de la acolchadora - permite la conver = operador - tiene que sujetarse abajo , junto si6n para la operaci6n de descarga o ensacado . Palanca de control de la impulsion - se usa Cord6n arrancador au A? iliar - se usa para hacer arrancar el motor . 27 Page: 28AJUSTE DEL MANDO La operaci6n de cualquier Ocasionalmente , el sistema de mando puede SEGURIDAD segadora puede hacer que " aflojarse " , provocando una disminuci6n de la salten objetos extrafios dentro de velocidad . Hay un torniquete en la sede del sus ojos , Io que puede producir mando para apretar la tensi6n del cable . Apagar la unidad y desconectar el cable de los ojos mientras opere su segadora o cuando bujia de la bujia . Vuelta el torniquete para aumentar la velo - gafas o una mascara de segufidad de visi6n cidad del mecanismo . Si las condiciones no mejoran despues La velocidad del motor se estableci6 en la fa = de los pasos descritos ( la velocidad hacia brica para un rendimiento 6ptimo .
NTROL DE ZONA DEL MOTOR PRECAUCION : Las regulaciones federales exigen que se instale un control para el motor en esta segadora para reducir a un minimo el riesgo de lesionarse debido al contacto con la cuchilla .
Torniquete ajuste a?? Su segadora viene equipada con una barra PARA AJUSTAR LA ALTURA DE CORTE de controles que exigen la presencia del Levante las ruedas para el corte bajo y baje operador , Io que requiere que el operador las ruedas para el corte alto , ajuste la altura de este detras del mango de la segadora para corte para que se acomode a sus requisitos . CONTROL DE LA IMPULSI6N a?? Para cambiar la altura de corte , levante encen - a?? La autopropulsidn se controla manteniendo dido la palanca del ajustador hacia la rueda , la palanca de mando operador presente mueva la rueda hacia arriba o hacia abajo de abajo hacia el mango y tirando la palanca de modo que se acomode a sus requisitos y lan - accionamiento atras hacia el mango . AsegOrese que todas las mas lejos se tira la palanca hacia el mango , ruedas queden igualmente ajustadas . AVlSO : El ajustador esta correctamente colo - a?? El movimiento hacia adelante se detiene cado cuando la palanca estan insertadas en el cuando sea la palanca de mando operador agujero del placa .
Mantener la palanca de mando operador presente abajo contra el mango para continuar a cortar sin Palanca de aj autopropulsi6n . AVlSO : Si despues haber desenganchado Placa de la palanca de control , la segadora no roda hacia atras , empuje la segadora un poco hacia adelante para desenganchar las ruedas de la impulsi6n . Barra de control que _ xige ta presencia det operador Control de la impulsi6n PARA ENGANCHAR EL CONTROL DE LA HACIA CONTROL DE LA IMPULSION ADELANTE IMPULSION DESENGANCHADO PARA LEVANTAR EL 28CORTAC A? SPED Page: 29PARA CONVERTIR LA SEGADORA I \ \ Su segadora fue enviada lista para usarse como acolchadora de capa vegetal .
Para convertirla a una operaci6n de ensacado o de descarga : SEGADORAS CON DESCARGA TRASERA a?? Levantar la puerta trasera de cortacesped y colocar los ganchos del armaz6n de la recolectora de hierba en los soporte del recogedor de cesped .
Nunca trate de operar la segadora cuando se a?? La segadora esta lista para la operaci6n de halla removido la puerta trasera o cuando se la descarga . Para asegurar Vacie el recogedor de cesped cuando los recortes son visibles en la ventana Ilena del que la gasolina utilizada sea fresca compre indicador de bolsa liana .
Levante el recogedor de cesped usando el PRECAUClON : Limpie el aceite o el mango del bastidor . La gasolina acidica puede bastido dafiar el sistema del combustible de un motor del edor durante el almacenamiento . Para evitar los de cesped problemas con el motor , se debe vaciar el sistema del combustible antes de guardarlo por un periodo de 30 dias o mas .
Vacie el estanque del combustible , haga arrancar el motor y hagalo funcionar hasta que las lineas del combustible y el carburador queden vacios . Nunca use productos de ANTES DE HACER limpieza para el motor o para el carburador en ARRANCAR EL MOTOR el estanque del combustible pues se pueden producir dafios permanentes .
Para el tipo y el grado del aceite a utilizar , vea a?? Tapa del el " MOTOR " en la secci6n del Mantenimiento deposito dete acei de este manual .
IMPORTANTE : PARA HACER ARRANCAR EL MOTOR a?? Revise el nivel del aceite antes de cada uso . Llene hasta AVISO : Debido alas capas protectoras del mo - la linea de Ileno en la varilla medidora de tor , una cantidad pequefia de humo puede es - nivel .
Para hacer arrancar un motor fdo , empuje necesitar cambiar el aceite mas a menudo el cebador tres ( 3 ) veces antes de tratarlo . Vea " PARA CAMBIAR EL ACEITE DEL mente no es necesario cuando se hace MOTOR " en la seccion de Mantenimiento de arrancar un motor que ya ha estado funcio - este manual .
Sujete la barra de control que exige la AGREGUE GASOLINA presencia del operador abajo en el mango y a?? Llene el estanque de combustible hasta la gire la Ilave para el arranque electrico en el parte inferior del cuello de relleno del es - sentido de las manillas del reloj para hacer tanque de gasolina . Espere 5 a 10 CHAR segundos entre cada vez que trate de hacerlo IMPORTANTE : Para obtener el mejor arrancar . Cambie el " LIMPIEZA " en la seccion de Mantenimento de uso del Ilave de arranque con el arrancador este manual . No permita que la soga vuelva a su a?? La cuchilla acolchadora especial va a volver posici6n inicial demasiado brusca mente .
En cli - si se caen en el cesped se van a dispesar mas mas calurosos el cebar demasiado puede entre este y no se van a notar . PRECAUClON : No utilizar dispositivos anti - a?? Evite cortar el cesped cuando este mojado . La mejor hora para segar el cesped es a?? Bajo ciertas condiciones , tal como cesped temprano en la tarde . A esa hora este se ha muy alto , puede ser necesario el elevar secado y el area recien cortada no quedara la altura del corte para reducir el esfuerzo expuesta al sol directo .
Puede que sea que esta corte solamente el tercio superior necesario reducir la velocidad del recorrido de las hojas de cesped .

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