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A bit of sleuthing reveals that the ELIFE series is made by Chinese manufacturer Gionee, who has a pretty long track record in the smartphone game despite not being well known.
A quick stroll through Chinese social network Weibo reveals the profile of Gionee CEO Lu Wei Bing, who couldn’t help teasing the E7 and its Snapdragon 8974AC processor. Like Xiaomi, Gionee is aiming to be another one of those companies looking to break out of the Chinese market and become one of the big boys by taking on the likes of Samsung, HTC and more. Google is looking for a few good men and women in Arizona to help test their self-driving cars. We’re finally getting our first clear, unobstructed look at what is allegedly the upcoming OnePlus 3. In a recent update, Google made it impossible to block any phone numbers for 48 hours after you make a call to an emergency number like 911. In case you didn’t know, the official Google Phone app (aka stock Android dialer) can now be installed on non-Nexus devices. A newly uncovered Samsung patent shows us what they have envisioned for the future of smartwatches. If you’re lacking a bit of strange, wacky or weird in your Android-gaming life, perhaps we can help with a look at a handful of games that refuse to conform to the regular rules of normalcy. Mit den Nightlies der CyanogenMod 12 kommen auch CyanogenMod-Fans in den Genuss von Android 5.0 Lollipop.
Bis dato sind nur sogenannte Nightliy Builds (vergleichbar mit Release Candidates) der CyanogenMod 12 fur zahlreiche aktuelle Gerate verfugbar, die jedoch bereits eine hohe Stabilitat aufweisen und taglich aktualisiert werden.
Uber WhatsApp lassen sich standardma?ig Multimedia-Dateien wie Bilder, Videos, Sprachaufnahmen und MP3-Dateien versenden. In this piece, we're going to take a look at the coolest CyanogenMod themes currently available for Android devices running the world's most popular custom ROM.
If you're running CyanogenMod on your Android smartphone, then you probably know that there are a bunch of themes that you can use to freshen up the look of your device.
ElixiumDownload: FreeWhile most people prefer colorful themes, others will definitely appreciate the simplistic and largely monochrome interface provided by the Elixium theme.

RhoDownload: FreeIf you're in the mood for some funky UI colors, then the Rho theme is what you should be using. CyanogenMod est actuellement en train de travailler sur un nouveau smartphone, de l’aveu meme de son fondateur, Steve Kondik. Frederic Pereira Floodeur compulsif, Frederic Pereira est tres actif sur Twitter ou encore sur Facebook. Well, for one, it means it’s going to be the device that Steve Kondik has always wanted to build. Of course, it could very well end up being Oppo (which would make the most sense under current circumstances).
The phone looks eerily similar to a flagship line from another Android manufacturer… Can you guess who? The next time Google pushed out an Android update, just download it from the site and flash it using adb rather than waiting around. The patent describes smartwatches with tiny projectors that beam the UI onto the user’s skin, which can be interacted with like a regular (much larger) display. Wir geben einen Uberblick uber die die neuen Funktionen und informieren uber Aktualisierungen und zur Installation. Nach und nach finden immer mehr CyanogenMod-eigene Features Einzug, die Funktionsriege ist mittlerweile mit jener der CyanogenMod 11 vergleichbar.
The smartphone, a device that most of us are glued to for multiple hours each day, can become quite a boring affair at times. Installing a theme is a rather simple process: just go to the Google Play link that we provide, hit install, and the theme should be automatically applied. Elixium uses mostly stark white backgrounds with gray accents, but some vivid accents do show up from time to time. Rho, a free theme, employs vivid colors such as red and purple, and is a more colorful experience compared to our previous choices, despite maintaining a dark background.Rho also comes with its own system font called Oxygen to replace the Android's standard Roboto font. A la rentree, Oppo a effectivement presente un terminal decline en plusieurs modeles : le N1.

We’re hearing from sources that Oppo might not be the OEM involved in this huge undertaking. If, for any reason, this doesn't work, navigate to CyanogenMod's theme engine and activate themes from the list. This theme also includes an array of custom homescreen wallpapers, lockscreen wallpapers, and boot animations, which further customize the appearance of the OS.
Moralite, les choses sont en bonne voie et ce nouveau projet devrait rapidement le jour avant la fin de l’annee prochaine. Ce dernier a effectivement donne sa demission a son employeur pour monter sa propre boite et pour lancer son smartphone. Devenez redacteur - Annonceurs - Contact - Mentions Legales - A propos - Heberge par Cognix-Systems. It also means that you can expect the beast that is CyanogenMod to work seamlessly and near-flawlessly, because the two were literally made for each other. You could even be in your own home and your roommate or spouse doesn’t want to hear the TV. Der einfachste Weg zur Installation ist das Aufspielen eines Custom Recoverys, uber das die ZIP-Archive schnell auf das Smartphone geflasht werden konnen. Please note that if a theme is not applied after activating it, you might need to reboot your smartphone. Il faut croire que l’experience a porte ses fruits puisque la societe souhaite desormais remettre le couvert avec un nouveau constructeur. MateriaLDownload: FreeWe'll start off with a theme that doesn't completely reinvent the aesthetics of Android.
As the name suggests, the MateriaL theme is inspired by the Google's Material Design principles, but it also transitions to a green-on-black color scheme that those of you with an eye for dark themes will surely enjoy.Aside from theming most of the system apps, MateriaL also extends its aesthetics to third-party apps such as Dropbox, Nova Launcher, and an array of Google's apps.

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