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Learn how to use the power of astrology to transform your life from one with frustrations to one that works!
We interrupt our regularly scheduled ‘Your Daily Dose™’ program to bring you this important update from our cosmic weather center. I often tell my clients that if something doesn’t matter in five years, then it really doesn’t matter.
But, guess what?  The decisions you make over the next 6 weeks do matter and they will strong influence the next five years of your life.
May 1- 4 – The month begins with a lot of individuality and self-will, with five planets in Aries. This eclipse takes place in the Nakshatra of Bharani, which teaches restraint through consequences. May 15 – 17 – There could be some extreme moods, grouchiness and depression when the moon goes through cancer, aspected by Saturn and Mars.
May 20 – 21 – We get a sudden rush of inspiration with Jupiter aspecting the moon in Virgo now. May 22 – 23 – More heavy emotional energy at this time, with the Moon in Libra joined Saturn and Rahu.

May 29 – 30 – Practical growth and material structure is supported now with Jupiter aspecting the Moon in Capricorn. May 31 – A new year-long cycle of growth, teachings and philosophies begins with Jupiter entering Gemini now. I understand the the way you talk about the Moon being much like a baby only wanting and needing to show and to be shown love in a concrete yet innocent way, how our hearts simply only feel love or pain.
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After some intensive energies over the past week or so, this is a welcomed relief as Mars in energetic Aries trines Jupiter in Leo.  This aspect exudes positive energy and it is yours for the using if you are willing to harness a small bit of discipline in order for it to perform its magic.
This includes the exalted Sun (long-term vision), Mars (individual actions) and Venus (relationships). The God is Lord Yama, he who shows up at the time of death and takes the soul where it must go.
The courage to bust through the old, and the need to be protected from the unknown is what drives us now. You explain things so well that it makes it all understandable for people that are just starting to learn about Vedic astrology.

In fact, this has been important since Sun, Mars and Venus set up camp in Aries on April 13. Yet there may be conflict between personal desires and the deeper meaning and purpose behind your romantic connections. Being both in Libra, we will feel a lot of this social pressure with our most important relationships. In Scorpio the emotions are restless as we try to protect our vulnerabilities and surmount our imagined fears. This is a time to show up for others as a friend, rather than with so much attachment to our own emotional needs. For the next year Jupiter in Gemini will bring a more intellectual approach to our teachings and philosophies. It is also good for reading inspirational books and for questioning your own belief systems, toward more intellectual understanding and embodiment.

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