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Before reading your Chinese astrology predictions and forecasts, make sure to properly calculate your Chinese zodiac sign. Your birth chart is an invaluable astrology tool for understand yourself through the zodiac. If you have never had your relationship chart prepared before, now is the best time to get your own Soul Mates Relationship chart forecast for two, prepared based on both partners' date and place of birth. If you would like more information on your Chinese Horoscope and how it affects you, order a fully personalised Chinese & Western Astrology report based on your exact date of birth which is available on our website.
Cool but hot-blooded, hard-nosed but humble, impatient but extraordinarily tolerant, the Horse is above all defined by hard work and self-reliance. Although Horses work well in groups, they prefer to work by themselves and exhibit extraordinary levels of energy and concentration. In social settings, they are cheerful, charismatic and sometimes overly talkative as they clairvoyantly finish other's sentences in conversation.

Our reports range from individual natal chart based predictions and personal forecasts to complex synastry readings for two. They are good with their hands, but can be seen happily losing themselves in accomplishing any given task. However, they are also often the first guest to depart, usually due to a feeling of becoming too "penned in".
If you have never had a natal astrology chart interpretation, you are in for a real eye-opener!
These 12 animals now have the honour to rule a certain year in each 12 year cycle that is delivered to us. Conversely, Horses are happiest in large crowds in open spaces and enjoy the camaraderie found in pressing the flesh at outdoor gatherings or concerts. You can look forward to astrology predictions for all Chinese signs covering luck, love, money, fortune and fame.

The animal who rules the year that you were born in is believed to have a momentous influence on the path of your life.
Your character and personality is also believed to be influenced by the animal that rules your birth year. For years not shown on the horoscope wheel, you can add or subtract 12 to calculate your chinese zodiac sign.

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