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Use an additional blank card (also known as Empty Card) or the custom number of blank cards. Put the cards face up or face down and open the cards by right click of the mouse in your own order.
Use custom "Back"-image for every deck instead of default or one "Back"-image for all decks. It is very easy and helpful tool for those who make readings with real cards and then photograph the readings or make notes in the paperbook. You can create as 22-card decks as 78-card decks, add an additional information for the decks.

With Card Titles Manager you can create your own Card Titles, for example, you can rename the title "The Magician" to "El Mago" or "Ten of Pentacles" to "10 of Disks" or even rename all suits at one time, for example, all the "Wands" to "Sceptres" or all the"Pages" to "Princesses", and save the unique sets.
Read Cards is a tool to display different interpretations for one choosen card including meaning of the Reversed Card.
You can scan the decks and build new visual decks in seconds, by drag and drop the scanned images into Visual Card Decks Creator Canvas. It allows to add custom meanings for every card (or any other text) in the reading and save them for futher use. It is cross platform, any browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome, etc) compatible report format.

It converts the images to Visual Tarot Deck file format and creates specific directory structure in Visual Tarot File System.

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