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DOWN: 2, Friday 3, Amulet 4, Lap 5, Heart 6, Cur-able 7, Item 8, Crayon 12, Power 13, Me-d-al 14, To-f-fs 15, F-l-ord 16, Regal 18, Ev-ic-t 19, Digital 21, Feline 22, Intake 23, M-Anne-r. For Dr Nirupama, writing is a sanctuary for the heart and she fills her lifea€™s cup full to the brim with creative activity.
Serious, scholarly writing is a road to traverse only for those whose heart and soul are nourished by it, who can advance confidently and reach their dreams and endeavours through sheer passion, dedication discipline and hard work.
Her scholarly articles have been published in several leading periodicals of the country for the past four decades.
Some of her important translation works are Amukta Malyada, Pancha Maha Kavyas, several novels and plays from Telugu to Kannada and Hazare Choushirama from Bengali to Kannada.
Dr Nirupama’s innumerable works are a testimony to her clear thinking, open-minded approach to life and literature.

She reflects on larger issues concerning women and is known as a champion for women's causes. Amongst her important works is the mega project on Indian Women through the ages (Bharitiya Mahila Parampapre) discussing Women's situations and their achievements in various fields right from the age of the Mughals to the post-Gandhian periods, for which she was awarded a doctorate from Calcutta and Montreal Universities. Her concern for children's literature led to the formation of Makkala Sahitya Parishat and she has undertaken studies for language development and survey of progress made in the spread of literature activities in the states of Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Himachala Pradesh, West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh.
Having been sponsored as a Resource Person to several States by the Karnataka Sahitya Akademi, she shares cordial relations with many renowned literary figures of many states, that truly make her a worthy literary ambassador of Kannada Literature. Along with the process of family building, she had taken herself and her ambitions seriously, so she has become what she is today— a stalwart of literature.
With an exhilarating freedom bestowed by knowledge and creativity, she seems to ease herself entirely into her books with scholarly passion and vibrancy.

That is why she has become the most versatile and respected writer contributing to all branches of kannada literature. Her latest contribution to the world of Kannada literature is “Sri Maha Bharatha-( part-1), which was released on 21-11-05 in Bangalore by his Holiness Sri Sri Sri Vishveshwara Teertha Sripadangalu of Pejawar Math in the presence of literary giants like Prof G VenkataSubbiah, LS Seshagiri Rao and Sri N Gundurao. Going by the number of books that she has produced, it seems as though the minute she completes writing one book she moves on to something new and equally important, recording something authentic for posterity.

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