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Add a whole different dimension to your Tarot readings with these fun, romantic and illuminating Tarot Spreads! Did you know that love and relationships are the number one topic that people ask about during a Tarot reading?  This is why I decided to create my collection of sizzling hot Tarot Card Spreads.
This funky, handmade Tarot Card Spreads e-book contains 22 of my favorite Tarot layouts for dealing with Romantic concerns.
Think of this e-book as part of your magical Tarot toolkit, something you can whip out whenever you need a little guidance in matters of the heart. The 22 unique, fun and pretty Tarot Card Spreads (including the ones pictured below) were hand-made with love!
It is my desire that this e-book brings laughter, guidance and joy to your Tarot reading practice. If you normally like to play it safe and stick to the tired and true, challenge yourself to step outside your comfort zone and take a risk today. Today is the perfect day to tune into the energy of Freyja and find that bold, saucy aspect in your own personality. This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged doreen virtue oracle cards, free daily oracle reading, goddess guidance oracle, oracle cards, tarot reading blog.
This 3 card tarot spread is a quick and simple way to get insight into the past, present and future. Hi, I was just wondering if there was an app or a program that helps interpret a card spread.

I’ve looked up the generic meanings, but just something about having 2 knights and 2 swords in a 3 card spread worries me. A while ago my mother bought a mind body and soul kit for herself in upgrading she has passed the set onto me.
However, when I was learning, I did readings with the Majors only, or the Court Cards only, in order to get comfortable reading those cards. I prefer using all the cards for a reading, but for learning purposes, its helpful to read with certain cards.
The strongest message I got when I looked at this card was not to hold off on doing something just because you will not be perfect or the best at it. The other vibe I get with this Goddess Oracle Card is that you are just beginning to blossom into a new phase in your life – a freer, more creative phase.
This entry was posted in August 2012 and tagged free oracle reading, oracle cards, oracle cards doreen virtue, tarot cards. My Tarot Spreads range from helpful and serious to light and fun…and maybe even a little raunchy!
My Tarot Card Spreads for Love, Sex and Romance have been designed to help you get juicy information about your love life and answer your specific romance questions. There are many variations on the 3 card tarot spread, including the past life tarot spread, but this is one of the most common and useful (in my opinion!) spreads.
Hearing other’s ideas about cards can be helpful, but it shouldn’t supercede your own ideas!

I would like to learn to read the cards properly to understand what they potentionally mean in using your step guide I have landed with a few really strange cards and numbers I am uncertain what they mean do you have anything on these that I may read up on to understand?
You didn’t mention if you would use this spread using ALL the cards, or just the minor arcana, etc.
It is perfectly okay to be average (or even terrible) at something, especially if you are just learning it. You will never be good at anything if you do not take a risk and try something outside of your comfort zone.
Sometimes there can be self doubt and other challenges in the beginning, but rest assured that you will build more confidence and grace over time. Whether you are happily single, looking for love, in a relationship or going through a break-up, there is a Tarot Spread just for you.
I did a 3 card spread today for myself and for some reason the cards I got kinda scared or worried me and I don’t know why.

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