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This Love Tarot Card Spread is for those wanting some insight into their current romantic relationship. If you would like to know how to improve an area, just pull another card and place it on top of the other card.
Some cards that indicate your relationship is rock solid would be any of the Kings or Queens, Aces, Ten of Pentacles, Ten of Cups, The Emperor, Magician and Empress. I think thay they might get a chance, but the problem is that they are far away (the world). I watched your youtube video in regards of timing and I have a question that id love your opinion on,I’ve asked the tarot am I going to have a relationship with someone and it seems to be hinting at a yes and from the cards and my instincts I keep getting autumn,I drew a card for timing and got the nine of swords,do you think that means 9 weeks which would be November so autumn or because it is a negative card is it a no answer? Because you drew that card for timing and not a yes or no question, then I think it most likely points to number of weeks. I adore your youtube videos,I watched your revamp of the Celtic cross tonight going to try it out for myself soon! So rock solid though they miss this person physically, make plans for the future, its up in the air but potential for seriously committed relationship?
Im confused because I associate pentacle cards with money, career, stuff like that, and it seems unrelated to love in my case, but 3 cards of pentacles can’t mean nothing!

My cards are very simplified, and after watching your videos and how you interpret the illustrations, I think maybe I need to get a more illustrative deck.
Once you learn the Rider Waite deck, it will be easier for you to read with many different decks and it will probably improve your readings with your other deck. Hey kate, well I’m not Christine but I agree with her even though I have been dealing with tarot for a year now. I feel I read the cards well but I simply can’t made up my mind if my intuition is really working through the cards.
I’ve been looking for one like this for a long time that gives a little more insight to the relationship dynamics and not just the usual past, present, future. That makes complete sense you would get the 4 of pentacles in the physical connection position if its a long distance relationship. Ok well i ordered a new deck, the original rider Waite deck, and I have to say, I feel like I’m not into it! You don’t have to use your intuition to read the cards – that is the beauty of Tarot!
I just tried it with my new years present deck the Angel Tarot for my relationship, and I was shocked by the accuracy and depth the spread provides.

The tower tells me that this new start maybe an unexpected one and will strick like lightning. A domineering partner, seven of cups- you need to open your eyes and see that this relationship is fantasy. Obviously this relationship has tons of potential (signified by The World), but I feel that card 1 in particular is revealing how you can improve your physical connection.
I got a bunch a pentacles and one sword in (r) it seems to sum up my 6 year relationship with my boyfriend pretty spot on.
I can even say that this spread is the must-do spread for any romantic relationship, before the more detailed Relationship Spread you have shared. Also the little booklet that came with it is written in a very unfriendly voice (if that makes any sense) its by A.E.

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