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Hi I am extremely greatful you are sharing your gifts and feel so privileged to have found your teachings. Thank you very much for this wonderful spread I got a very insightful reading this morning. Hi Jen, The Star is about following your dream and getting the support of those around you. OMG Kate….I tried out this spread on myself and got such an accurate and insightful reading! What you should be saying, or what we should be doing, is to allow our true self, which is all Love, to come forth. I'm splitting this into a separate post to not spoil the people going to the episode post for links with song titles.
Build a Bear's MD Roger Parry has revealed his plans for the upcoming year in an interview with Toynews . A pony dropped this off in the ol' inbox yesterday evening, requesting that I pass it along to you guys in case you were interested in practicing pony magic. October 15, 2015 By Ethony 1 Comment This was a little request from a member of the Tarot Readers Academy. So let’s dive right in this very easy to remember Tarot Spread that you can use in nearly any situation. The Lovers Tarot Card Meaning: Being drawn to someone or something, intimacy, sexual union, balance, choice or dilemma. The Lovers Tarot card meaning doesn’t always refer to a relationship with a person, but can represent having a passionate and all-consuming relationship with a hobby, interest, career or way of thinking.

While The Lovers Tarot card meaning is generally positive, it does represent being in a state of unconsciousness and in this way it is very similar to The Devil Tarot card. However, we can sometimes feel lost when it comes to identifying what those gifts are or even how to express our gifts. I need to feel comfortable sharing my playfulness, abundance and happiness, being back my inner child.
I tried the spread using Doreen Virtue’s Life Purpose deck, which I have in duplicate (88 cards). The reason for that, is because you are identifying yourself with something that is not your true self. EQD, VICODIN'S OFFICE (lol) - DAY VICODIN Look at all those fans, waiting for a followup from someone else. This is a Tarot Spread that I use nearly daily and usually at the beginning of a Tarot Reading to see what is REALLY going on around a situation or person. A whole different realm is experienced when this happens – feeling at one with another, despite any differences. This 5 card Tarot Spread will help you discover your gifts and show you what is blocking your expression of them and what can help you share them without fear. I feel the Queen of Swords could indicate that you are taking an overly-rational approach to things. My spread is #1 Nine of Pentacles #2 The lovers #3 The star #4 The Moon and #5 The eight of pentacles. The only doing that there is, is to allow the good to come forth, and not doing anything else.

Not to mention it's just extremely well constructed and bursting to capacity with interesting interpretations of the Elements of Harmony as they apply to our every day lives. So when you say i possess this good quality, or that bad quality, you are speaking of your ego, which is not the real you, but what you were conditioned to believe who you are.
The Devil represents suffering caused by unconsciousness, while The Lovers symbolize blissful unconsciousness. I get a lot of answered questions thru my dreams which is awesome as well and this reading really brought back a dream I had a few nights ago in regards to me blocking my clairvoyance out of fear.
Then I tried it for fun with the Angel Dreams and Angel Tarot cards and the gifts that I was unaware of in the first reading came up as gifts you’re aware of!
Lookee Lookee!Not content with with just the spread, Ciaran has begun work on a fully Pony Tarot deck. Now, what makes this actually cool is that instead of slapping ponies onto traditional cards and starting us on an argument about whether Nightmare Moon or the Cutie Mark Crusaders more accurately depict the Death Arcana, what we have instead is a totally original Values Deck outlining the core lessons from the show.
Of course I considered that possibility in the first reading and acknowledged the message… Great work, thanks! All of the mane six are represented here, as well as several other key players representing some of the more memorable things one Twilight Sparkle has written letters about. This is still a work in progress, although these 10 are usable on their own (and the creator has outlined some interesting possibilities in their own writeup).

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