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John F Kennedy was a perfect Aldebaran example, lusty, charismatic, pushy and powerful in his speech.
Gary Hart (00’); Ran for president, but brought down by the press for having an extra-marital affair. Anya Gallaccio (23’); Scottish installation artist who works with fruit, vegetables and flowers. There is a great drive and desire for these subjects to make a name for themselves and rise above the limitations or unhappy memories of their upbringing. Adolphe Joseph Thomas Monticelli (03’); French pre-impressionist painter who lived in poverty despite a prolific output. All of these examples had Neptune in aspect to a personal planet or an angle. Neptune was conjunct Pluto at the time for all these examples which muddies the water a bit.
Gemini’s yearly horoscope for 2014 starts with the Venus retrograde traveling through your solar 8th house. So I would avoid going to court in January if you can help it and also while Mars is retrograde in March if there are any custody or child maintenance issues to sort out.
The Persephone nodal opposition could work like a magic wand for you since your decan makes a harmonious aspect to it. If you have been working that Saturn in your 6th house of work, then this is the year you can reap the financial rewards. The October 8 Lunar eclipse in Aries falls in your 11th house of friendship, common interest groups and wishes.
The highlight of the year for you is the Lunar eclipse trine your decan on April 15 otherwise none of the outers planets are impacting you at all. By the way, with me degrees of sun and asc respectively, should I mostly concentrate on the stars associated with the aforementioned degrees? Cancer is caught up in the 2014 cardinal blitz with Uranus square Pluto continuing to paradigm-shift the foundations of your life.
The April 15 Lunar eclipse falls in your 4th house so there may be a domestic shake up in the spring. Jupiter: blesses and protects you this year while it is your 1st house, but it does have the opposition to Pluto and the T-square to Uranus to contend with.
Mars trine your decan Jul 26 – Aug 15 which makes this fiery energy far easier to handle. With Uranus square your decan all year and Pluto opposite your decan all year, you must be prepared to go through eye of the storm in 2014.
Mars trine your decan Aug 13 – Aug 31 will turn things round for you and you should feel more empowered as you surmount the obstacles. For a tailor-made exploration of your birthchart and more details about how this year will effect you personally, please refer to the READINGS page. Peacocking his power with fine clothes like those Hip-hop stars decked in gold “bling”, driving their puffed-out chariots with the scary bull bars on the front. He had the Sun here, a leader and head of the country but sadly assassinated with a shot to it. Aldebaran, unlike its opposite Antares, can get away with all manner of evils, even though they are both just as extreme as each other. Sometimes they are the idolisers though and can go a bit over-board pursuing the object of their desire. Abnormalities in love life.” [3] There is some scandal here with Venus bringing out the insatiable desires of this star yet again. This maybe because they were born in poverty or they are running away from demons in their childhood. His rich, romantic and heavily textured paint daubs were often criticised, yet they were an inspiration to Van Gogh who took this style to another level. With the males it just seems that they felt they had licence (due to their fame and charisma) to bed with as many women as they could manage in a day. I wouldn’t like to speculate Neptune on Aldebaran, so I stuck with Robson’s interpretation and added Bernadette Brady’s for comparison. The Jupiter opposite Pluto that Venus retrograde will activate may bring up obsessions and make you feel unusually (for Gemini) like the stalker in the relationship since Venus conjunct Pluto will fall in that intense 8th house. Demetra George asserts that “Mars-Ceres contacts links the ability to act and be effective in the outer world to subconscious images of self worth.”  [1] So this year is all about your bank balance and how much you value yourself. You are likely to be the sign with the most spare cash in your purse, so this years so the drinks are on you!
But for a detailed account about how this year will effect you personally, please refer to the READINGS page. The cut and thrust of the business world will loose its appeal for these two weeks, so it’s probably best to do go into your witches cave while you are feeling so porous.
Although this is quite a minor transit, it should be enough to breeze you through the more challenging dips of the year.
North Node trine your decan Sep 15 – Dec 28 will bring you into contact with people important for your souls evolution and is a peak time for all the networking I mentioned in the general Gemini forecast.
Unlike the other two Gemini decans you have a reasonably quiet year ahead, but it doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Thankfully this is the only period in the whole year where your decan has anything challenging at all! You get more of the deep-down rumbling of Pluto transformation rather than the thunder-bolts of awakening from Uranus since Pluto. Either you actually move, get the builders in, kids leave home or you get a new house guest. As I said in the 2014 Forecast “Negatively this aspect can represent having ones creativity and independent thinking completely stifled by a parent or authority figure. Maybe since Jupiter is in your 1st , it will provide you with a buffer to the general Cardinal Cross mayhem and Jupiter is dignified in your sign too which strengthens your position generally.
You will be glad to know that the Uranus square Pluto assault on your decan is coming to and end.
With the Neptune trine as backdrop to this year, you can really push ahead with your dreams. North Node square your decan Sep 5 – Dec 18 can be another challenging period where you could feel a little lost and disconnected from your peers. The expansive one broadens your horizons with a hearty belly laugh and points his fingers at a few interesting classes you could take. Lost my job nov last yr, and have been struggling on a daily basis to be strong enough for me and my son. It’s status as a raging red giant ensures its position as the Alpha male of the bunch, even though it is sometimes described as a rather fey “pale rose red” star. Instead it may be a tad complacent and happy with its lot, more in keeping with zodiac sign Taurus. Those who act with integrity and have some sort of altruistic motive behind their work seem to avoid Aldebaran’s risk of sudden storms and misfortune.
Tough on drug users, imposed compulsory rehab on offenders to try and reduce narcotics trade. They may swing between sinner and saint and have the archetypical Mercurial talent of switching abruptly between conflicting principles. There is potential for great artistic achievement and talent with the ability to create beautiful, harmonious and sumptuous environments.
The danger of a “violent death” here may simply be as a result of their dare devil behaviour. I think this is chiefly because of the subjects unshakable faith and determination to pursue their dreams no matter what the obstacles are.
The “great wickeness” I believe may be something these people will have experienced from others, most probably an authority figure or the father. Myra Hindley (06’); British child killer who sexuality assaulted her victims alongside her lover Ian Brady. The emphasis at the start of the year will be evaluating how other people’s cash impact you and attempting to consolidate some of your debts. Another possible manifestation could be that you make either a great gain in the form of an inheritance OR you equally could loose a great amount of money in a court case.
Linking up with study groups and local meet ups will be beneficial for you and pull in new clients. You are appreciating the boost of self-confidence and optimism from gas giant Jupiter, who is inflating your sense of self-worth in the first half of the year.
Its hard to see relationships for what they really are and you could get easily seduced into one that leads you down the garden path. You might also feel clumsy and accident-prone too, so do try and take care if you are doing anything physically demanding. Indeed your decan could even take the best advantage of the entrepreneurial opportunities of the year. You might actually be quite bored with the ease of it all by now and actually crave a punch up.. In January Venus retrograde is opposite your sign, so you are flung straight into the deep end of the challenging transits right at the beginning of the year. This impacts all of your life because on April 23 there is that Grand Cardinal Cross that all the cardinal signs have been getting their knickers in a twist about. Put this together with the Nodes would mean that one would utterly need to become autonomous (or one is fated to help others become autonomous) in order to get back on track with their life.” This applies to you specifically then and decan 3 will feel this most acutely of all. July 20 Jupiter waltzes into your 2nd house of cash and you should see your bank balance inflate. You are just left with a few Uranian lightening bolts for the first three months of the year. It might just be that you are going through such profound change that while your old self is being stripped away, your friends are finding it hard to adjust to the new you. This way you could meet some interesting new people and keep in tune with what’s happening out in the world. Those that act with integrity should avoid the violent ending this star sometimes delivers and are actually sweet all the way to the pip! What I found in my files of friends and family was quite a flare for fashion, but a tendency to self-indulgence. We get fame, notoriety, some wasted talent and a fall from grace, most probably due to over-indulgence of the good life that Aldebaran initially delivers. Pierre Laval (14’); War time French Prime minister executed for deporting French Jews to Nazi death camps. The bull’s insatiable sexual nature comes out strongly, but usually it’s bullish energy is channelled into the arts where they are especially fertile. Captain Admiral William Bligh (27’); Commander of HMS Bounty when the infamous mutiny took place.
They may confuse people with their twin personalities, but they also have a talent for being able to build bridges and mediate between opposing forces. These people are highly impulsive and take risks, but as the saying goes “Who dares wins” and more often than not, they do.
The chance of success is more likely if Jupiter is well placed near an angle or closely aspected by one of the personal planets. Otherwise these people do have the capability of being wicked themselves if they don’t address the demons they may try to suppress. Uranus here just seems to exaggerate the decadent, permissive side of Aldebaran. Bob Marley may have had a long lingering death due to the spread of his cancer.

Mia accused Woody of sexual molestation of their daughter in the custody battle after their divorce. It would be much better to wait until after the April 15 Lunar eclipse in Libra which falls in your 5th house of romance and children. You feel lucky this year and acquiring material possessions seems to be high on your agenda. October 23 Solar eclipse in Scorpio falls in your 6th house of health and service and amps up the hardworking Saturn influence there.
You will enjoy spending on yourself too, rewarding yourself for all the hard work over the last year or so.
Very long car journeys are not really advisable as your brain is more foggy than usual too. This liberating Uranus influence will help you bounce back every time Chiron square your decan rubs salt into your wound. It falls in your 11th house of common interest groups so may bring in some fresh new friendship that support all that soul work you have been doing. These could manifest as a result of the Jupiter opposite Pluto falling in your cash houses.
You’d better sober up from the Christmas parties pretty smart-ish then as this one falls in your 7th house. The October 8 Lunar eclipse falls in your 10th house of career, which could be a day of revelation. So if you haven’t already done so, this is good chance to break out of any lingering stale relationships. Together Mars and Neptune are also a strong “spiritual warrior” influence, so if you work in the mystical fields your powers of prediction and healing will be especially potent and magical, blasting those skeptics out of your path. Re-read what I said in the general Cancer forecast above about how you should greet the Uranus square Pluto storm. If those friends have been part of your living an unhealthy lifestyle, then they could be one of the casualties of your change. Jupiter is in your 1st house until July 16 so you can really benefit from his optimistic input. Unfortunately for JFK Junior it literally was a fall from a high place and another violent Aldebaran death. The Ascendant is the physical body and relationship axis so the sensual appetite of this star comes out very strongly. David Helfgott: Australian concert pianist with schizoaffective disorder, subject of the film “Shine”. The subject’s charm, artistry and refinement gets them far, if they can avoid becoming complacent. Those that use their wealth to help others remain relatively unscathed by the unfortunate consequences of this star. They will then be overly materialistic and find it hard to let go of people or possessions. He is alleged to have had sex with the corpse of his sister before he photographed it as a piece of art. The tendency to accidents depends on the rest of the chart and if there are other elements to cool the hot bloodedness of this placement. Saturn tends to make the shadow deeper and darker than any other planet Remember Antares opposes this star, so the battle between good and evil may play out in their career, whether it be artistic or political.
Reap all you can from this lucky Spica eclipse, for it will to see you through the coming difficult Cardinal cross.
This is an incredibly artistic eclipse, so those of you working in the media should do well with this, if it is making other harmonious aspects to your chart too.
You may want to slow down a little and indulge after a year of burning the candle at both ends when it was in your fast-paced 1st house. In the general forecast where I mentioned court cases, I would hold back on any life changing decisions until this Neptune transit is over. Lilith square your decan from Nov 24 until the end of the year will also make you feel quite intolerant of idiots.
This sensitive period lasts until September and can be a time of suffering connected with upsetting memories of childhood.
The quality of the new connections you make are a testament to how far you have come in your healing. Mars will be spending an extended time through your 5th house of love while it is also trining your decan. You’ll get nice and toned with the added bonus of attracting a fit new body into your life. Gug, you will need to be on the ball while ruthless Pluto takes care of detoxing your prime relationships for you. In order to feel successful and happy, you need to feel like all these areas are fulfilling.
Solar eclipse trine your decan on October 23 is another fabulous transit which is artistic anyhow and happens to fall in your most creative house. Like most of the decan 3’s in the zodiac this year, you get the cruising lane to destination enlightenment. They will ride you till you are both saddle sore, and they can keep going, and going and going… Raw hide indeed.
This premature departure from the infants life leaves the subject craving for the mothering they missed out on as a child, which is why often one spouse or lover is never enough. Maria Montez (37’); Exotic Latina famed for her seductive fancy costumes bedecked with jewels. Passionate and highly-sexed, these people’s libido does much to propel them into high positions. Thankfully you aren’t hit directly by the Cross, but you might even make some gains out of the fall-out while Jupiter is still in your house of cash until July 18. Another thing you might want to do is invest in gaining an educational qualification and could be another way of wearing your achievements on your sleeve this year.
But if you absolutely can’t, or if you are actually divorcing a drug addict, then just make sure you get a good lawyer. Luckily Mars trine your decan Dec 4 – Dec 18 helps you see the positives and you can brush off annoyances with humour.
It could bring someone into your life, that through no fault of their own, happens to trigger all your sensitive parental issues. This could send some exciting new creative projects your way as well as the chance of a major new sexual affair too.
This makes room for some overdue healing helped by the powerful grand fire trine that started on October 6. You can actually put the sparkle back into a dull marriage now (If it survived the crucifixion of 2013) with Neptune trine your decan, which lasts all year. Your imagination is off the scales and you might complete or start your greatest life’s work during this period if other factors in your chart support this.
With the safe Saturn trine later in the year, you can look forward to making reliable and trustworthy new friends and commit to supportive romantic relationships. The only danger can be an inflation of self-confidence and taking on too much in your enthusiasm to grow! These natives may simply be content with focusing on their relationships than to be bothered with anything outside the kitchen or bedroom.
Placido Domingo (17’); Spanish tenor and occasional baritone, famous for his booming and impassioned vocal delivery. Betty Ford (25’) US First lady, feminist and founder of the famous rehab clinics after her own battle with alcoholism. People born around early 1945 listed here had Uranus either placed near an angle or aspecting a personal planet. The April 29 Solar eclipse in Taurus falls in your 12th house of mysticism and self-undoing which might mean you have to keep you head down for the next three months. It may feel a little confined here, but will enjoy reading reams of books and connecting with the locals.
You just need someone to see through any possible deception for you as all you will be seeing is melting clocks and Cheshire cats.
Most commonly this is through a love affair, but sometimes it could be through one electing to go into therapy. The October 23 Solar eclipse falls in your 5th house of lovers and creativity, which opens the doors for romance in your life for the next 6 months, especially for Cancer decan 1. This is a beautiful, imaginative and romantic transit, which will leave you feeling euphoric and very blissed-out at times.Take time out to pursue your spiritual path, work on your intuitive abilities and go with the flow.
Mars opposite your decan Oct 26 – Nov 10 could breed some competitive jealousy however.
Even if you are 100% happy with your life as it is, you probably have to accept that some change is inevitable. You won’t feel the full force of this years more tempestuous transits, but they are still falling in your angular houses which could cause some tremors still. Mars trine your decan Aug 29 – Sep 15 means you get another spurt of energy and passion when Mars fires up your libido at the same time it enters your 5th house of love affairs. His dead body was strung up and stoned in a public square alongside his mistress and other fascists.
The focus will be inner work and trying to conserve as much energy and resources as you can from earlier in the year. On your part, you have to be scrupulously honest, because any white lies could easily turn into massive black holes. Enjoy your freedom and independence and spend time with people who are on the same spiritual path as you.
You may have chosen to address long-standing phobias or any recurring health issues you have that you suspect may be psychosomatic. You will then be able to see how well you have set your boundaries and how much you can now stand up for yourself. This will be the ultimate test to see how robust the house of life you have built yourself is. Since this eclipse is particularly creative anyway, those artists among you should also feel particularly inspired while this arty eclipse is in effect. If you are married, you probably deserve a second honeymoon after what you have both gone through in the past couple of years and Neptune trines are perfect for that. Try not to let the success of recent months go to your head and remember the people that helped you up during your hard times in 2013. Maybe you just have to work out what to let go off so you can float away in a hot air balloon with at least some of your most treasured possessions. Mars opposition your decan Nov 9 – Nov 23 Again this transit will force you into defending your new emerging self, change is happening rapidly and people might find it hard to keep up with you.
You do have a few fiery transits coming up like Lilith conjunct your decan Jan 1 – Mar 15.
This should make your aura sizzle and is a great time to go out on the town and flirt yourself silly. John F Kennedy (47’): Idolised US President had many extra marital affairs “If I don’t have a woman for three days I get terrible headaches”.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (46’); US first lady and wife of assassinated president John F Kennedy. Apr 19 is especially good since Venus makes a trine to Jupiter from that powerful 10th house. However with Lilith sextile your decan Mar 1 – Jun 7 you can take this opportunity at least to develop your intuition and work some magic. Even though you might experience anger and frustration during this time, you will also learn how to manage your more aggressive impulses, since we have by now come to the end of Chiron’s healing journey.
You should feel sexy and powerful, especially for the three months after the Lunar eclipse since that also fell in your house of love affairs too. Of course detoxes are never very pleasant even if we think they will be all fresh juicing and saunas. Will it be blown away all the way to Oz with you, like Dorothy, blown away with it?, or will your “house” stay stubbornly bolted to the ground.
So you can see Cancer, although some of you might be feeling crucified by Uranus square Pluto at times, the squares are very dynamic and actually make things happen for you.
Venus conjunct Uranus in your 10th could be a romantic connection that is good for your career.
If you are single however, journeys to magical locations will please Uranus’s wanderlust early in the year, plus you also have the bonus of North Node trine your decan until March, which makes you feel supported by the universe on your travels.
Better you get to choose what you discard rather than some contents of you life disappearing indiscriminately. Vivian De Sola Pinto (23’); British Literary critic and poet who defended D H Lawrence in the “Lady Chatterley” obscenity trail.
Around the Lunar eclipse in April is especially good for occult work since it falls in your 12th house of seclusion. You might find it increasingly hard to work for other people, especially with that Neptunian surreal mind of yours making you daydream like nuts. We end the year with another beneficial Mars trine your decan Dec 17 – Dec 31 which will really put the snowy icing on the Christmas cake for you. The North Node trine your decan Mar 11 – Oct 4 makes community gatherings enjoyable and brings many positive encounters. You may actually want to take off somewhere new, in which case, build a winged extension with which to ride the storm. You should have lots of opportunities to make exciting connections that support your spiritual path.
Try to hold back from conflict since you might not realize how impatient you are being with those who are a little slow in adapting to your changes. Finally the transit you have been waiting for all year, Saturn trine your decan from October. Etienne Carjat (25’); French Journalist and photographer known for his caricatures of prominent Parisians.
Leontyne Price; One of the first black sopranos, noted for her seductive, rich and buttery voice. Known for passionate romantic ballads, which have made him one of the world’s best selling artists. May 15 exciting out of the blue encounters are possible with Uranus conjunct Venus in your house of hopes and wishes.
The sense of release and freedom after the transit has passed will feel wonderful and worth the months of pain and discomfort. As I wrote in the 2014 forecast Jupiter opposite Pluto “ could be difficult since the aspect between these two can be pretty fanatical and obsessed despite the fortunate stars, in fact Sirius could heat up the obsession factor big time. A great time to meet like-minded folk who inspire you to follow your bliss and with whom you could collaborate creatively. The goddess blesses you with intuition and innovation to take this year’s successes even further up to the stars. You may get the urge to do something crazy so you don’t feel so left out of all the drama around you. Edmond Jouhaud (26’): Narrowly avoided a death sentence from the French military after a failed coup d’etat to overthrow President DeGaule. Prince William (33’); Lost his mother Princess Diana in a car crash aged 15 but followed in her footsteps with regards to having a strong hands-on interest in humanitarian and environmental causes.
Indira Gandhi; First female prime minister of India and the world’s second longest serving female PM.
Mars trine your decan May 4 – Jun 5 is the period for artistic pursuits, meditation, inner work and writing poetry while you have the backdrop of the Neptune square.
You have done a lot of self-work, and accomplished much during 2014 and by the end of the year it will be very apparent to those around to you. So those touched by this aspect might be try unfeasibly hard to mend a relationship through their passionate unconditional love.” You may find that your beloved was your enemy all along.
Mars square your decan May 2 – Jun 7 is a time where anger and frustration get the better of your. Lilith in the 1st house will want her “Me” time and complete freedom from a possessive partner.
However these solvent people are just what you need in these rocky times, so I wouldn’t look your Saturn gift horse in the mouth.
Oprah Winfrey (29’); Highest rating talk-show host ever and richest African-American woman in US history. Tom Robinson; Singer-songwriter, gay activist who fell in love and had a child with a woman biker.
It will enable you to surge back with confidence each time a layer of the onion is peeled away.
Otherwise if your relationship does survive the worth test, then completely cutting off from actual open enemies would be a good move too.
The April 29 Solar eclipse at 8? Taurus falls in your 11th house of friends and wishes which isn’t bad at all and enables you to make lots on exciting new connections on your windswept travels, they will also be something to hang onto! So probably best to lock yourself away in that artist’s garret and work on all those creative projects you have brewing. This might be very painful for some of you crabs who are hoarders, but the year will be a lot easier if you travel light. You might regret it later when the Cardinal Cross comes in and gives you a taste of the Aries chaos in the fast lane.
Alanis Morissette; Singer-songwriter, with passionate, powerful, and sometimes scathing vocal delivery. This could actually turn out to be a beautifully romantic period if you are in an established relationship with someone trustworthy, but not so much if it is with some Neptune charlatan. You finally realise you don’t need to do battle with them every day or put up with their harping on. If you have some spiritual mountains to climb, you will fair much better if you chuck out some of those restricting belief systems. This will be retrograding through your 4th house of dullard domesticity to make naughtiness even harder to resist.
Mars opposite your decan Nov 22 – Dec 6 Is just when you need to hang on to padre Saturn. Stephen Sondheim; Award winning American composer best known for his achievements in musical theatre. Mar  29 Venus in your 8th square Saturn might mess up a solid relationship due to temptation. It could be one of those years where one part of your life takes a bashing and then you realize you have to accommodate the imbalance by adjusting the other four corners of the square. Then the Lunar eclipse square your decan April 15 comes along and winks its tempting eclipse eye at you. Sep 29 – Oct  23 Venus in your 5th house of love affairs gives you an inviting allure, especially when your ruler Mercury is conjunct Venus on Oct 17.
Try to do this before Mars opposite your decan from Sep 13 because this could be a difficult time where you don’t know who you can trust. I think your challenge this year is going to be avoiding falling prey to seducers and refusing those delicious, but ultimately destructive, proposals. You could be feeling very sensitive to conflicts and feel uncomfortable in social gatherings. With North Node square your decan Feb 28 – Sep 24 you could fall in with the wrong crowd if you are not careful. However the competition might actually be quite stimulating and creative, since Saturn is helping you out.
Coco Chanel; French fashion designer credited with liberating women from the constraining corseted silhouette. This solid rock of reliability will give you the strength and will power to soldier on through this.
Either you will want to punch your boss’s lights out or you will get ill from suppressing your anger. In fact you do seem to have a good few of these helpers around since you also have bouncy Jupiter conjunct your decan Jan 1 – Jun 5. Nov 10 Mars conjunct Pluto in your 8th house of sex, try not to stalk and avoid obsessive partners. Mercury retrograde in your 1st doesn’t do much for your communication style and you could get your wires crossed. This serves as your lifebelt during the Uranus square Pluto, but at the same time it will form a T-square to it and could inflate matters further. Since this Jupiter contact is going on at the same time as the helpful, healing Chiron transits.
I just think this is part of this whole “self-work, find a teacher, get spiritual and try to work out what the hell is going on in your life” phase. The wisest ones among you have turned the annoying Gemini trickster into an art form and spend the time playing childish pranks. In desperate time we all tend to cry out “God help me” and indeed this on one of those moments. Chiron trine your decan Jan 5 – Sep 2 could be that teacher since it falls in your 9th house of higher education and religion. Uranus and Pluto transits can take years depending on the retrograde periods, but it will only feel stormy when an eclipse or Mars transit ignites these heavy weights so do bear that in mind decan 2. The support you get from others is crucial during these times and the Chiron healing will certainly give you the tools to cope with the more testing moments. So if a great healer does come your way, grab them with both hands and keep them by your side. This period could be contain moments when Mars could whip into affect some Uranus square Pluto action. The extended Mars retrograde transit runs through your 4th house, so it is working through the very foundations of your chart. Having the planet of action plowing through your domestic sector will leave no stone unturned within the family unit.

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