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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The Philips Respironics 12 Volt DC Power Cable connects your Respironics BiPAPsystem to a 12V source, allowing you to continue to enjoy the benefits of your therapy on your travels.
The Philips Respironics 12 Volt DC Power Cable (1012975) allows you to continue to benefit from your BiPAP therapy on the move.
If you do not already have a battery pack, then we can highly recommend the Super CPAP Battery Pack. One end is DC plug with a waterproofing screw, the other end is female waterproof connector. Huge selection of guitar effects and accessories, pedal boards, guitar cables, patch cables, tuners and pedal power supplies.

With both a cigarette lighter adapter and crocodile clips, you can connect it through almost any 12V source. It can connect directly to a battery using crocodile clips to allow it to directly power your BiPAP machine. It's ideal for travelling, as it gives you the option of either using a battery pack or any 12V cigarette lighter socket to power it. Don't be put off by the name, as it is just as effective when used with a BiPAP machine as it is with a CPAP machine! With enhanced shielding, your BiPAP is protected from damage from fluctuating and unreliable power sources. This pack also gives you the option of plugging your BiPAP machine into a cigarette lighter power socket, such as those found in a car, boat, caravan or some hotel bathrooms instead, to preserve your battery when it isn't necessary to use it. Although other, cheaper cables may be able to power your Resprionics BiPAP machine, they do not have the level of shielding required in order to protect your system from damage.

It is compatible with any BiPAP machine, not just Respironics ones, that can be powered by a 12V source. REMstar BiPAP machines are very complex and advanced pieces of equipment, as a result can be damaged by voltage fluctuations. This is the only cable that is recommended for use with such a system, as it is the only one that is shielded sufficiently to ensure that voltage fluctuations do not damage your machine. If you did decide to purchase the Super CPAP Battery Pack, you would not need to use the crocodile clips adapter supplied with this cable, as it has a 12V cigarette lighter socket built in. Using another cable could not only potentially damage your system, but could also invalidate your warranty.

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