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Though there are 220V to 110V converters available for solving the above issue, these are big, cumbersome and immensely costly.
CAUTION: ALL THE CIRCUITS DISCUSSED HERE HAVE POTENTIALS OF CAUSING SEVERE LIFE AND FIRE HAZARDS, EXTREME CAUTION IS ADVISED WHILE GETTING INVOLVED WITH THESE CIRCUITS. In the the proposed design, in all 190 1N4007 diodes have been used and put in series for acquiring the desired level of voltage conversion. If we multiply 190 by 0.6, it gives around 114, so that's pretty close to the required mark of 110V. However since these diodes require an input DC, four more diodes are wired up as a bridge network for the initially required 220V DC to the circuit. The maximum current that can be drawn from this converter is not more than 300 mA, or around 30 watts.
The next option presented here has not been tested by me, but looks good to me, however many will find the concept dangerous and very undesirable. I designed the following converter circuit only after doing a thorough research regarding the involved issues and have confirmed it to be safe, but it's my personal point of view, if you find it undesirable better do not try this. The circuit is based on the regular light dimmer switch circuit principle, where the input phase is chopped at the particular voltage marks of the rising AC sine wave. One big issue involved with this circuit is back EMF that might be generated  from the transformer of the gadget, this might instantly fry the triac or the diac.
The pot shown in the circuit should be adjusted for obtaining the required 110V at the output terminals.

Alternatively a simpler version of the circuit can be made, where the main high triac is operated via a cheap light dimmer switch for the intended results. The last circuit in the order is perhaps the safest from the above because it uses the conventional concept of transfering power through magnetic induction, or in other words here we employ the age old autotransformer concept for making the desired 110V converter. However here we have the freedom of designing the core of the transformer such that it can be stufed inside the particular gadget enclosure which needs to be operated from this converter. I have shown the use of ordinary steel plates here as the core material which are stacked together and bolted across two of the sets. The LED Indicator VR3 12 Volt 110 Watt Car to Home Power Converter AC to DC Adapter carries a 6-months warranty and a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee(No restocking fee).
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It means a fues(protiction from short circut for 12 V DC)in case of any over load in the circut it self. Hi,i really admire your good work there but is it a square wave or a sine wave stuff and if its a square wave how can it be converted into a sine wave? IC CA3130 is a 15MHz BiMOS operational(8pin) amplifier with MOSFET inputs and CMOS output.Gate protected MOSFETs are used in the inputs so that the IC has very high input impedance.

You have mentioned IC CA3130 in this post, but I cant see it in the circuit schematic of the inverter. Basically I have a bunch of stuff I scanvanged from old throw aways,,, even a flat screen I found in the dumpster! It can convert DC12V electricity provided the automobile into AC power, and be widely used with those electric equipments which power consumption are less than 120W, such as notebook, cell phone, razor, digital camera, digital video, TV, CD, DVD, game machine, electric light, charge and various kinds of professional tools, as the necessity for your travel, mobile office, outdoor work and special vehicle, it is the very solution to using electricity in the automobile. Although sufficiently advanced and high power components have been included in the design, an effective snubber circuit stage was felt imperative and therefore the RC network across the triac has been stationed. There will be always some space in gadgets like an amplifier or other simlar systems, which allows us to measure the free spave inside the gadget and  customize the core design.
Although this is not part of any professional dc ac converter it can be used quite effective on some home appliances. If any needs help on the please contact me on me email address, I may get you 100% done without any problem. Or is it available every where.I will like to know the total cost for the circuit components. The total cost of this 12 Volts dc – 220 Volts ac is around 50$, depending on your location.

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