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A The advent of the personal computer (PC), has created the need for uninterruptible power supplies to insulate computers from line dips and temporary outages that plague PC reliability.
A Dc-ac Isolated Battery Inverter Using The Hip4082 3-phase Power Meter Based On The Ade7752 Smart Battery Reference Design Dpa-switch Forward Converter Design Guide Fan Health Monitoring And The Mic502 5 W, 5 V Charger Using Tny274p Typical Flyback Power Supply Using Top224. Since this circuit has lethal potential and high risk, please be careful when try this circuit. In addition, numerous other applications exist for DC to AC inverters including small tools or accessories from a DC battery source in automobiles.
Inverter dc tig welder, quality square wave power supply, stable arc, HF arc stabilization not necessary.

The q5 and q6 placed aoutside the PCB because it require heatsink.You may connect each transistor with the B (basic) and E (emitter) on PCB. MOSFET inverter technology and precision constant current feedback control technology, soft switch, high working efficiency;2. Wide working voltage range, strong adaptability to electricity power grid fluctuation, excellent arc striking performance;3. The topology chosen uses the HIP4082 to provide a 60kHz, low voltage, square-wave to drive a small isolation power transformer. Thermostatic protection, over-voltage protection, over-current protection, under-voltage protection,;4.

The output of this transformer is rectified, filtered, and the high voltage inverted again to produce the desired low frequency (55Hz) output waveform.

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