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Description: this power supply cam from audiovox hands free kit, it is brand new,hi quality 28v-12v input protected by fuse two seperate out puts first one is 5v max 1 amp second one is 9v 1 amp you can use it in car for charging cell phone or powering dvd plyer the unit is built to hi standard !! LM2588ADJ voltage settings, variable-output regulator IC, R1 and R2 Circuit to determine the value of resistance, the following formula, you can set the output voltage. Random electronic project: 20 Amps 24 Volt Adjustable Regulated Power Supply Circuit L200 suggest reading the article. So far I have not seen such a circuit in a web environment could work in mass production programming section has been removed by the original photos used only copying part of an integrated control pic16c64 asm lib, etc. We have two circuits  high  current output about 1A to 2A ,that easy to builds and cheap.1.
It use the integrated circuit digital number CD4093 perform produce the frequency drive current change CD40106 bilateral the group trips work.
By drive high current with power mosfet BUZ11 make output current collect at capacitors the very total up voltage bilateral the group then is double of Input power supply. Source: CEW circuit Electronics Book Dc to dc Converter Regulator 12v Step up to 24v 3a 72wDC to DC step up converter using TDA2004 or TDA2005We can increase the DC voltage from 6 volts to 12 volts.

Or from 12 volts to 24 volts with a simple model of The DC to DC step up converter circuit with use TDA2005 or TDA2004 as main.This circuit is similar to Simple DC to DC step up converter using TDA2822. We use an IC amplifier features the original, is producing a high current frequency to store a voltage in the Capacitor is about 2 times the input. So the current flows to the D3 and C6, the voltage at pin 8 so drop near zero.And the working of circuit will return to the first time. And when current out of pin 8 and pin 10 to Converge together at C6, cause output have voltage rises up one times. Which is equal to input together.The capacitors C1-C4 acts as square wave generator about 5 Khz.
To determined working of IC1.Building,Testing and Application When we are fully equipped and built PCB as Figure below and then soldering equipment, as Figure. PCB of DC to DC converter using TDA2004 the component-layout-of-DC to DC converter using TDA2004After examining the faulty circuit. Then test them with 12V battery at input and measure voltage ouput will have about 22V please watch as video below.If you have 6 volts input, it can increase the output voltage is 12 volts, or feed input is 12 volts will have output is 24 volts Or nearby.

The output is then multiplied with the two input will be the output, or about 10 volts to 24 volts. I think the parts on this circuit can buy easliy at a common electronic shop.But this circuit as idea from the old book.
Cornell May 14, 2014 I’m looking for a DC to DC 12 to 24 volt 720 watt power converter if you have or know someone that does please let me know you can contact me at 312-953-0360 Thank You Peter June 6, 2015 Hi, what is the diode D2 and D3? If possible, can you also post a reliable circuit diagram for a DC to DC converter with input of 12 volts, output of 0.700 A or 1 ampere, this will serve me as driver of 30 Volts, 30 watts LED.

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