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Power Integrations, Inc., founded in 1988, is the leading supplier of high-voltage analog integrated circuits (ICs) used in power conversion. This video provides a light load efficiency product demonstration of HiperPFS-3 family of devices.
This design example report describes a 12 W TRIAC dimmable, high efficiency, power factor corrected buck-boost LED driver employing LYTSwitch™ LYT4313E. This design example report describes a 20 W high efficiency TRIAC dimmable, power factor corrected LED driver employing LYTSwitch™-4 LYT4314E. This design example report discusses a 4 W power factor corrected (valley fill) non-dimmable isolated flyback, constant voltage LED driver employing LYTSwitch™-2 LYT2003D. This document is an engineering prototype report for a 6.6 W multi-class powered device for Power over Ethernet (PoE) employing DPA-Switch DPA423G.

This document is a reference design report for a 30 W power supply employing TOPSwitch-JX TOP266VG. This video is a Power Integrations course discussing on how to fix a flyback supply with no output voltage. This document is a reference design report for a low power, low cost 180 W PFC front end employing HiperPFS PFS708EG. This regulator can be used in telecom, datacom, automotive, industrial and medical power supplies.
This design operates an input voltage ranging from 190 VAC to 265 VAC with an output of 36 V at 550 mA…. These devices are integrated power factor correction subsystems that include variable frequency CCM controller, high voltage power MOSFET, and a Qspeed low QRR boost diode….

It operates at 85 VAC to 264 VAC input voltage range and produces an output of 12 V at 2.3 A. It provides important steps for troubleshooting and repairing a power supply that delivers no output voltage when the supply is powered up…. It operates at 90 VAC to 264 VAC input voltage range and produces an output of 380 VDC output.

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