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Description This is a 5V to 12V DC-DC step-up (boost) converter circuitry that is especially ideal for the USB powered applications. Today, although the wireless technology grows very fast, the long distance funicular communication still keeps its popularity.
Description This is a two part infrared remote controller circuit that consists of a transmitter and a receiver circuit pair. Description This circuit is a fan controller which is using the pulse width modulation (PWM) method. Description This project is based on ISD2560P IC which allows you to record 60 seconds voice and then playback the recorded voice with very high quality. The reason is obvious that cost and complexity is high at the wireless communication.RS232 is one of the most used, easy to develop and easy to apply communication protocol. When you push the button on the 9V supplied transmitter circuit, a signal at 38kHz frequency is applied on the Infrared (IR) LED.

The board includes four relays so this lets us to control four distinct electrical devices. As a result of the current passing through the IR LED, it illuminates the surround  with infrared light.
By using the 1k potentiometer, oscillator frequency should be adjusted to 38kHz to operate the circuit properly.
Good wiring, low baud rates and less noisy mediums may allow us to exceed this limit a little more.
With the 10k pot, a 1k resistor will give 0–100% control which is OK for model motors or lighting, 10k will give around 5v–12v range, more suitable for cooling fans.
The main problem here , when the distance increases, the noise at the common ground line also increases. Generally IR modules has three pins and in our project we used the product of Telefunken, TK19 module.

Instead of TK19, as an option you can use the SFH506 which is a product of Siemens or any other module for this purpose.
More than two devices can not communicate at this line and we need another solution for this situation.RS485 is the standard that solves this problems.
The main difference is,  RS485 transfers the data depending on the potential difference between the two communication wires. So controlling the third pin gives us the information whether the button on the transmitter is pushed or not. To bypass this signal effects, a variable resistor (varistor) which has a 20mm diameter is paralelly connected to the input.

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