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The device was made in a one-sided PCB with the use of USB to create a high quality preamplifier with built-in DAC. This small and simple circuit allows you to connect your VGA card to your TV via SCART with the great advantages of using RGB over S-Video. Today, although the wireless technology grows very fast, the long distance funicular communication still keeps its popularity. Description This is a 5V to 12V DC-DC step-up (boost) converter circuitry that is especially ideal for the USB powered applications. Current Logic is expert of DC-DC converter, boost converter, 24v to 12v converter, 12v to 5v converter. When applications cannot be fulfilled from our standard product range, our experienced R&D teams are ready to work with you to find solutions and develope new products. Being compact size, reliable and low cost, CPT series have been well received for long time. There are so many kinds of DC-DC Converters (DC voltage regulator) in the market for you to choose from.
Facing so many potential choices, you need some basic criterias to help you find suitable dc-dc converter from plenty of OEM, wholesaler and retailer. As a professional dc dc converter manufacturer, we also provide a wide selection of DC-DC converter for electronic vehicle. Boost converters or regulators are used in many instances from providing small supplies where higher voltages may be needed to much higher power requirements.

Often there are requirements for voltages higher than those provided by the available power supply - voltages for RF power amplifiers within mobile phones is just one example.
The circuit for the step-up boost converter operates by varying the amount of time in which inductor receives energy from the source. Typically the boost converter switch is controlled by a pulse width modulator, the switch remaining on of longer as more current is drawn by the load and the voltage tends to drop and often there is a fixed frequency oscillator to drive the switching. When the switch is in the ON position, the inductor output is connected to ground and the voltage Vin is placed across it.
When the switch is placed in the OFF position, the voltage across the inductor changes and is equal to Vout-Vin.
Referring to the boost converter circuit diagram, the current waveforms for the different areas of the circuit can be seen as below. It can be seen from the waveform diagrams that the input current to the boost converter is higher than the output current.
In reality no boost converter will be lossless, but efficiency levels of around 85% and more are achievable in most supplies.
The reason is obvious that cost and complexity is high at the wireless communication.RS232 is one of the most used, easy to develop and easy to apply communication protocol. They are economical options for commercial and industrial applications like robotic, golf carts, LED lighting etc.
For example a dc-dc converter 12v to 24v search on internet will generate more than 100,000 results.

Current Logic now introduce a selection of waterproof LED drivers, both constant current and constant voltage power supplies are available.
These output adjustable dc-dc converters are usually open-framded unit for prototyping or experement work. These reliable LED power supplies can help you quickly design and realize your LED products.
The fundamental circuit for a boost converter or step up converter consists of an inductor, diode, capacitor, switch and error amplifier with switch control circuitry. From this it can be seen if the output voltage is higher than the input voltage, then the input current must be higher than the output current. Good wiring, low baud rates and less noisy mediums may allow us to exceed this limit a little more.
The main problem here , when the distance increases, the noise at the common ground line also increases. More than two devices can not communicate at this line and we need another solution for this situation.RS485 is the standard that solves this problems. The main difference is,  RS485 transfers the data depending on the potential difference between the two communication wires.

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