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You've been meaning to clean house in some way in your work and money life, and this period provides just the right combination of energies to get it done. You have a supportive Universe now, indicating a time of renewed attention to romance, children, and family. The Universe is highlighting your career sector and helping provide needed energy for growth. You're looking at a time of increased social activity, which can help any recently launched business endeavor. It's a great time to update your resume and look for a new job, if you want to, or gain the attention of superiors for plum assignments. It's the perfect time to speak up about your priorities and be heard on all things cash oriented. With so many extra opportunities to make money and augment your salary, it may be tempting to spend more as well.

It's a great time to schedule job interviews or make presentations to gain more exposure for your goods and services. You may revisit an old idea or project you'd abandoned and find that now is the perfect time to make it happen.
With a focus on groups, politics, and self-employment, you're poised to make a big change in your life, one that may end up affecting the way you live. If you have an idea for a product or service to reach these demographics, it's a great time to launch that into the world.
If you've been craving a break from the office, working from home may provide just the peace and quiet you need to become even more productive. Don't let someone else at work or in a close relationship be overly domineering about his or her money ideas.
You may find that your dreams or intuitive flashes are particularly helpful for coming up with something no one has ever seen before.

It's easier to communicate with groups about your ideas and sway public opinion in your favor.
The cosmos is affecting your house of money and values, showing that cash flow should increase very soon with a little effort and follow-through. The Universe is focusing on messages, such as loan applications, and making sure the answers you receive are positive.
The more you use your personality to impress others, the better off your financial situation becomes for the people who really matter.

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