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The Fallen, or Eliksni in their native language,[2] are a nomadic race of four-armed bipedal humanoids. While the Fallen often settle in abandoned facilities on various worlds such as Earth, the Moon, and Europa, they are nomadic and therefore have no permanent strongholds in these regions, but instead call their starships home. The riflemen of the Fallen invasion force, Vandals are of a higher rank than Dregs, with weapons capable of long-range attacks and deadlier force.
Captains are the fiercest of the Fallen hierarchy, distinguished by their heavy armor, twin swords, and adorned cape. Servitors are floating, spherical Fallen that have powerful attack capabilities, being able to dish out more damage than the rest of the Fallen by launching Void projectiles from an eye-like structure on their frames. Archons are high priests of the Fallen, serving as intermediaries between the Servitors and Kells of each individual house. The House of Devils is based on Earth, and it is considered "the scourge of The City." They led the battle of the Twilight Gap and the destruction of London, and are currently invading Old Russia in search of an object buried beneath the surface. The House of Stone is an extinct Fallen House who "stood before the Maw" of what is assumed to be The Darkness. The House of Winter is a house located on Venus, where the group shows much interest on the ruins of the Academy along the Shattered Coast.

The House of Wolves was once located in The Reef, where they served as Queen Mara Sov's royal guards. In Halo 4, the armor could only be obtained by purchasing the Halo 4 Limited Edition Xbox 360 Bundle.
The description refers to Washington State being known for its coffee and having the most rainfall of all the United States. Depending on a player's class and skills, he or she may employ a variety of weapons, armor, grenades, melees, and abilities to defeat his or her foes.
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This article does not have enough images, has outdated images, or has images that do not meet our high standards. The Strange Suspect is a legendary pulse rifle.[1] It can be obtained from Arcite 99-40 for 150 Crucible Marks after reaching Rank 3 in Crucible Reputation and from decoding rare and legendary Primary weapon Engrams. Now, you stand in the same high place, steadfast and sure, protecting all who shelter in your shadow. In their mouths are two rows of sharp, knife-like teeth, indicating that the Fallen are carnivorous in nature.
Archons fight much like Captains, except they have a "Smash" ability and have a far higher damage tolerance. They consist mostly of outcast and disgraced Dregs, who are galvanized by pride, hate, or the desire for freedom.

However, on several occasions, Guardians can find the House of Kings by patrolling the Terrestrial Complex.
Two Vandals would stand on both sides the Queen's throne, guarding her from outsiders while she spoke. Shanks receive a bigger defense upgrade with the epic modifier active as they gain a solar shield. They are noted by Variks to not follow an Archon or Kell, and do not have a Prime Servitor. They are considered the most brutal house of all of the Fallen and hold rivalries with the other houses and The City alike.
However, when Skolas returned, the house brutally rebelled by killing many of the Queen's Awoken royal guards. Dregs wield shock daggers and pistols, and can be easily distinguished from other Fallen ranks by only having two fully-developed arms as opposed to the usual four.[1] The other arms are docked and prevented from developing until they have proven themselves worthy to become Vandals. They then fled to the inner solar system, resulting in the Queen opening The Reef to the Guardians so that they would hunt the house down in exchange for the riches of her realm. After the events of House of Wolves, the survivors attempted to eke out an existence on Mars.

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