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On the other hand, people with Destiny number 3 are lucky and that luck saved them from all problems, including accidents. In general, the people with Destiny number 3 has a warm heart, generous and loyal, decent, and they make money by using his personal magnetism and charm, they are everywhere find their friends and supporters, and they act like preachers and engaged in religious work, and they love to sing; they love good food, comfortable house equipped with all conveniences, and they love the deep, but not long sleep, and they believe in peace and universal happiness. People with Destiny number 3 are best suited for the publishing industry, business, advertising, teaching in higher education, research, travel, tourism, import and export. Your task – to develop a positive attitude to others and seek to understand them better.
Their life partners support them and take on all the household duties, allowing the three to devote himself to pious deeds. But they are easy to spend money on other well and put their money, worrying about the comfort and beauty.

Activity does not bring benefits – the surest way to destroy an unfavorable karma accumulated in this and previous lives.
However, people differ in the Destiny number 3 a strong constitution, full of strength and can withstand incredible overload.
It’s a natural leader, easily succeed in politics and holding good positions in the government.
Their life partners have to provide social assistance to numerous friends and acquaintances, many of whom are poor.
These people are marked by creativity, good imagination, intuitive, clear the power of expression – oral and written. Weakness in relation to persons of the opposite sex leads to problems with family members, and their actions are constantly making differences.

They start out as very ordinary people and achieve great heights in his career, thanks to heavy and hard work, luck, well-developed sense of responsibility and conscious planning. However, they do not seek fame and money in the first part of his life when these things they want most.

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