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Family: Family member will not show mercy to you, hard to bad fortune, beware of illness and accident. Number 29 belongs to the number 2  in numerology destiny which is also called Moon in numerology and astrology. There’s a great amount of fear in them, and their morality is not true in their public life. Most 29 borns who have strong influence of moon always complain about this or that, they never settle for things easily, they minds are very wavering and unstable due to moon rule. People born on 29 are vulnerable to get acquainted with bad habits or bad friendship, and they must strictly abstain these false temptations to reach a good place in life.
Though i have mentioned some dark traits of number 29 born in our online numerology, there are also very positive aspects of them, like abundance creativity, originality, intuition, and power of argument.
Since they have a tendency to arugue very much, they can be at their best in becoming a lawyer. Hmmm you are right, not all the people born on 29 are suicidal, but its a generic term i mean like 2, 20, 11, and 29. My DOB is 29-7-1982 I am planning to start a greeting card business do you c a favorable vibration? Does this apply to people with total of date [I believe thats the life path] as 29 or only people born on 29th of a month.
I wanted to read up on the number 29 as I had just seen a drama on British Serial Killers Fred and Rose West, both were born on 29, were married on the 29th of January, his funeral was on the 29th of March, and I kept wondering, this number 29 keeps coming up…it must have an effect.

You have a fine mind and keen insights, but these do not come as a result of logic or rational thought. On some level, you know that you are in the hands of destiny, and that you must surrender to the higher powers that shape your life.
Your highly developed intuition makes you a wonderful counselor, healer, or health practitioner. As one of my visitor’s have requested for a analysis of 29 born, we will see the traits of a person born on 29 of any month. They always start a fight in some way or the other, and loves to play pranks or start a quarrel with some one. They are best suited for arts, entertainment, lawyers, where they can positively use their energies to attain higher place in society. Everything you said about the number 29 was VERY accurate for these two, violent, he committed suicide, she was crazy. You are more likely to direct your life by inspiration, rather than by calculated reflections.
You have an opportunity for fame and success as long as you do not pursue either as your gods. These people are fighter cocks, They dont usually trust any one easily and always very insecure in most part of their life. During trouble times, when they are very emotional or sad, they tend to think about suicide or ending life.

They keep on thinking whom to trust and often complaint that their friends have cheated or decieved them.  They boast of courage, and pride but in reality they are relatively timid and fearful. Give me solution about to get more money and free from dept.Can I success in forex trading. Your intuition is your gift, along with a powerful drive to know the Oneness of all things. During this period, you can become frustrated with your progress, or the apparent lack of it.
You are so driven by spiritual pursuits that no matter what you do in life, the world of spirit and philosophy will be central to your daily behavior. You are a highly charged person with much to do, but you must develop character and sound judgment before you begin to tap your true potential.
You get depressed easily and feel the lack of confidence during times you are in a dark mood. Just as a tree needs roots to grow tall, so, too, do you need to develop depth of character in order to begin to expand in the ways you desire and ultimately envision.

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