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20121 Kings 8:28 -- But please listen to my prayer and my request, because I am your servant. Amazing how a sci-fi novel penned in 1953 makes some fairly accurate predictions about futuristic life, including some smaller, throwaway descriptions. I figure I could probably read the entire Wheel of Time series before Winds of Winter gets released. It has a few hitches, in that the narrative goes off on side stories without the connections being that solid, but regardless it was still a terrific story. Not as interesting a story as the previous two entries in the Katie Maguire series, but still a compelling enough book to make me want to continue the series. That's the 2nd or 3rd Heinlein book I've read, and I've found I'm just not a big fan of his writing.

Malfi somewhat reminds me of classic Peter Straub, just less pretentious (not that I'm knocking Straub, but his writing is much more intellectual than the average horror author). I liked the first novel in the series better, and I have to say, I figured out the killer in both stories pretty early on, despite there being several plot twists and red herrings.Lucifer's Ark - Simon Clark.
Love his ideas, and they inspire some great movies and other authors, but his writing style just doesn't quite do it for me. Having finally been able to find some of his more recent ones, I get the feeling that the more he wrote, the more the well was tapped dry. The writing remains fairly solid, but the story lines are nowhere near the quality when he was in his prime.
I'm kinda up to here with how anymore the protags don't just have to fight adversity, they always get physically attacked by people they know, and the powers that be are always out to get them, and people they consider reliable friends and comrades end up being turncoats.

It felt like three different plots were ideas he had for stories, none of which could he flesh out to a full length novel, thus resulting in this absolutely ridiculously stupid story. Although most of it was resolved, so hopefully he won't continue bashing his hero from all sides every single remaining book in the series. If you're interested in a great horror author, pick up Clark's earlier novels but avoid this one.

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