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Customized invoicing, which details usage by location or department, makes expense-tracking a snap.
Directory assistance (411) was originally provided for free by phone companies for their local customers.
E-Line and E-Access provide the simplicity and security of Layer 2 Carrier Ethernet to build your network through our network. Extend your MPLS network to new locations with new access types across our Nationwide footprint.
As a leading IT services and communications provider, EarthLink Business empowers IT leaders to help drive the growth strategy at businesses of all sizes. EarthLink Business provides managed IP services, integrated communications and equipment solutions to companies of all sizes across the United States.

Follow EarthLink Business on LinkedIn to enjoy corporate updates, industry insights, info on career opportunities and more. Please fill out this form to contact EarthLink Carrier®, the carrier division of EarthLink Inc.
We'll assign your company an exclusive toll-free number that rings directly into our call centers. You'll hear why we're corporate America's leading live-operator directory assistance alternative. EarthLink does this by providing fully-managed and secure end-to-end network and IT solutions that help clients reduce capital expenditures and improve operations, all supported by an experienced customer care team. With an industry-wide average of 6 seconds, our goal is to consistently beat that time even during peak periods of high-volume directory assistance usage.

This is based on the same sample pulled above, but measures how many callers' directory assistance requests were successfully fulfilled.
Using a 100-point scale, our directory assistance operators are evaluated in the areas of Customer Care and Fulfillment with an emphasis on meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

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