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An exclusive preview of BT's massive archive of photographs and documents now being digitised by Coventry University. Software Compliance Consultant Would you like to be a part of an exciting and growing team, responsible for the long-term strategic management of software for BAE Systems? Consultant Engineer - Information Assurance Would you like to have a strategic influence on the development of Information Assurance (IA) policies for a national nuclear deterrence programme? Wea€™re looking for a qualified engineer with experience of computer programming for engineering systems and instrumentation. IM&T Leader - Product Management (Business Process Architect) Would you like to be involved in a new team, helping shape the business strategy and how it operates? Principal Engineer - Software Verification Would you like an opportunity to work with military based software tackling some of the greatest software complexities and associated risk levels?
Responsible for giving product presentations to the customer describing how Intel products provide the optimum solution to their application.
Some of the most exciting infrastructure projects in the UK over the coming years are in rail.
The RIAS bookshop offers the country's widest range of architectural books, technical documents and building contracts. The RIAS website uses cookies so that you can place orders and we can provide a better service.
In an ever changing technology led world, it is vital that older people do not become isolated; instead they should be empowered to fully participate in the digital community.
One of the most respected small galleries in Edinburgh, The Henderson Gallery is 54 sqm of light filled space in a converted Georgian stable block in the heart of the capital. The Royal Society of Edinburgh (RSE), established in 1783, is an educational charity, registered in Scotland. The Assembly Rooms is a unique & flexible venue, which provides the ideal setting for any function. Our experienced and knowledgeable team is always available to offer friendly, helpful advice and support when arranging your event. Behind the Georgian frontage of 84 George Street, Edinburgh, lies the nerve centre of the organisation, reaching from Muckle Flugga in Shetland to Chicken Rock off the Isle of Man, lies . The Church of Scotland plays an important role in Scottish society and religion throughout the world. With just two rooms (plus an anti-room) The Merchants’ Hall can be hired exclusively if both rooms are booked. The Hall, with its magnificent domed ceiling provides an exceptional setting to host Wedding Banquets and Evening Receptions. The mahogany-panelled Court Room is an elegant area for drinks receptions with portraits by Raeburn and Ramsay adorning the rich crimson walls. Catering is offered via a group of five preferred catering professionals, who can create menus and packages for all tastes and budgets. The services of a doorman are highly recommended for Wedding Receptions to assist free movement of guests, whilst adding to the self contained atmosphere.
The Merchants’ Hall is the head-quarters of one of Edinburgh’s oldest and most prestigious business organisations – The Company of Merchants of the City of Edinburgh, thus ensuring the building is well maintained and is in secure hands. To inquire about this listing, complete the form below to send a message to the listing poster.

We offer a FREE permanent standard listing to any wedding related business, with the opportunity to upgarde to our more prominent Featured Listing (for a small charge) at any time. Our editorial team take great care to evaluate the existence and accuracy of each web site to keep the site informative and spam-free. For as little as $5, per month for a display advert you can reach brides, families and friends with information about your wedding related product or service.
We also provide the opportunity to purchase Featured Listings, which display in our home page slider for as little as $9.99 per month. The large gothic structure known as George Heriot’s School, the private school for Edinburgh’s wealthy, was founded in 1628.
It is easy to see how this impressive building sitting in the shadow of Edinburgh Castle and only a few minutes from the Royal Mile could have inspired J.K. Sign up to receive our regular newsletter containing announcements, upcoming events, & exclusive offers for the Edinburgh area. Building on last year’s multi award winning programme Summerhall is full of surprises this Festival. Old time vaudevillian, tap dancer and acrobat, Sid Lester helped make variety great and now he wants one last shot. The Council of Handmade Crap blurs the lines between gesture, voice, text and design to create dreamlike machinery, immersing the audience in a journey through the tragic love story of Edgar and Elizabeth.
Stanislaw Witkiewicz, becomes a multidimensional fantasy, constantly questioning the artist and his art. A moving and playful portrait of fatherhood by international company Babakas, who mix comedy, contemporary dance and cinema to tell a story that crosses borders and decades. We currently have a vacancy for a Junior Business Analyst - IKM at our site at Portsmouth Naval Base. NATS provides air traffic control from centres at Swanwick, Hampshire and Prestwick, Ayrshire. It also stocks all RIAS publications which include the RIAS Quarterly, illustrated architectural guides and appointment documents. Continue to use the site as normal if you're happy with this, or view the privacy statement for more details. Visit Edinburgh World Heritage website to find out more about the architecture and history of this world class city.
Presenting eight to ten exhibitions each year of both emerging and established talent, The Gallery also hosts a varied programme of talks, readings and performances. Independent and non-party political, it provides public benefit through its peer-elected, multidisciplinary Fellowship of more than 1500 men and women who are expert within their fields. There are services and times for reflection every day, and the church and café are open throughout the week - come and visit us. It's vision is to inspire the people of Scotland and beyond with the Good News of Jesus Christ through enthusiastic worshipping, witnessing and serving communities. With a vast range of container bodies available, we are equipped to manage various types of material.
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A ‘young’, ‘ugly’ and literally naked woman reveals her bulimic, revolting and public secrets as she struggles with obstinacy, resistance and courage for her own celebrity breakthrough in the society of Thighs and Liberty. Witness crap transform into beauty in this mesmerising promenade performance where the audience are guided through a mysterious world of terror by characters trapped in their own illusion. Several ground-breaking technological innovations were developed there.2 Operator working a directory enquiries position in London, 1935. Sid’s performance style is influenced by his old chums Tadeusz Kantor and Tommy Cooper; Valerie’s by Shirley Bassey.
Stage Award-Winner Silvia Gallerano resprises her captivating performance in Cristian Ceresoli’s acclaimed play. Together they attempt to entertain with balloons, a raffle, talking birds, toffees, some singing, jokes, a shuffle step hop, guest spots and interactive games.
Designed in 1929 by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, the K3 was the standard kiosk before the introduction of the iconic red K6 kiosk in 1936. Despite GPO guidance on correct use, Churchill appears to have replaced the telephone handset upside down after making a call.
Notes from Churchill as a government minister are included in the BT Archive files to be digitised as part of the Coventry University project.6 An operator using a Hughes Printing Telegraph at the Central Telegraph Office, London, 1900.
The Hughes Printing Telegraph was developed in the US in 1855 by David Edward Hughes (1831-1900), and is generally credited with being the first known keyboard interface with a communications device, and as such the forerunner of most conventional keyboard-based interfaces leading up to the advent of the touchscreen. Surviving examples occasionally come up at auction, and are sought-after items for collectors of early telegraphy equipment. Hughes is also credited with the invention of the carbon microphone, as well as aspects of early radio technology.7 Central Telegraph Office phonogram positions, pictured in 1939. Phonograms were telegrams that could be dictated over the telephone, then delivered in the same way as conventional telegrams.8 Salesman using a portable payphone and coinbox in what appears to be a Volkswagen car showroom, 1973. One might presume that this unit became somewhat less portable as it was used, and so filled with metal coinage.9 Advertising leaflet for the GPO London Radiophone Service, 1967. In-car telephones were regarded as major status symbols in the preceding two decades.10 Technical staff at Goonhilly Satellite Earth Station controlling satellite broadcast traffic, circa 1965. Located on the Lizard in Cornwall, Goonhilly's first satellite dish commenced operations in July 1962, linking to the initial Telstar satellite transmissions.
The first Premium Bond was bought on 1 November 1956 by Alderman Sir Cuthbert Ackroyd, later to became Lord Mayor of London. One of its designers was Tommy Flowers who developed Colossus, the world's first programmable computer, for use at Bletchley Park during the Second World War.
Four generations of ERNIE have since produced the numbers for over a hundred million prizes worth over £9bn. National Savings and Investments says that the basic function of each ERNIE machine has not changed but, with advances in technology, each ERNIE has been replaced by a faster and smaller model.12 Marketing leaflet for Homelink, the BT Prestel homebanking and teleshopping service, as launched in 1983. Homelink was the first UK online banking service, a co-operation with the Nottingham Building Society and the Bank of Scotland, and used the pioneering Prestel Viewdata system.

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